Wednesday, October 26, 2011

0.2 - From the mind of Jakelene Archer (Later Sabo)

I grew up with the understanding that Mister Archer was not my father, but he was my guardian. And I had to respect and listen to him in order to be safe. I was okay with that. Really... at least until he bought me glasses for my birthday. 
“Jakelene. Where are your glasses?”
“I don’t need them! Seriously, I can see perfectly fine without them.”

*15 minutes later*

I decided to keep the glasses because I wanted them. My decision had nothing to do with the fire. I swear.

My dad had been a rockstar. According to the records in Mister Archer’s library it ran pretty deep in the family. Almost as deep as crime... not that Mister Archer would stand for me getting a job as a criminal. So instead I spent my free time at home practicing the guitar I’d “borrowed” from the local theatre. I was confident no one would even notice it was missing and Mr. Archer just pretended I’d always had it.

Also driving lessons. Sort of a necessity seeing as how we live on the far side of town and I’d like to get to school on time at least once a week.

When Aarun invited me over for a date the last thing I thought we’d be doing is homework. 
“Sorry.” He mumbled as I struggled through my algebra homework. “You know how my mom gets about school.”

... Don’t judge me. A girl’s goatta do what a girl’s goatta do sometimes.

Still, it got his attention.

And I got my first kiss... and a boyfriend.

Eh heh heh...


... Right. Always forgot about the post-prank lecture. 

Aarun’s dad is a cop of some sort. Mr. Archer mentioned something about the secret service once but Kurt’s honestly the sweetest guy on the planet. It’s hard to imagine him as the cloak and dagger type.

A new boy moved into town recently, by the name of Thaddaeus Williams. According to Mr. Archer his dad was some sort of nefarious criminal so he forbid me from ever going near the kid. Reina’s parents forbid her from ever going near him either but that certainly didn’t stop her. 
“His eyes are just so beautiful!” She gushed to me one day after school. “Please Jake. You managed to snag my brother with, like, a wink! How can I get Thaddaeus to notice me?”

“Be funny!” Best advice ever, in my opinion. “Guys love that. And don’t ever wait for him to make the first move. Be forward as heck. You’re adorable and you’re kind. He’d be a fool not to go out with you.”

I don’t know if my advice is really the best advice. All I know is its how I got Aarun to fall for me. There were other guys in town of course. Michael Mason had the “bad boy” look down pact and always had a pack of girls around him, and his young brother Damie was just about the cutest thing in the world... but Aarun was the only one who ever made my heart race. I always made an effort not to nab stuff when I was at his house. I didn’t always succeed mind you... but I tried.

Screw that last note. My advice is solid.

Just give me a lab coat and a PhD in love now, why don’t you? I’m awesome. Deal with it.

Sometimes it felt like I spent more time at the Dawns’ house than at my own... but can you really blame me? Mr. Archer’s house is beautiful, but Aarun’s house is the place that really feels like home to me. And its the setting to all my favourite memories.

“Hypothetically speaking,” Aarun whispered into my ear one night, “what would you say if I told you I wanted to marry you when we were older?”

“Hypothetically speaking I’d tell you to go buy the biggest ring you can find. I mean Michael’s mom’s wedding ring is HUGE and he told me she was giving it to whichever son brought home a wife first.” 
He grinned. “Well I bet I can override their security alarm... give me a week and that ring will be ours.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. Aarun was way too much of a goodie-two-shoes to ever steal anything, but he did have a knack for faking it.

We went back to stargazing before I finally gave him my real answer. “Yes.”
“I’d say yes.”
I didn’t need to look at him to know he was smiling.

My next visit to the Dawn house was far less cheery.
“Dammit Jake you give the worst advice EVER! This is all your fault!”
“Woah woah woah... what’s the problem?” 
“What do you think?” She yelled at me. “I’m friggin pregnant! Why the hell did you tell me to be forward?”

“You slept with him?” I asked. She nodded and I couldn’t hide my disgust. “You slut! Don’t blame me for what you did.”

She asked me to leave after that. And I did... but not before giving jerk-face a piece of my mind. He’s just lucky I’m too much of a lady to break his knees... although I did threaten to.

They had a girl, by the way. Aarun showed me pictures during school. She really is just about the most adorable thing I’d ever seen. And it was so cute to listen to Aarun going on and on about his little niece. It was clear to me that he wanted a big family one day. I wasn’t so convinced... at least not until we were way older and I’d already lived a good and full life. I didn’t want to end up like Reina.

Mr. Archer’s been spending a lot of time painting lately. More so then he used to. And a lot less of his paintings are staying on the walls. He doesn’t want me to worry so he keeps it from me but I know the allowance from the council have stopped coming. I just wish he’d let me get a job but he won’t hear of it. Maybe one day I can really thank him for everything he’s done for me.

I was surprised to be invited back to the Dawns’ house for Aarun’s birthday. I was even more surprised when I saw two cakes instead of one. Lilian and Mr. Archer had planned a surprise party for the two of us. 
First up was Aarun.

One word, guys. 

After seeing how Aarun came out I was more than a little nervous about blowing out my candles... but what the heck, right? How bad could it really be?

.... Yeah I’m awesome. Deal with it. If awesome were a trait it would be my only trait. Five times. And I would be the only one to ever get awesome for a trait. Because that’s how awesome I am.

I'm Awesome.

While Mr. Archer and the Dawns (and jerk-face) finished off the cakes and mingled, Aarun pulled me out onto the deck.

“You know Jake, I’ve had a lot of good stuff happen to me in life. But the best thing that ever happened to me was meeting you. You’re the most beautiful, amazing, awesome girl on the planet.”
Dammit he always knew just what to say to make me melt... no wonder I never noticed the other guys at school. 

“I know this is soon.” He said, dropping down onto one knee. “But I don’t see any sense in waiting. We’re perfect for each other and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, starting now. Will you marry me?”

Aaaaaand the award for dumbest expression during a proposal ever goes toooo *drum roll please* Jakelene Archer!

I said yes. In case you couldn’t figure that out.

We had a private wedding in the yard. Just the two of us exchanging rings. 

I was hot, I was young, I was smart, and I was a happy newly wed. My future looked promising.

Then Reina had to go and screw us ALL over.


I'm honestly trying to NOT make Jakelene likeable... BUT IT'S HARD. Every time I try to make her sound bitchy and vain she just comes out hilarious instead! Ah well... I guess I'll just have to go ahead and fall in love with this founder. (She really is awesome.)

Aarun was my first attempt EVER at a sim from a nation that I haven't lived in or am from. He looks... vaguely north indian, doesn't he? I'm actually surprised at how attractive he came out. Hopefully their kids will be attractive as well... 

Awesome should totally be an available trait. 

Generation One Rolls: 
- Mixed Couple
- 3 kids
- Primary Carrer : Criminal (Thief)
- Secondary Career : P.I.
- Gen Goal : Perfect Careers
- Misc Fun : Tattoo Addict


  1. Well... you aren't doing a very good job of making Jake unlikable. ;) I like her a lot actually. She's got spunk.

    And Aarun is HAWT. Good job.

  2. Wait'll you see Aarun without a shirt on. Haaawt <3 Unfortunately the heir inherited his nose but I'm just hoping it looks better with age.

  3. Jakelene is funny :) I like her

  4. I think Aaron looks like David Duchovny a little, lol.

  5. I just started reading (so I am rather behind) but Jake makes me laugh. A lot...she has so much confidence!