Friday, October 28, 2011

1.2 - Beyond Their Means

Jakelene never did learn how to properly use an oven. 

So throwing up is nothing new to her.

This time however... her sickness isn’t from burnt breakfast.

“Don’t freak out! But um... I’m pregnant.”

... Watcher can’t tell if this is a look of terror or glee.

Eventually though the glee becomes more powerful then the terror. “R-really? We’re going to have a baby?”

Jakelene laughs and Aarun goes into full daddy mode. “Wow... I can’t believe it. I hope we have a girl. Lots of girls.”
“But how are we going to afford-”
He stops her. “We’ll be fine. I’ll work more cases and we’ll slow down on expenses. Buy things second hand if we need to. Don’t you worry, Jake. I’ll handle things, I promise.”

Handling things = Working cases Aarun would otherwise never even consider.

“I’m so glad you’ve decided to take my case, Mr. Dawn.”
“Don’t mistake this for caring, Mrs. Von-Hagen. I still think your husband is a piece of scum, but at the amount of money you’re offering... I can make him disappear. No one will be able to trace you here.”
“That’s all I want.”

Ethan got in trouble with the law a few years back and they had to leave town fast with their new born daughter. Bea doesn’t particularly want to be a firefighter forever, so the sooner Aarun can get Ethan’s tracks to disappear the sooner he can get a job and they can have a real, normal life.
Also Morand’s kind of a hardass boss and she really hates him.

Jake meanwhile spends some time at the library meeting the new arrivals... who are expecting their own new arrivals. Sybil Dennis is a bit quirky but she’s sweet. 
“Oooh. Hay-bear and I are expecting a widdle girl. Maybe our babies can grow up together and get married! Would you like that baby? I bet you would! My family makes GREAT looking kids!”

Jakelene also meets Louna Enmity. Quirky in a way that is the opposite of sweet.

Louna invites Jake over to her house for dinner and then leaves in a huff to have an argument with her husband Sheridan. Jake takes one look at the Enmity family’s mansion... and decides they won’t miss one little lamp...

Or the couch.
Maybe Thaddaeus is right about kleptomania being a “gift”.

Aarun doesn’t ask about the new furniture or how Jake acquired them. He’s done enough illegal activity today that any argument he made would be hypocritical.

Oh looks like they got that crib just in time. Baby’s coming.

Jake with her first born daughter, Nagina (Nah-gee-nah). 

... And Aarun with the younger twin (and heir), Nadira (Nah-dee-r-ah).

As soon as they’re home, and a second crib has been bought, Jake falls into her husband’s arms. “We’ll be fine.” He promises. “As soon as we can we’ll move to a bigger and better place. Our daughters will never lack anything they want.”

He leaves to go work on another case before nightfall. Jake looks at her newborn daughters for a long moment before making a decision and grabbing her phone. 
“Thaddaeus? It’s Jake... listen, is that opening at the warehouse still available?”


Well. Gen Two's born! I know I know, I should be pacing myself buuuut these two make cute kids. And my "help" for the next gen is already a toddler so I don't want her and the heir to be too far apart in ages.

... And seriously. Nadira and Nagina are pretty friggin cute.  


- Single Parent with Help
- Three kids
- Primary Career: Criminal (Thief) 
- Secondary Career: Author
- Gen Goal: Property Mogul
- Misc Fun: Runs in the Family. (Both Nadira and her "help" were born with the genius trait so that's probably what it will be.)


  1. Criminal (Thief) twice in a row? Is it going to be the family business?

    I'm wondering if Jakelene is going to tell Aarun about her new job and what his reaction will be when/if he finds out...

  2. Aww... twin girls! So cute!

    I can't wait to see who the "help" will be. Those are always fun rolls.

    Also, I love pregnant Syb. She was never happy in my legacy when she was preggo, so it's good to see her happy for once. LOL.

    I cannot get over Jake's beautiful red hair! I hope one of the chillun's get it. ;)

  3. AliH: I'm pretty much going to be going the "family business" route with that roll... but first Jake has to come clean about it to her family. I've got the scene planned but haven't written it out yet.

    Giga: Syb was NOT a happy pregnant lady in my game either xD. I think the library scene was the only one were she wasn't yelling at people or whining. I felt bad for her... but I still laughed. SPOILER: The heir gets Jake's hair. I was SO happy.

  4. First of all: BEA!!! That just made my morning a million times better to see her again. Thank you for that. <3
    Second: I love all the cameos! I seriously couldn't stop laughing at the line about Morand.
    Third: Aarun is so ssexxy!! Nice work! = ) And Jake is really pretty. I bet Nadira and Nagina are just beautiful. (Great names, btw. Very unique.)
    Finally: I like how relatively calm and drama-free the start of your new legacy is. (I say relatively because there's still lots of good tension, it's just much more relaxed than the ending of the Starr legacy.) I'm really looking forward to reading more about the Sabo family.
    (Oh, and this is totally late but OMG! Poor Marie! She didn't get to see her daughter grow up. = ( I don't know if I would have made that trade off, no contact with your daughter in order to bring your husband back to life. It's a tough choice, but it makes me sad.)

  5. Haha, Morand being a hard ass boss is hilarious!! I agree, the cameos are great. I'm so glad I'm finally getting caught up!

  6. I think it is funny to see people I've seen in other legacies pop up here. :) Can't wait to see the on a roll now!