Saturday, October 29, 2011

1.3 - The Thief's Daughter

Reina followed her father into the police force. She works long hours but is a natural at what she does and has never been late. That’s why its all over the news when one day she just up and disappears while on her way to work.

Aarun asks around about his sister but even the town gossip, Medina Devlish (Shown here pregnant with Michael Mason's child) has no idea. Everyone seems to be putting the blame on Thaddaeus, but Aarun can’t believe it. Sure he hates his brother-in-law, but Reina’s words still ring in his ears. Could she really have just left her daughter behind?

Jake mentioned needing some time to go out on her own so Aarun is home watching the girls when they age up.

Nagina takes after her daddy.

Nadira is more of a mommy’s girl.

Jakelene gets home from her first day at work very late at night. Long after her husband and twins are asleep. To her surprise, Thaddaeus is her boss. Apparently the innocent little boy look is all part of his act. He’s just about the most amazing thief she’s ever met... one day she may even respect him enough to stop calling him jerk face... maybe.

She nearly trips on air when he speaks behind her. “Don’t DO that!” It’s almost 1 in the morning and he’s standing on her lawn with his baby girl in his arms. Something’s wrong.
“I need you to watch Malinda for me.” He says after a minute. “If I get arrested once more the social worker said she’ll take Linda for good and I can’t have that. I can’t lose her so soon after losing Reina.”

“I’d love to help you.” She begins, choosing her words carefully. “But Aarun and I can barely afford the furniture for Nadira and Nagina as it is. Another baby would just be impossible in our current financial situation!”

“Jake think about it. If they can’t take Malinda from me nothing will stop be from taking more risks at work. And in our line of work the bigger the risks, the bigger the rewards. Do this for me and I promise you more money. Please. Aarun has a good income, the social workers won’t even think of digging into wether or not you have a career.”

With that its decided.

Malinda yawns sleepily and Jakelene snuggles her close. “Shh... its alright kiddo. Let’s go find some room for you.”

Yeah that’ll do for now.

Jake buys the motorcycle on a whim... and then instantly feels guilty about it. Her family can barely afford to put food on the table! Then again it’ll help Aarun get to his case locations faster...

“How did you get in here, sweetie?”
“Un-kuh! Un-kuh!”
Jake filled him in on Thaddaeus’ predicament and he has no qualms about taking his niece in. Sure he’s a bit terrified of the money implications. But he still has some memories of his time in the system. He’s not about to let Malinda go through that.

Nadira photo spam!

Malinda’s birthday comes only a day after she joins the family.

She’s practically a clone of her mother. Hopefully she doesn’t follow in her mother’s choices in life.

“Happy birthday, squirt. What’re you thinking of doing today?”
“Auntie Jake needs help with the babies so I was going to stay home and play with them.”

Aarun won’t hear of it and orders her to go out and meet kids her own age. Malinda is less than impressed.

David Sapphire’s exactly her age, they’ll even be in the same class when school starts tomorrow. She figures he’ll fill the “friend” quota.

Aarun is on a case to find Louna Enmity’s missing car. He heads to the local Emperor or Evil’s house and finds his niece conversing with the new Emperor’s son. Greeeeat. 

He sends her home immediately. She doesn’t ask questions. She loves her little cousins and doesn’t mind staying at home to play with them. She can’t wait till they’re old enough to actually be her playmates.


I know I haven't shown David or his sister that much but the Sapphire children are seriously friggin beautiful. I just hope they stay that way as they age up. 

And yeah. Malinda's my Gen Two "Help" as well as child number 3 for Jake and Aarun. She's pretty much going to have the main story arc during gen 1, and Nadira's story will take over in Gen 2... once I think of it.


  1. I like the story you are cooking up. :)

    Can't wait to see more of Nadira with that FABULOUS red hair!

  2. Nice motorcycle! And yeah, the red hair is fabulous.

  3. Aww, Malinda is cute, I love how she wants to help look after her baby cousins