Saturday, October 29, 2011

1.4 - Playmates

*Cue Rockstar music*

Aarun doesn’t spend much time at home, and Jakelene knows David’s dad from work. She doesn’t mind Malinda hanging out with the little silver haired boy.

Malinda’s just happy to have a friend. She knows David is evil but she doesn’t hold it against him like most of their classmates do. 

David’s dad calls Malinda’s parents shameful, and her uncle and aunt weak. He’d prefer it if his son associated with children of a higher economic state, but David doesn’t care. He likes Malinda. She always forgives him when he loses his temper.

That said, David isn’t Malinda’s only friend. She met Cynthia VonHagen at school.

Cynthia’s mom is expecting another baby, shown here in maternity wear and failing at chess.

Malinda: shown here looking adorable and owning Bea at chess.

Aarun catches Thaddaeus hiding in the bushes by the house one night and loses his temper (So what else is new?).
“I just want to talk to her!” Thaddaeus yells. “She’s MY daughter and I haven’t seen her since I gave you guys custody! Just let me see her!”
Aarun asks him to leave before any of the girls hear the racket and get spooked.

Too late. Malinda was washing dishes by the door and heard the whole thing. It hurts her to hear her uncle fighting with her father, but she doesn’t leave the house. If Uncle Aarun doesn’t want her to talk to her dad then there must be a good reason for it.

Oh FINALLY they’re aging up.

Nagina as a child.

Nadira as a child.

Malinda’s first day out with her cousins doesn’t go exactly as planned... while the twins partake in a rousing game of chess-

- Malinda’s stuck working on homework.

Nadira hates that Malinda’s on the honour roll and works so hard to maintain it. Her good grades mean their parents will expect similar grades from the twins. Greeeaat.

Malinda really is happy that her cousins are finally her age... but with her teen birthday so close she’s a bit more excited for that. 
“Can you believe it? I’m going to be a teenager soon! And then I’ll go to prom, and have a boyfriend and live happily ever after! I can’t wait to grow up!”

“Boys are stupid.” Nadira mutters, shooting the grin off Malinda’s face. “And you’re stupid for liking them. Besides, David’s evil. You can’t actually want to date him.”
“I like David.” Nagina says, coming to the rescue. “When he visits he used to play with me and he never stole my candy. He can’t be evil.” 
Malinda doesn’t smile. “Y-yeah... you’re probably right, Gina.” It’s clear the damage is already done.

After their chores are done Malinda pulls Nagina in for a hug. She doesn’t say anything but Gina just smiles and pats her on the back. Malinda isn’t the strongest person in the world, nor the most charismatic. But when she’s trying to say thank you Gina can understand her.

Nadira meanwhile takes the distraction as an excuse to steal the top bunk. She doesn’t need hugs. Or friends. 

I’m considering renaming this Sabo: The “We’re all bitches” Random Legacy. 

Sort of spoiler for next chapter: Teen Malinda is BEAUTIFUL... then again so is child Malinda. <3 Considering she was an "instant baby" and I have yet to look at her through CAS I'm amazed. I shoulda let Reina and Thaddaeus have more babies. Ah well.


  1. The three kids are super cute sitting together. =)

  2. I have to say, my favourite child face is Nagina, though of course I love Nadira's hair the most :) Flaming red hair = awesome bitches!

  3. Lol. Poor Malinda. Nadira knows how to bring a sista' down, doesn't she?

    I love Nadira already. It's always the borderline bitchy/spunky characters that I like the most. ; )

  4. Just going to clarify something. Nadira is not borderline bitchy. She's all the way off the edge bitchy.

    And I love her for it <3.

  5. I just want to give Malinda a big hug after that chapter!

  6. The girls all lovely. But yeah, the red hair rules.