Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3.7 - Dragon's Blood

Morning of Fabio’s birthday and Yuki’s feeling queazy.

She prays it isn’t what she thinks it is... but she’s never been that lucky.

Fortunately luck smiles on her just a bit today. After all, Bryce is only just coming up the stairs when he gets called in to work early so he has to leave.

Birthday time. 

His hair is flowy, but not long. That will come later.

Yuki has to go to work and hanging out with old people isn’t on Fabio’s to-do list. So he goes next door to make friends. He figures Spring Irving will do. Her hair is sort of awesome, so he figures she counts as cool... even though she’s a girl.

“You’re like me!” She almost squeals after he introduces himself. “Well, sorta. I mean, you’re not a sprite, obviously, but you’re fae, aren’t you?”
Okay so maybe describing her as “cool” was a bit premature. “Clinically insane” seems to be a bit more spot on. “I... uh... I think I hear my mom calling me. I should go home.”

Fortunately that short trip next door was long enough for Fabio to miss this happening.

She’d believed death would feel far more surreal than this. Death is actually quite a let down. It’s so boring.

Hey Jr., sup?

Oh this is a tad bit depressing. 

David devotes himself to his painting full time now that Malinda’s passed on. Originally he’d planned to give these plants a blue haze, but instead draws them in a cream. Malinda always did love these soft colors. Maybe the painting will make her smile when her ghost comes to visit.

Now I’m not saying that Yuki isn’t touched by Malinda’s death... but she has her own problems to deal with right now. 

Two pregnancies by her twin sister’s husband. What kind of a person is she?

“Momma, why are you crying?”
“Its uh... I’m just sad about auntie Malinda. I’ve known her all my life, you know. Now um... how would you feel about having a little baby brother or sister soon?”

Fabio loves the idea. 

Life proceeds as normal. 
Marion starts a garden. He doesn’t know if someone will take it over after his death, but he has hopes.

Fabio’s been showing quite an interest in arts so David’s been tutoring him in technique and theory. It’s clear Fabio’s got a gift, but also the patience of a child and never stays to finish a painting.

It’s Sunday so Fabio’s supposed to go visit his dad today. He decides to wear one of the costumes from his toy box just for the heck of it.

Bryce is not amused. 

Bryce tries to talk about sports or other boy things but Fabio will have none of it. 
“So I’m trying to make friends with Spring but she’s so weird. She keeps saying that I’m a fae or something. I don’t get what she means so I asked mom but she doesn’t either. So I guess maybe you might?”

“Um... how exactly does Spring know about the fae?”
Fabio shrugs. “She’s a sprite, but she says I’m not.”
“What does she say you are?”
“She says I have dragon blood, but I’m not a dragon.”
Bryce nods. “Thats true.”
“How do I have dragon blood? I thought dragons died out a bajillion years ago.”

“Not all of them.” Bryce answers. “My father was a dragon, as was my older sister Tearney. My other sisters and I weren’t born with the power of my father, but we still have the blood and we pass it down to our children, wether or not we want to.”
“How come mom doesn’t know about dragons?”
“My father... he wasn’t a bad person. But he did things I cannot agree with, as did my sister. Her anger forced her into a situation I cannot tell you about, and I haven’t seen her since. When my mother became pregnant again my father sensed that they would have another dragon and he took my mother with him to the fae world to raise their child, leaving my sister Ryanne to take care of Sierian and me. I know my parents think they did the right thing, but I can’t forgive either of them for just abandoning us.” He stops for a moment. “Fabio, I’m not ashamed of my blood, but I’m not proud of it either. The necklace I wear was a gift from a cousin with fae blood. It stops the other fae from sensing me or what I am. I want to live a life as a human, not as a half-dragon. That’s why your mother doesn’t know what I am. Do you understand?”
Fabio lies and says he does.


I realize now that I never did mean to make Bryce into such a bad guy. I dunno how I can change that (Or if I even want to) buuuuut I might have some ideas for at least making him a bit more likeable.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

3.6 - Family

Marion’s been spending every day at the Sabo house. He may as well just live there, if he wasn’t always acting so awkward around the house. He doesn’t like staying in the house alone, so Malinda invites him to come along when she goes to visit her grandchildren.

Ronnie Dawn von Hagen. WHY IS HE SO HOT? <3

And Dahlia Dawn von Hagen. Is it just me or do Dahlia and Ronnie actually look like siblings? 

It took a while, but Malinda eventually did remember the name of Tacia’s father. Cho agreed that a meeting needed to be arranged, but she can’t hide her discomfort when Tacia and Marion meet for the first time.

They talk of trivial things at first until Tacia mentions her mother. 
“I remember Cynthia... we went to school together. She was always very... forward. Who did she end up being with?” 
Tacia swallows nervously. “U-um... we think its you.”
“How do you figure?”
She shrugs. “Malinda says Cynthia told her your name once. And Cynthia’d constantly groan that I got my father’s hair instead of his bright yellow eyes. And you’re the first man I’ve ever seen with bright yellow eyes.”

He sighs. “If you inherited your father’s hair then you must be my daughter. I’d recognize that shade anywhere. Not to say my father’s genetics aren’t common in this town... but just looking at you, I know who you are.”

“Suck it old man. Turns out your grandkids are MY grandkids.”

David’s painting skills always capture Watcher’s interest. He really is quite good. 
(Also: Random shot of the one wall in Malinda’s room that catches her personality yet never makes it into screenshots)

Yuki isn’t so sure she’s got what it takes to be a single mother, but she is doing her best. 

At least David is always willing to help with Barkubus. 

Because Nadi and Marion would rather play video games together then lift a finger to help around the house (Okay not true. Nadi cooks, and Marion has the neat trait. But let Watcher whine).

Fabio has no love for reading until Yuki brings out the art books. The images in them catch his interest instantly. 

Cho’s been voted to local representative and throws a party to celebrate. Malinda is so proud of her baby girl.

Fabio meets his cousin Dahlia for the first time. 

And Arthur finally realizes that he’s just never going to be able to rid himself of Marie’s family.

Yuki’s getting some guitar practice in by the diner when Martin and his youngest daughter (Sharonda) come by. She drops everything to talk to him. There’s an opening for Band Manager and she wants it. Due to her maternity leave Bryce is now making more than her, but if she got that promotion instead of him...

“Well in all honesty I was going to offer it to you anyway, Yuki. You’re quite the rising star, and the band would love to have you as their manager. I’ll finish up the paper work after dropping this lil one off at home. See you at work tonight?”
“You got it, Martin. Tell Addie I said hi.”

Unfortunately Martin isn’t the only one who sees her at work that night. At least Bryce waits until after their shift is over to corner her. 
She tries to brush past him when his back is turned but then she hears the soft notes of his tune. The same one that never fails to keep her near him.

His cocky smirk bugs her. She wants to slap it off but she can’t bring herself to raise her hand. Instead: “Please don’t try and take Fabio from me. I won’t tell Sam anything, I swear, just please stop scaring me like this. It’s too much for me.”

Bryce pauses, studying her face carefully before speaking. “I want to see him. It doesn’t have to be often, but I want him to know he has a father who cares for him.” 
“His birthday is tomorrow. It was just going to be a small family thing. You should be there.”
He nods. “Okay, then I... I won’t ask for custody.”

She can’t hide the relief from her face, and it makes Bryce smile. “Honestly it was hard to even think about doing that to you. I mean, I can’t even think about how it would be to lose Reynaldo, and you’ve been doing such a good job with our son.”

She likes the way he uses the word ‘our’. “I’m just doing the best I can. It’s hard but he’s such a good boy. I can’t wait for you to meet him.”
“Neither can I.”

He moves closer, letting go of her hands. Not that Yuki’d even noticed he’d grabbed them in the first place. “What I’ve missed most is you.”
She feels her heart leap from his words. “Oh Bryce I’ve missed you too...”

They move together at the same time, each craving the other’s taste.

“I want you.” He breathes, still holding her close.
She smiles and motions towards the dark theatre behind them. “I’ve got my own office now... shall we?”
“We shall.”


*Sigh* Oh Yuki... 



SO MANY BABIES IN THIS TOWN. I swear I have my avg # of children per family set to 2 but the real average is more like 4. Its crazy. But then again... makes for a lot of friends and lovers for my spares and heirs (Although I've already picked Fabio's future spouse).

By "Actually look like siblings" I'm talking about the fact that Dahlia and Ronnie actually look more similar to each other than to their parents. Unlike all the other children I've ever had in my legacy families.

3.5 - Jolene, Don't Take My Man

Marion headed home for his own birthday before returning to see how Nadira would age. What he sees leaves him almost breathless.
“Nadira? You look... beautiful.”

Marion aged a lot less gracefully than Nadi did, but there’s still a spark between them that she just can’t explain. 

She asks him to spend the night again, and tomorrow’s as well. He agrees.

Yuki visits her sister for the first time. Samantha seems a bit wary at her appearance but doesn’t ask her to leave. She just gives a raised eyebrow towards Yuki’s belly and asks the dreaded question. 
“So who’s the father?”

“A uh... a coworker. He doesn’t know yet. It was a stupid mistake we did one night and now I dunno if I should tell him or not. You were always the smart one, Sam, what should I do?”
“He deserves to know.” Sam answers. “Even you guys decide that you won’t work in a relationship, your baby deserves to know his father. I mean, look at us. I’m happy we got at least a few memories of dad before he passed on.” 

A baby’s laughter echoes from inside and Yuki feels her heart drop. “Who-”
“Just a minute.” Sam cuts her off before disappearing inside and returning a minute later with a dark haired baby boy in her arms. Yuki takes the baby from her sister with trembling hands. “This is your nephew, Reynaldo. I didn’t really want you to meet him but, I mean, you’re still my sister. I guess we all deserve a second chance, right?”
Yuki wants to tell her that she’s already taken up any second chance Sam could offer, but doesn’t speak. Reynaldo looks like a clone of his father, and just looking at him makes Yuki’s skin crawl. Maybe her mom was right. Maybe Bryce really was just using her. 

A little while later its time for Reynaldo’s nap, and Yuki is about to head home. She makes it as far as the stairs before Bryce just appears in front of her. 
She stops before she can bump into him. “When did you get here?”
“Just a moment ago.” His eyes go over her figure with a smile. “You look beautiful.” 
She feels an uncomfortable chill go up her back. “Bryce we need to talk.”

“Of course.” He whispers. “Tonight, at the saloon. I’ll rent out the side room again and we can talk there, about the baby.”

Yuki feels her heart beginning to race in the bad way. The way that used to make her want to lash out at Samantha when they were teens. “Why not here? I thought you said you’d leave Samantha if I asked you, so why does it matter if she knows about us?”
Bryce steps back warily. “Yuki come on, don't be dumb. If I want to leave Sam it’s going to take time. She can’t know about us just yet. I’d need a clean divorce or she’ll get everything I own, Reynaldo included!”

“I'm not stupid!" Yuki yells. "And speaking of Reynaldo, when the hell were you going to tell me that you had a CHILD? Cheating on your wife is one thing, but breaking up a family? Bryce how could you force me into a situation like this?” 
He throws his hands into the air. “I’m not forcing anything onto you! We can make this work out somehow, I promise. I just need some time!”
“Time? For what? Forget it, Bryce. I’m not going to be the other woman for you any longer, and I’m not going to marry you either. You’re just not worth the heartache.”
He seems almost at his wits end. “What has gotten into you lately? I thought you were happy with things as they were. Besides, I thought you hated your sister. What’s the deal with you lately? You’re so... grouchy.”
“Grouchy?” She laughs. “I dunno. Maybe a dragon's anger is contagious.” 

He stops cold and gives her a long and cold stare. “I'm not... our child... we're NOT one of those monsters. And don’t you dare ever even mention those creatures again. Who even told you about that?”
“Mist did.” Yuki answers, trembling slightly from Bryce’s glare. “I didn’t understand everything she said, but I know you’re not normal.” 
He opens his mouth to speak but then pauses. “Maybe it would be best for you to go now, Yuki. And don’t come back.”

Yuki wants cookies, so Nadi makes some to try and make it up to her baby girl. Malinda’s totally cool with being the mediator to this argument as long as she gets a serving. 

Yuki and Nadi make up and Nadi snaps a photo of her baby’s first pregnancy for memory’s sake.

Not a moment too soon cause here comes the baby!

Okay I get that the hospital is close... but why does she feel the need to walk?

Despite his earlier words Bryce has connections in the hospital. And as soon as Yuki gets there he’s on his way to be next to her. And to take a closer look at their child himself.

But once the baby is out, Bryce has to run off to get back home before Sam can get suspicious. He checks their son carefully, looking pleased with whatever he managed to learn, but he doesn’t stay for the naming (although once he finds out what Yuki named their kid he certainly wishes he’d stayed).
Welcome to the family, Fabio.

David does love Barkubus... in his own special way.
“Dumb dog... at least let me keep you clean or you’ll get fleas again.”

Yuki gets home from the stylist and takes her seat for breakfast. 

Nadi can’t believe her eyes. “Sweetie, what happened to your clothes?”
“Martin said that I need to give myself a more mature look now that I’m a mother. And he said my old shirt would give my baby a complex and make him act out.”
Nadira thinks about that for a minute. “Yuki I don’t believe babies can read-”
Malinda silences her with a kick under the table. “I think you look beautiful, Yuki. So grown up.”

In truth, Martin never spoke to Yuki about her look. Cho did. She caught Bryce talking to a lawyer about possibly suing Yuki for custody. Cho’s certain he won’t do it... but just in case he does she figures Yuki should present herself around town looking like a mature and responsible young mother. 

Fabio is her baby, and Yuki’s not about to let anyone take him away. 

Male bonding!

Ass kicking!

Days pass and Fabio becomes a toddler. So far, no trouble from his birth father. 


Title: Jolene by Dolly Parton. I listened to it like non stop while planning on the Sam/Bryce/Yuki arc. It's really pretty. I don't usually like Dolly Parton but this song is just... nice. <3 And really fits the story (from Sam's POV). 

I had to change Yuki's hair. The clipping was killing me! But yeah, the change in style just worked with the story so yay!

The Gen Four heir will be Yuki's third child so s/he hasn't been born yet. But as always, here are the rolls. And I am super excited for this next generation! 

Gen Four:
- Couple
- Four kids (Heir is fourth)
- Primary Career: Job Hopper
- Secondary Career: Collector
- Gen goal: AWESOME! (Mother f-er)
- Misc Fun: Half-siblings

See why I can't wait? : D

Making a character mature in front of an audience is friggin hard.