Friday, November 4, 2011

1.10 - Betrayal

David got a job in law enforcement. Yes, you read that right. Law Enforcement. In order to get anywhere he’ll need to really work his genius trait hard.

Aarun warmed up to David immensely when the young blonde admitted to wanting to be a cop. Aarun’s logic skill is quite high due to his profession, so he doesn’t mind tutoring the younger boy.

Graduation Day!

David is voted “Most likely to Complete his Lifetime Wish”, which is to become an International Super Spy.
Malinda wins valedictorian, and “Most Likely to become a Bestselling Author” ... which is HER lifetime wish. 

The wedding is a few days away but these two already share a bed. Aarun’s only comment was to make sure they’re both dressed before coming downstairs for breakfast. 

“David... you should go. You have work.”
A smile. “Don’t you ever get tired of being my voice of reason? One tardy slip won’t get me fired.”
“But if you get in trouble I’ll feel bad. Like I seduced you into being late or something.”
“Hunny you seduce me just by being in the same room.”

She lets him push her down onto the bed but gives him a disapproving look. “David...” 
“One time. Then I’ll go. Promise.” 
She can’t help but roll her eyes. “Liar.”
“You know me so well.”

Needless to say, David is late for work. Instead of a tasteless woo-hoo shot please enjoy this photo Jakelene took of the happy couple at graduation.

Jake throws her niece a bachelorette party. Sybil was not invited (Jake’s convinced she’s trying to stalk Aarun). Hayley does not approve of this oversight. 

Jake knows how to get her to smile.

Hey Ella. (David’s older sister)

Cynthia’s determination to stay mad at Malinda ended the moment she found out about her friend’s engagement. 

That’s not to say she isn’t still angry that her best friend dumped her for a boy and then proceeded to ignore her completely. She just figures there are more productive ways to channel that anger besides silent fuming.
(Alt dialogue:
Ella: Oh my gosh. Mom’s right. You DO dress like a nun! At least tell me you and David have screwed.
Cynth: Have you? Is he any good? He looks like he’d be a cryer.
Ella: Yeah thats what I was thinking too.
Malinda: ... Why do I even talk to you two?)

David arrives home from work. 
“Great party you’re having here, baby. Mind if I crash it?”
“Oh David... you can crash my party anytime you want as long as you promise to make it up to me later.”

Who invited the male dancer?

David thinks better of staying in the room for even a moment longer. “You know on second thought Linda, I’ll meet you upstairs. Have fun, ladies.”

The room he and Malinda share is tiny, but its already filled with memories. He can’t wait until the wedding.

Downstairs the party continues. Jakelene proposes a toast to her favourite (And only) niece.

Malinda shows her thanks by spraying Jakelene with fizzy juice.

Jakelene gets even.
Nobody notices Cynthia sneaking upstairs.

“What. Are you doing.” She growls.
Not a question, and he doesn’t treat it like one. “Uh... can I help you, Cynthia?”

“Well actually, yes you can. You see, because of you my best friend has totally forgotten I even exist. And really, I never did learn how to share.”
“You’re talking about Malinda.”
She almost smiles. “You’re not as dumb as you look. Now break off the engagement and go back home to your parents.”
He glares at her. “Is this some sort of sick bachelorette party trick? Cynthia I’ve gone through a lot to be with Malinda, I’m not about to throw her in the dust just because you’ve got some sort of lesbian crush on her.”
Her eyes glint dangerously. “... You really shouldn’t have said that.”

All it takes is a brush of the hand and a look into her shining eyes. “Silly boy, you forget not all vampires are as tame as Mr. Archer. Miss Devlish taught me some fascinating tricks for getting what I want... you wanna see?”

He smiles at her, completely transfixed. “Yes Mistress... whatever you wish.”

Back downstairs Malinda is starting to wonder if the pizza she ordered for the party was a bit off. She hasn’t felt this sick her entire life. Maybe she should head to bed early. Jakelene was a great hostess and no one would even notice is the guest of honour disappeared. Malinda was sure of it.

Really not what you want to walk in on during your own bachelorette party.


“Malinda!” He moves away from Cynthia as if she were made of fire. “This isn’t what it looks like! I don’t-”
“You two-faced lying, cheating ASSHOLE!” She doesn’t even know who she learned that word from.

“Malinda please-”
“No! I don’t want to hear any excuses! How could you even DO this to me?”
He tries to calm her down. “I didn’t-”
Something’s feeding her anger, she can’t control it and for the first time she doesn’t really want to. 

“You know what, David? Screw it. We’re through! If you have the guts to cheat on me while I’m in the same house how could I ever trust you when we’re on our own? Get out of my house. NOW.”

David is the bad guy, Malinda is weak and in need of comfort, and Cynthia is thrilled. All she needs to do now is pull out the memory of just whom initiated the kissing.

Child’s play. And now she’s got her best friend back.


<3 Evil Genius vampires. I love 'em. 

Originally I was going to go with the plot line AliH guessed. David was going to be a criminal like his father, and then get framed for murder (or something) and be taken away to prison. Malinda and the baby would stay with her uncle's family for safety and security. But when I added David to the family as a YA his lifetime goal was to become an international super spy. Then I remembered a PM I'd sent Buckley back when I was still writing the Starr Legacy where I mentioned that I wanted Cynthia to be the bad guy. Sooo I went with this!

I feel bad about kicking David out. He really was in love with Malinda. I added him to the family as soon as he showed up so he could propose and as soon as he and Malinda started flirting he rolled a wish to marry her. I was sad.

I swear Nadira will actually be mentioned when Gen two begins. She is the heir after all, not Malinda. Malinda's main storyline just had to occur before Nadira aged up. Ergo: Nadira - > Background.


  1. Poor David! The perks of rolling a single parent with help, I guess. And Cynthia... whatta bitch. That's right, I said it.

    I'm excited to see Nadira's plot develop though. It certainly sounds interesting. ;)

  2. Eh eh. No spoilers for the people I'm not trying to butter up, kay? : P

  3. [spoiler]I'm not good at keeping spoilers[/spoiler] LOL.

    Nah... no worries. Your "secret" is safe with me.

  4. Cynthia is so evil!

    Poor David & Malinda

  5. Ahh, that's so sad! :(

    I love the look on Cynthia's face while Malinda's yelling at David, though, pure evil!

  6. CYNTHIA! I love her. Seriously. Evil genius vampires kick ass. I may even have a slight crush on her. <3

    Can't wait to see what happens next! On to the next chapter! =)

  7. What a horrible, horrible person! I feel so bad for Malinda. Always people letting her down and leaving her. :(