Saturday, November 5, 2011

1.11 - Little Butterfly

Life goes on after David leaves. The twins act like nothing is wrong and Jake and Aarun give Malinda the space she needs.
...That is until Malinda learns that the sick feeling in her stomach isn’t from food poisoning.

Well... looks like she’s going to have to tell David. Let’s just get this over with.

David’s family was more than willing to welcome him back after his breakup. Instead he just took part of the family funds to buy a house just down the street from Malinda. 

She gets straight to the point. “Before we ended things I guess we must have had a software malfunction or something...”
“I’m pregnant, stupid.”

His face lights up. “Really? We’re going to have a baby? Linda thats the best news I’ve heard all week!”

He reaches out, resting his hand on her arm. “I’ll do better, I promise. I don’t know what came over me at the party but I swear it will never happen again. Come on, lets go down to city hall right now and make our baby official.”

She pulls away from him, making his hand drop from her arm. “David I’m only telling you about the baby because my dad was never there for me while I was growing up and I don’t want that to be the case here. But us getting married... it’s not going to happen.”

He kicks her out before his temper makes him do something he’ll regret.
At least the conversation with Uncle Aarun goes better... slightly.

“So I’m not trying to scare you or anything, but its a little known fact that the Dawn family has a strong line of insanity. It was a miracle you never inherited it, but it may hit later on in life. Maybe you should stay here with us when the baby is born. Just to make sure you’re both safe and sound.”

She knows his real worry. “Uncle I’m not my mother. I won’t just abandon my child because things are tough. I’ll be alright.” 
It takes a bit of bargaining from both sides before Malinda will agree to stay, as long as Aarun will allow her to contribute to the bills.

A re-deco is needed in order to make room for the new baby. Malinda leaves the photo of herself and David up on the wall... for sentimental reasons.

Slowly things with David are getting better. She even permits him to rub her belly when she visits. Neither of them talk about what happened the night of the bachelorette party, but its still there between them. 
The day before the baby is due David makes up his mind about something. “Malinda I uh... I have a favour to ask you.”
“I’m happy that you’re going to let me be in our baby’s life, but it’s not like I’ll really be there for him or her. If you wouldn’t mind, can I pick the name when the baby’s born?” 

Malinda’s already worried that her baby will be too much of a reminder of him for her to handle... but she knows he’s heartbroken over not being there for the baby. “I guess... but I get the final decision, okay? I mean... if it’s a boy we’re not naming him Fabio. Understood?”

Cynthia was less than impressed when Malinda announced her pregnancy. She’s even more disappointed when she hears that Malinda is keeping David in her life. 
“You do know that he’s evil, right?”
“So I’ve heard, yeah. But so are you.”
Cynthia turns her back to her friend before pausing and looking back over her shoulder. “I’m just looking out for you, Linda. One of these day’s he’ll hurt you.”
“He already hurt me.” Malinda reminds her. 

Oh crap. Here comes the baby.

She has a little girl. David makes it just in time to be by her side and offers the name “Cho”. Malinda isn’t convinced until David tells her the meaning behind the name. 
Welcome to Neverglade little butterfly.

Nobody loves Cho better than her mom. All her worries are forgotten every time she holds her little girl in her arms. 

That said, Cho is very popular among the other family members as well. Particularly Nagina. She and Kennis have been going steady and get along well enough. She hopes he’ll pop the question when she and Nadira age up tomorrow. “I just hope my kids are as beautiful as Cho. I love babies and I want like a hundred.”
Malinda’s sure a hundred kids would be a bit too much for Nagina to handle... but she seems set on it so Malinda takes advantage of that and gets Nagina to babysit.

“She’s so beautiful.” David gushes, letting Malinda in the front door. After their baby was born he had to head back to work, but he’s glad she came to visit. “I’m so happy she got your eyes, Linda.”
“Yeah. Cynthia pointed out that she has your hair so that made me happy. She’s going to be so lovely.” 

David falls silent. “You still talk to Cynthia?”
“Of course, she’s my best friend.” 
“Linda, Cynthia’s the one who broke us up. I don’t trust her and I don’t think you should either.”

She steps away from him, a glare directed right at him. “No... YOU broke us up. You could’ve said no, you could’ve asked her to leave. But you didn’t. You just made out with her IN OUR ROOM. Who knows how far you would have gone if I hadn't interrupted you. At least Cynthia's had the balls to apologize for it.”

"I've apologized-"

"Yeah. For getting caught." 

When she gets home she rushes straight up to her room to grab her daughter and hug her close. Part of her hopes Cynthia’s observation was wrong. That Cho will inherit her hair tone instead. The less Cho looks like her father the easier it will be for Malinda to move on and maybe one day fall for someone new. 


This is the last chapter for Gen One (officially). 

I have a confession to make. David and his family are characters from a series of stories I've been working on. His mother Erisia is the main villain and his father a minor character (Erisia's love interest) who is part Japanese in heritage. I really wanted to put more emphasis on David's cultural background but I just couldn't get him to look asian in CAS so I gave up. But I still gave his daughter a Japanese name because Japanese names are beautiful and I love them. 

And yes, Cho means Butterfly in Japanese. She was born with the Genius and Loner traits. 

The heir hasn't been born yet in game (Or even conceived...) but I'll post the next rolls anyway. 

Gen Three: 

- Single Parent
- 3 kids
- Primary Career: Music (Rockstar)
- No Secondary
- Gen Goal: Expantionist
- Misc Fun: Tattoo Addict

And yes, Nadira will actually make an appearance next chapter. She is the heir after all.


  1. Yeah, I gotta agree with David, dumping your fiance for making out with your best friend but forgiving the best friend...not too bright, Malinda.
    At least Cynthia doesn't have her so wrapped that she's completely cut David out of the kid's life.

  2. Fabio... LOL!

    I love Cynthia, but I hope she loses. David and Malinda are just far too cute together. Cho is a beautiful name for their daughter, and I love that it means "butterfly". So sweet.

    Also: I cannot wait for Nadira's generation to take over. I'm excited for the future drama. =)

  3. I still feel so bad for David. He didn't do anything wrong!!! I hope that Cynthia's double crossing is revealed so David and Malinda can at least clear the air, if not get back together.

    Hurrah for Nadira! Her generation is lookin' mighty interesting from where I'm sitting.