Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1.7 - Little Bad Girl

It took a lot of hard work, and the sacrifice of a lot of creature comforts and family time, but they’ve finally managed to save up enough to buy a nice sized three bedroom house a stone’s throw from the city proper. 

“Daddy does this mean we’re rich now?”
“No sweetie. It just means I’ll be able to be home more often. And that your mommy and daddy love you and your sister very very much.”

Sometimes Malinda wonders what her life would have been like if her aunt and uncle hadn’t taken her in. She’s thankful for all they’ve done for her and always includes them in her novel dedications. She’s written three books so far, two of which have been bestsellers. Could it be possible for her to live off of her writing alone one day?

The twins are becoming teens soon. Nagina can’t wait. Nadira is less than thrilled. Not because she wants to stay a child, but because the older she’s getting the more her friends talk about boys. (Eeeew)

Speaking of boys... it’s Friday and David isn’t working tonight. Malinda’s going to ask him out if its the last thing she does. There’s no way he can say no, right? After all, her uncle already gave them his blessing.

Unfortunately she forgot about David’s parents. His mother, Erisia seems pleasant enough. But when Malinda asks to see David she smiles in a way that madkes the younger girl cringe. “You’re cute, sweetie, but my David isn’t about to date a little goodie-two-shoes. Now run along home before curfew hits.”

Humiliated and almost in tears Malinda does run along home, but stops part way when she sees Cynthia by the theatre. 
“What a bitch!” The young vampire states after Malinda tells her what happened. “We should go egg her house. She’s a total whore too, y’know. She tried having an affair with dad before Christine was born. He was so freaked out so mom had to threaten to beat her up.”

Malinda’s aghast at Cynthia’s choice of words... but she doesn't correct either statement. “I just can’t believe she won’t let me hang with David because I’m a good girl! I mean... I stay out past curfew all the time!”
“Yeah. At the library writing cutesy stories about fairies and puppies.” Cynthis deadpans. “You need to go out and live a little. Get drunk or something.”
“But we're underage! Drinking is BAD!”
“My point exactly.”

... Malinda has no idea how Cynthia manages to talk her into these types of situations. 

But she will admit that drinking isn’t as bad as she thought it would be... in fact it is quite pleasant. She might even dare say she enjoys it. At least it makes her feel better. She doesn’t even mind that her uncle would kill her if he found out she was drinking underage.

“Y’know, Cynth. This is actually really fun! We should do it again!”
Cynthia can’t hide her smile. “My place, tomorrow night? My parents are visiting a friend a town over and taking Christine with them. We can have the whole place to ourselves and dad never locks the bar.”
Malinda promises to be there.

Then they hear the sirens of the police cruiser. Someone ratted them out. Cynthia disappears into the shadows but Malinda is too slow and ends up taking a ride back home. Luckily both Jake and Aarun are still at work so she escapes punishment and just  passes out on her bed as soon as she gets home.

Yes, that is Sheridan Enmity’s car. And yes, Jakelene steals it and then sells it for scrap. Pretty sure her husband was working on a case very similar to this the week prior...

Back to the story:
The twins grow up today. Aarun can’t believe how big his little girls already are. He wants one more but Jake just reminds him that today is their birthday as well. They’re too old to raise another batch of kids.

Malinda doesn’t join in the birthday celebrations. She feels like someone slugged her in the head and every little noise feels like a stab. She’s too hungover to pretend to be happy. All she wants right now is a blank page on her screen and the gentle flutters of her white moth.

So the family celebrates without her.

First up is Nadira.

Not goanna lie... took me a looong time to find a hairstyle that didn’t attract attention to her nose. (Poor kid)

And Nagina.

My earlier statement was incorrect. She inherited her father’s hair, but besides that she’s all Jakelene.

Aarun calls Malinda in for cake but she’s already long gone, on her way to an old friend’s house for some revenge. She has a carton of eggs and a basket full of toilet paper but David catches her before she even gets a chance to really do any damage.
“What. Are you doing.” 

It isn’t meant as a question but she treats it like one anyway. “Showing your mom just how much of a good girl I am!”
David deflates visibly. “Linda you don’t want to do that...”
“Well why not? I try and try and try to be good and make people happy but then I find out that being good is a BAD thing? Since when! It’s so frustrating and I just don’t care anymore! Who wants a good girl anyway?”

“I do.”
She stops her rant and looks at him oddly. “Since when?”
“Since always.” He admits. “Linda I love you because of your fairy stories, because of your big heart, because you always give me second chances, and because you’re not like my family.”

He takes her hands in his. “Please, Linda, don’t turn into one of them. Go back to being the good little girl I fell so hard for. My parents will never be okay with this but I really don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me if they disapprove.”

“So what do you say? Will you be my girlfriend?”
“Oh David...”

She gives him her answer.

“Hey no fair!” He teases. “That was my first kiss. Give it back.”

By the time they’re done neither can remember who the kiss belongs to. Nor do they really care.

Perfect end to the best day ever: 
On the walk home she walks through a field of butterflies she’s never seen before, and two land on her hand. Looks like moth will be having some friends. Faintly she wonders if the story Grim told her applies to all creatures... or if it was even true. She heads home to write, forgetting all about her promise to meet up with Cynthia later that night.

Jake’s birthday hits her at work. Her gang throws her a surprise party. She’s touched.

Aarun’s comes while he’s on his way to interview someone for a case. He’s starting to think he’s developing a phobia of sparkles.


Just goanna throw this out there... it's sort of my birthday on Wednesday and I've got class all day. Comments would really be appreciated and would cheer me up a lot. <3 Love you guys.


  1. Birthday cliffhangers?! COME ON!

    I'm happy David is willing to risk it all to be with Melinda... but I don't want anything to happen to him :(

    The girls are absolutely gorgeous! Your legacy has such good genes, you know.

  2. Happy Birthday! I agree, your legacy is full of pretty people.

  3. Happy Birthday, Cece! I had a feeling you were a Scorpio, lol.
    I love Nadira's nose, I think she's beautiful.
    David and Mal's first kiss was very sweet. :D

  4. Happy early birthday, Cece. :D

    Malinda is so adorable and I actually like Nadira's nose. It suits her!

  5. Malinda and David were so cute this chapter! I decided to go ahead and start reading this legacy even though I still haven't finished you old one yet. Also, I agree with the Nadina nose love. Nagina is absolutely adorable, but Nadina looks more sophisticated, which is good too.

  6. Um, is it horrible of me to say that Cynthia is already one of my favorite characters that you've ever written? She kicks ass. <3 And I don't care if we never see her again cause her conversation with Linda was awesome. The dynamic between the two of them is great.

    ...Sorry. Enough gushing. The kiss between Linda and David made me giggle. So cute! And I agree about Nadira's nose. I actually think she's prettier than Nagina, but maybe that's just me.

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow! = )

  7. I was thrilled at how the twins came out just because Aarun has such strong features and I was worried about how they'd translate into girls when the twins were born. But Nadira is beautiful and I'm so happy she's my heir.

    That said, sophisticated isn't a word I'd use for her Melanija. I've finally decided on her story line and its baaaad. Can't wait. >: D

    Cynthia will be back in a couple chapters. She's too busy being pissed at Malinda for skipping their date to show up any sooner (Also she's tough to get ahold of since she's a bit older than Malinda).

  8. Happy Birthday

    Love the scene between Malinda & David, but worried it's all going to go wrong for them...

  9. Happy belated birthday!! I hope you had a most excellent time. =)