Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1.8 - Sabo

Makin’ momma proud. Nadira inherited her mother’s athletic trait and decides to start developing the skill early.

Malinda places her new butterflies in her room (after naming them, of course). 

Nagina teases her cousin about turning her room into a terrarium so Malinda grabs the closest weapon she can find... a pillow.
It’s pretty much family tradition now to resolve conflict through smacking each other silly with pillows.

These two are happy for real walls. Every since Jakelene’s confession they’ve been having a bit too much fun with the bedroom roleplays.

Chess annoys and confuses her... but her daddy loves the game so Nadira tries her best to handle it and keep her short fuse under control.

Jakelene’s bank hit isn’t until tomorrow so she takes a drive to the far side of town to talk to Arthur Archer. He seems... conflicted.
“So I’ve finally found them and I have no idea what to do next.”
“Found whom?”
“My family.” He pauses when her face goes blank. “Well, my brother’s family. His descendants." 

Jakelene's eyebrows shoot straight up into her hairline. "Pavel had kids? You never told me!"

"... My other brother. Martin. The human. You always zoned out when I tried talking about him. He had quite the extensive amount of descendants and I always tried to keep an eye on them. However after the mummy outbreak destroyed the town we lived in I lost contact with them. I’ve been looking ever since and finally found a surviving line in Barnacle Bay.”

“You should make contact.” She says. “I mean, I’d kill to meet any of my father’s surviving relatives and I’m sure your family feels the same about their family history.”

He smiles. “That’s true... and I too wish you could have met your family. Not just the Starrs, but your Sabo roots as well. Both your mother and grandmother were extraordinary sims. I hope you teach your daughters of their bloodline.”
Jake says she will... but the message won’t stick. Both her daughters carry the “Dawn” surname. Although neither has any rights to the fortune their family name once possessed. Perhaps... perhaps she should speak with Aarun about a name change.

Malinda’s birthday is fast approaching. Aarun isn’t sure what to get her, but he does catch her a new butterfly for her collection. She loves these little creatures so much.

Speaking of Malinda... David’s parents are out on a date and its Ella’s turn to babysit the baby so he invites her over for some alone time.

“My parents have a double bed.” He smiles, motioning to the stairs. “Shall we?”
“David we’re so young... uncle Aarun would kill us if anything happened.” 
“Have some faith in me, Linda. I’m not going to knock you up. I know where dad hides the condoms.”

Malinda doesn’t know how David manages to talk her into this sort of stuff... not that she can say she didn’t enjoy it.

The twins meanwhile got invited to the Enmity house to hang out with Louna and Sheridan’s twin boys. Nagina hung out with Kennis once when they were kids. They both agree the other grew up very well.

Nadira and Dennis are supposed to be hanging out but Nadira is more interested in his dad. Like her mother, Sheridan is a thief and doesn’t hide it. She’s transfixed by his confidence... so she grabs a vase just to see if he’ll notice. He does, but he doesn’t say anything.

Nagina finds out Kennis is a hopeless romantic (like her). Nadira is making some sort of joke about eating Dennis alive if he even thinks about showing up for track tryouts tomorrow.

Nagina gets her first kiss, and a boyfriend. Nadira is feeling something between shock and disgust.

Close up of Kennis Enmity.

Malinda really REALLY wants a motorcycle.

... So Jake buys her a music box. It’s bright pink and has a dancing unicorn in it. Malinda can honestly say she loves it. 

Aarun is getting ready for bed just as Jake arrives home from work. She gets to the point fast. “I want us to change our surname.”
“... to what?”

“Sabo. My grandmother’s surname. It was the only thing Mr. Archer knew about her when he took her in. Officially she changed her name to Archer like I did, but its still in my blood, and in our daughter’s blood.”
“What’s wrong with the name Dawn?”
She looks at him. “Are they really Dawns?”
He pauses for a moment before smiling. “Alright then. I’ll hit up city hall in the morning.”


Originally I was going to have River and Nick move to Neverglade and then having Arthur freak out about wether or not he should talk to them or invite them over for tea or something. I haven't given up hope of having them in my legacy though <3. I love their genetics and it WILL be done. 


  1. Kennis Enmity is a hottie! Good on ya' Nagina for landing him.

    I love Nadira's attitude. And David is so suave. LOL.

  2. I really hope you manage to get River & Nick in your game so Arthur can get to know his distant relatives again

  3. Nadira is BEAUTIFUL! Also, I lol'ed at the line about the bedroom roleplays. Jake and Aarun make such a cute couple.

  4. ROFL!!! "i know where dad hides the condoms!"