Thursday, November 3, 2011

1.9 - A Gift for You

The newly christened Nagina and Nadira Sabo, making momma proud. Nadira wants to be a thief like her mom and Mr. Enmity. Nagina wants to be a Forensic DNA profiler. Watcher foresees family conflict.

Jakelene picked up a hygeniator at the consignment store. Malinda claims it gives her inspiration and appropriates it for the computer seat.

The town throws a celebration in Aarun’s honour when he is promoted to the top of the Investigator career.

Everyone attended... his family read through it.

And Malinda felt the need to do homework.

The Mayor gives him the key to the city in thanks.

It’s no big deal. Really.

Thaddaeus sends a limo to pick Jakelene up for her next caper. Should she be worried? Because she feels worried. VERY worried.

Turns out there is no hit tonight. Just a party to celebrate her becoming the town’s first Master Thief... it’s kind of a big deal.

Also a big deal: Malinda’s YA birthday. 

Still lovely. She looks a lot like her mother, inheriting both Reina’s hair and eyes as well as many of her features. She sometimes wonders about her mother but she knows better than to ask any questions.

David’s family threw him a party earlier that day (that Malinda wasn’t invited to) so he had to come late for hers. But at least he came. His dad bought him an expensive car and his mother tried to set him up with Crissy Dennis (Nevermind that Crissy is far younger than him). 

Malinda laughs off his story as he hoped she would and then gives him a birthday gift. Nothing big, just a book that he’d pointed out the week prior when they were in the bookstore together. He’s touched she remembers.

“I’ve got a gift for you too.” He smiles teasingly. “I think you’ll like it.”

When he drops down onto a knee her hands fly to her face. She’d hoped he’d propose soon, but never really wanted to get her hopes up this much. 

Of course she says yes. (Did you really expect anything else?)

After a bit of shuffling around, a spare double bed is moved into Malinda’s room for the new couple to share. Aarun wants them to stay until at least the wedding so that they can move out on a good note when they’re financially stable. David doesn’t mind staying with the Sabos. The farther he gets from his family the more likely he’ll be to get his dream job. Then a marriage and children. 


I like to think of myself as famous for blindsiding my readers. Not really trying to do that so far but I'd like to hear how you guys think the relationship between Malinda and David will end (SPOILER: It WILL end). I've already got it written, I'm just curious.



  1. I'm not big on guessing outcomes, really. Maybe he secretly has the Mummy's Curse? lol
    Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be sad, but will make for a good story.
    Aarun's ink is really nice. I'm glad you got some custom tats for your tattoo addict rolls. I got that same new set, there are some really nice tats in there. I just rolled tattoo addict again for my gen 5 (not that I need that to ink up my Sims, lol) so I'm glad to have a bunch of fresh designs to work with.

  2. The mummy's curse would have been such a blindside but I think its already been done. I remember it was very sad... now which legacy was it?

  3. Oooh, ooh, I know. David gets abducted by aliens! That's totally it, right?

  4. I think next time I'm just going to have you guess stuff before I write it xD. Alien abduction could be pretty interesting if done right.

  5. Is David going to get caught up in one of his family's schemes and get killed or sent away to prison?

  6. I'm absolutely horrid at guessing plot lines, so I'll just say what I did for the Starr Legacy; my guess is EVERYONE DIES. lol. Told you I'm bad.

    LOVE this chapter; especially seeing the differences between Nagina and Nadira as they age up.

  7. Oh, man. Malinda is beautiful as a young adult. No idea what happens between her and David, but I HOPE IT DOESN'T END! They are adorable together! </3

  8. Awwww, I don't want them to end *tear* - Will have something to do with the mother, always the mother.