Sunday, November 6, 2011

2.1 - All Fired Up

6 a.m. feedings. Thank goodness the walls of this house are so thick. 

Today the twins become young adults. Jake and Aarun are about 12 days from their elder birthdays, but they still feel very very old today.

Cake time.

First up: Nagina Sabo. 

Gosh I love how she came out... also there’s the little fact that she looks almost exactly like my youngest sister. So this is creepy. 

Next: Nadira Sabo.

Aarun senses that this one is going to be more trouble than he originally thought. 

Nagina has her whole life planned out while Nadira is only sure about her choice in careers. She’s confident that she wants to be a criminal mastermind one day, just like her mother. And maybe have a kid... one day. Way down the line. Wait having kids doesn’t mean marriage, right? 

One more birthday today.

Cynthia was right. Cho inherits her father’s hair, and her mother’s eyes. It’s too early to check on features. 

Graduation day arrives. 

Crissy is also graduating today. 

Hayley is currently pregnant with their third child. (Ends up being a boy)

Nadira wins valedictorian. 

Nagina is voted most likely to have a bajillion kids. 

“My baby. No touch.”
Actually that Malinda’s-... okay Aarun. She’s your baby. I won’t touch.

Nadira “borrows” her mom’s bike for the ride to her work interview. Yeah, the crime scene in Neverglade is big news. They host interviews for their opening positions. 
Nadi isn’t worried. She just wants to paint flames on this bike. That would be kick ass.

Frack... Traxius Sapphire is the guy interviewing her. Nadi’s screwed.

“Oh great. So one of the Red Bandit’s princesses wants to be like mommy, right? Sorry kid, if you want this job its going to take a lot more than a pout and some jailbait shoulder action.”

“Listen, asshole. I know you don’t like my parents, I know you don’t like me, and I know you pretty much loathe my cousin Malinda. Well guess what, I’m pretty sick of you and your whole family too. You’re a stuck up prince, your wife’s a whore, your daughter is a train wreck, and your oldest son is a cheating piece of shit.”

He shows no visible reaction to her tirade. “I agree wholeheartedly. Your point?”

“No point.” Nadira admits. “Just trying to get that out of the way. I hate your family, you hate mine. But on a personal note we know next to nothing about each other. Give me time to prove myself and I swear I won't let you down, Mr. Sapphire. Just let me on the team.”

Turns out they actually have a lot in common, including two traits. Hot-headed and athletic. Nadira’s been in a few fights, but never anything big enough to get back to her parents. Traxius promises to show her a few moves that will help her out on the job.
“So does that mean I get the job?”
“Did you really think I’d deny you? Your mother is the most brilliant thief I’ve ever met. If you’re even half as good as her you’ll be an asset to the team.”
“Thank you, Mr. Sapphire. I really appreciate it.”

Kennis just finished signing the papers for his new house and Nagina is moving in with him tonight. Right after she says goodbye to her favourite baby. 
“One day Kennis and I will have our own babies... but for now you’re the cutest baby ever. Never grow up, okay?”
“Luboo auntie.”
“Auntie loves you too, baby.”

FYI: Kennis all grown up. He and Nagina marry like... two in game hours after the move. The baby popup showed up an in-game hour before that.

Nadira would just like everyone to know that she was right. The bike looks SO much cooler with flames. 


Go go Gen Two! Gosh I love Nadi. She's such a bitch <3.

Reminder rolls:
- Single With Help
- Three kids
- Primary Career: Criminal (Thief)
- Secondary Career: Author
- Gen Goal: Property Mogul
- Misc Fun: Runs in the Family (Genius trait)


  1. Okay, you're right, Nadira's not sophisticated. xD She's still awesome, though. Also, after my last comment I realized that I'd been reading her name wrong all this time, thought that was an N, not an R. ^^;

  2. xD I'll be honest, I did actually contemplate calling her Nadina, but I have a friend with that name so it would've been weeeird. Nadira means pinnacle and I was originally going to make her into a short tempered perfectionist but I think being a short tempered bitch suits her better.

  3. Oh my gosh, Nadira looks so awesome. xD Even WITH that tower of a nose on her face. I'm loving this legacy.

  4. *Starts Gushing*
    NADIRA IS BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, I'm in love. Have you uploaded her yet?! *Goes to check* ...Can you upload her?! Pretty, pretty please? She's just so gorgeous!
    *Ends Gushing*

    Awesome update Cece! =D

  5. Nadira is the best looking heir you've ever had, imo. Her nose is awesome.

  6. I agree with yang. Nadira's nose is just... I LOVE it. No other way to say it!

    Man, I can't believe Syb and Hayley are having boys. They were threatening to populate Twinbrook with an overpopulation with girls when I had them. XD LOVE.IT.

  7. That nose.........

    but seriously, i love nadira! she's got spunk!