Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2.10 - The First Goodbye

Aarun’s been fiddling around with a potion.  Unfortunately, he’s run out of time to tell anyone about it, or what it does. He’s sure someone will figure it out sooner or later.

What a fascinating sensation.

... I’m just goanna go with this glitch and say Serenity and Grim had a son. I will refer to him as jr. from now on. 

Jake and Nadi are the only ones home right now. They don’t take Aarun’s death well. He was only 91!

Jake took this photo of her husband only three days ago. She never got around to hanging it until now.

Uh oh. Here come the tears again. 

Malinda’s grown very quiet ever since finding out about her uncle’s death. They were always close. Nadi tries cheering her up... and fails horribly.
“So I’m thinking we should buy a plot of line for a family graveyard! We can make like a small building kinda like a museum or somin. Just to show off how amazingly awesome our family is!”
“Nadi can you just... stop talking?”

Yuki and Sam were at a friend’s house. Sam goes straight up to her room to cry but Yuki just needs a hug and a friendly word. Malinda’s more than happy to oblige her.

“He... he never did get those five grandkids...”
This is always the worst part of human lifespans, Arthur thinks, they end too quickly. She won’t be here long, but he vows to look after her family for as long as he is able.

Nadi just grieves in her own special way. 
Lin: “So what’s his name?”
“Who’s name?
“That guy who left your room this morning after the girls left for school.”
“... I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

But of course this is Nadi we’re talking about. So she so does. 
His name? Marion Mason-Cage.

His mom was a whore who cheated on her husband with his brother. Marion’s biological father is the town home wrecker, his step father the town’s greatest surgeon. All Nadi knows is that she was weak, he was more than willing, and now she never wants to see him again. 

“Mmm... I don’t think that’ll work.”
“Why not?”
“Well for one we work together. Secondly, I had fun last night. I know I’m not your usual type, seeing as I’m not balding or-”
“I am your boss and I will destroy you if you finish that sentence.”
A pause. "I think you should give me a try. There’s a 5 o’clock showing of that new thriller in the theatre. Won’t you join me?”
“I uh... fine.”

Once there, Nadi gets second thoughts. “Why don’t we just... skip the movie and have some fun in the broom closet? I’ve got the only key.”
“... Do I want to know why you have the only key?”
“Long story that involves my cousin’s daughter and a long and awkward conversation that I’ve chosen to have scrubbed from my memory.”
“... Right. No. We’re going to that movie.”

At least Nadi gets what she wants post-date. Now if only her mom wasn’t nocturnal.
“So are you at least going to tell me his name?”
“Technically the house is still under my name, Nadira. At least think of the effect this will have on your daughters if they ever see one of your suitors. They still think you and their father are in love.”
Nadi... has no response to that.

Cho’s birthday is only two days away. She’s already got an internship with the current party in power lined up at City Hall. She’s got her sights set on the most influential position in the city, and knows what she needs to do in order to get there.
“So... I’m thinking of asking your uncle Christopher out on a date after I age up.”
Tacia feels her heart drop. “... Christopher? Why? I never thought you were interested in him...”
Cho shrugs. “I’m not really. But political figures have a 70% higher chance of being voted into office if they’re married and lately it feels like Christopher’s the only guy our age who isn’t a complete whack job.”

Only because Tacia never thought of him as competition. 

“I’d really prefer it if you didn’t ask Christopher out on a date.”
“Because he’s your uncle?”
“... Because I’m in love with you.”

Cho recoils visibly, stepping away from her friend. “You’re... what?”
“In love with you.” Tacia repeats, her heart breaking. “Did you really never see it?”
Cho shakes her head. “I’m sorry Tacia, but I need to go.”

Whens Cho gets home the sick feeling is still there, and its steadily getting worse. Maybe if she ignores it, it’ll just go away... 


If Marion sounds familiar, he should. (HINT: He's Tacia's father, and doesn't know it).




Lol. Jr.

(I do not apologize for what I am doing to Cho and Tacia)


  1. lol, oh you are so evil! But Evil results in brilliance.
    I admire your work.

  2. Lol Jr.

    I see where Tacia gets her looks.

  3. =(

    ...That's all I have to say on the matter.
    (Oh, and Jr. is hilarious. Great name, btw.)

  4. I'm wondering what Tacia will do to Christopher now...

    Love Jr. Grim btw :)

  5. Testing: <3 Thank you.

    Becky: I actually never even realized Tacia got her hair from her dad until I was editing my photos for this chapter xD. Fail on my part.

    Buckley: Jr = Juiney Reaper. Yep. Not junior.

    AliH: We shall see : ) And thank you. Goatta love them glitches sometimes, eh?

  6. Poor Tacia. Still love Cho though... does what (who) she wants when she wants it. ;)