Friday, November 18, 2011

2.11 - Turn

Aarun never did get to see his fifth grandchild. But with number five finally on the way, Jakelene might be able to.

Oh hello. What are you doing here?

Malinda doesn’t notice him when she enters the room and slips into bed. 

He doesn’t mind. He’s only here to watch over them, anyway. 

That said... he wouldn’t mind speaking to his wife once more.



Not tonight then.

Cho tries inviting Tacia over for her birthday party tomorrow. Tacia refuses to come to the phone but Cynthia promises they’ll try to make it.

Nagina throws her own party for her birthday. It also just happens to be the day she gave birth to her youngest, another boy. This time named Benjamin.

Nadira had work so she didn’t go to the party. But her birthday still arrives to throw her into full adulthood.

She’s going through a bit of a midlife crisis. Long hair makes her look younger, right?

Party time! The twins birthday into teen-hood falls on the same day as Cho’s transition into YA.

First, sweet little Yuki.

Oh... Oh dear... she gains the flirty trait.

Please grow up normal.

Oh hey you’re sort of pretty, Sam. I should start paying attention to you.

Cho wanted to wait until Tacia arrives to blow out her candles... but the party is winding down and she still hasn’t shown up. So she fakes a smile and makes a wish.

A quick scan of the room post age-up makes it clear her birthday wish didn’t come true. Tacia is no where to be found.

A familiar face lingers long after the party has ended, and Cho makes her way to him. 
“You grew up beautifully.” Christopher says with a smile. “I’m glad Tacia told me about your birthday party.”

“Oh... Tacia told you to come?”
“Yeah. She also said I should ask you out. Apparently you have quite the crush on me.”
Cho takes a breath to keep from smacking him. Arrogance is not one of her turn ons, and she quickly regrets ever telling Tacia about her interest in Christopher. “Actually... that was a lie I made to make Tacia jealous... I’m sorry if something got mixed up in translation. We’re sort of having a fight right now, I guess she missed my sarcasm.”

“Uh huh...” He says with a smile. “Well if she’s mad at you why bother to make things right? I mean Cynthia hasn’t spoken to the rest of the family ever since she moved out. That side of the family has a history of being able to hold a grudge. How about I take you out for dinner sometime and see if I can change your opinion of me instead?”

Cho considers his offer carefully. She’s quite confident already that she could never love him, but she has her career to think of. And she just really wants to be in a relationship. These last few days have been absolute torture without Tacia. If she can’t have her friend, Christopher might just be the next best thing.
“I’ll uh... I'll call you.”

Morning is only a few hours away, and with it graduation. She’s valedictorian and she hasn’t even written her speech yet... but she can’t quite convince herself to work on it or get some sleep.

She closes her eyes, enjoying the solitude of the moment until a wave of cool air alerts her to someone else’s presence. 

“Funny. I thought my daughter was the one with the broken heart, yet here you are moping around as if your life is awful.”

“If you’re here to make me feel worse go ahead.” Cho mutters. “I really don’t care anymore.”
Cynthia almost seems confused. “What? Why would I want to make you feel worse? Cho, you’ve spent so much time with my daughter that I feel as if you’re practically family. I’m here to make you feel better. I want you to come home.”

“But... my home is here.”
Cynthia’s power has improved greatly. The need for a physical bond is no longer necessary. “Is this really your home? Cho, darling, I want you do be MY daughter. Tacia may be my blood, but she’s a disgrace as a vampire. You would be such an improvement on her. Won’t you accept me as a mother?”

Cho pauses. “You want... to turn me?”
“I thought you wanted to become a vampire. Or have you changed your mind?”
Cho knows this is the wrong thing to do. She knows the stories surrounding Cynthia, and what she’s been accused of doing. But then again, Cho’s never been good at resisting temptation of any kind. 
“Okay. I want to be turned.”

Cynthia digs in, and Cho can’t help herself. She screams.

Cho’s in a daze once the deed is done. Fortunately the only person to hear her scream is also the only person able to keep Cynthia from just taking Cho by force. 

“WHAT are you doing to my daughter?”
“Malinda, I-”
“What right do you think you have? Cho is MY daughter, and unlike David, you’re not going to be able to steal her away! Get the hell off my property you bitch. And don’t you dare come back.”

Cynthia tries to resist... but she’s only a highly diluted half blood. She’s still bound by the vampire law. If someone orders her to leave she must. 

“Are you alright, princess?”
Cho doesn’t even mind the childhood nickname. As soon as Cynthia left the daze did too. “I’m a bit shaken up, but I think I’m okay. Thank you, mom.”

Malinda’s just happy that the one time she needed to stand up to Cynthia she was able to. 


I think one more chapter should round out Cho's storyline and lead to her exit from the story. Then I'll actually start focusing on the end of Malinda's story while also talking about Sam and Yuki more. Now that they're finally teens ((Goddamit Cyyk)) I can put some emphasis on their rivalry. Unlike Nagina and Nadira these two will NOT be friends. 

Teen Yuki's face annoys me. Her eyes are beautiful. But her face is a friggin SQUARE. I'm lucky the hair Alma posted manages to hide most of the hideous jaw line. Teen Sam is beautiful but her features are very plain. Not sure whose nose she got though. I don't THINK its Trax's... but it isn't Jake or Nagina's. Jake's nose starts a bit higher. 


  1. I can't wait to see Vamp Cho! Also, Yuki looks like she's going to be a handful. I didn't notice her jawline so good job on the hair choice... I went back to the picture to look at it, and still couldn't see it haha.

    "Now that they're finally twins..." --> made me lol. since they weren't before or anything :P

  2. Typo? What typo? >_> I see no typo...

    My only goal for Yuki is to make her as annoying as possible. And possibly a bitch (But that runs in the family).

  3. Cho's going to be a vampire?! Woah... COOL!

    Cynthia is just SO evil. I love her. <3 I'm so happy that Malinda FINALLY stood up to her though. I know I'm on team Cynthia and everything, but Malinda is just too sweet to have her life ruined by an evil vampire half blood. I wonder what's going to happen between Cho and Tacia though? (BABIES?!)

    Christopher came out well, if I do say so myself. I always tend to fall for the arrogant asshole types though, so I may be a bit biased. =)

    I think Yuki looks gorgeous. You did a great job with her makeup.

  4. I wonder what Cynthia's real plans were, I don't trust her to have told Cho the truth...

  5. Oooooo dum dum duuuuuuuuum. I bet she is still going to wreck havoc though! (cynthia)

  6. That Cynthia, I swear! Vamp Cho will be a cool plot twist, although I'm worried when you say that she'll be leaving soon. What she gonna do?!

    Aarun's ghost was cute. Too bad Jake *just* missed him. Please, please make Yuki a bitch... I am loving this particular family trait. ;)

    If this response is posted twice, it's not my fault. I PROMISE! Blogger hates me right now.

  7. Catching up on legacies!

    You're welcome for the hair. 8D