Saturday, November 19, 2011

2.12 - Once More

These two started fighting the minute they aged up.
“I don’t see what you’re making such a fuss over!” Sam whines. “I just want us to go meet the new neighbors after Cho’s graduation!”

“Then go ahead and do it by yourself.” Yuki answers. “I don’t care about some stupid new neighbors. You just want to go and say hi to that boy. Boys are stupid.”

“You are SUCH a pain in the ass!”
Yuki smiles. “You don’t know the half of it.”


Yuki describes how she pranked the shower head in detail to her older (second) cousin. Cho tries her damn hardest not to beam with pride or burst out laughing.

Nadira is far less than impressed.

Graduation time. Jake orders a limo.

Cho’s valedictorian speech goes fine, even though she improvises it on the spot. She’s also voted most likely to have a big family. She wonders if that award was a final jab at her from the classmates she once terrified in high school. 

Samantha does go greet the new neighbors by herself. 

Bryce Roman doesn’t talk a lot but she manages to learn that he’s also a Virtuoso. They talk a bit more about music and eventually decide to be friends. Tomorrow’s the weekend so he promises to meet her for a tour of the town.

Cho gets a visitor.

“So she really bit you?” Tacia asks, ignoring the look Cho is giving her. The look that used to make her melt into Cho's arms. “You’re got a few more days as a human, but there’s no turning back now. Not until a new cure has been manufactured.”

“What if I don’t want to be human? I like the idea of being with you forever.”
Tacia feels a headache coming on. “Cho please. I don’t want to play that game anymore. It hurts too much.”
“Who says I’m playing a game?”

Cho pulls her friend close. “The way I reacted when you told me about your feelings... it was wrong. I just didn’t want to admit I felt the same because I thought it would make me look weak.”
“That’s stupid.”
“I know... so can I get one more chance?”

“I don’t know if I should...”
“Please?” Cho says with a smile. “Tacia when we weren’t talking it felt like someone had ripped a piece of me away. I wasn’t happy, and all I could think about was you and how much I wanted you here with me. I don’t know if thats love, but I know I’ve never felt like that about anyone else, nor do I think I ever will.”

Tacia decides to give her a second chance.

Malinda can’t believe her ears when Cho asks to move out. 

“Mom please. I’ll only be a few blocks away. Tacia and I just need our own space to see if we can make this work for the long run. I think I know what I’m doing, and I’ll always need you... but isn’t it about time I learned to fly on my own? What's the point of having a butterfly with clipped wings?”

Bah. Bring out the literary talk and Malinda’s hooked. “I just can’t believe you’re so grown up already. Alright. Go call the real estate agent... I'll visit whenever I can.”

I hope they can make it <3 Good luck you two.


Cho and Tacia are already up on the exchange... and expecting a child in game. Gosh I love them. <3

Bryce Roman and his two sisters are from Calisims's As the Romans Do Random Legacy. You should read it. It's bass (Bad ass).


  1. I hope Cho & Tacia make it work (and SP lets them...)

  2. I love the way Yuki looks.
    It will be nice to se Bryce actually grow up into a YA. In my game he's stuck as a permateen, since I stopped playing BH.
    I hope Cho and Tacia have a good life together. :D

  3. Aww! Cute! I really, really hope Cho and Tacia last. <3
    ...And YAY! Babies! :D

  4. Hurrah for Cho and Tacia! Can't wait to see their spawn (you better do some awesome pic-spam of she/him/it).

    And I'm already loving the Sam and Yuki fights.

  5. AliH: So far so good! <3 I'm hoping SP is good to them.

    Yang: Oh Bryce will be around for a while. I'll be sure to get some YA fanservice spam for everyone. He's pretty attractive, and he keeps giving me the best facial expressions.


    Giga: I vow to picture spam the hell out of their kid(s).

  6. AWWWw.I am so glad I have time to catch up with these guys again. I miss them so - Its the only tie I have to the beloved starrs :D