Sunday, November 20, 2011

2.13 - Healing (Dealing?)

True to his word, Bryce meets Sam by the diner for his tour of the city.

They end up doing more flirting than site seeing.

“You’re pretty forward, aren’t you?” Bryce teases. 
Sam smiles at him. “It sort of runs in the family. This town is small, and everyone knows your business. If you want something you’d best grab it when you can or someone else will just to spite you.” 

“Funny. That almost sounds as if you’re asking for some sort of commitment from me.”

“I am. How do you feel about going steady?”
“With you? I’d love to.”

Cho becomes a vampire, complete with the clan mark most vampires carry with them. The process was a hard one, but she managed through it with Tacia’s attention as a good distraction from the itchy blemish. But then again that distraction came with an unexpected side affect. The newly weds have a bun in the oven that Tacia is carrying. Cho just thanks her lucky stars she didn’t end up being the pregnant one. Pregnant ladies rarely get elected into office.

Jake’s still going strong and gives Yuki a driving lesson. 

Nadira takes up a hobby. A stray cat tries to get her attention. 
“Can haz home, plz?”
Nadi almost kicks it before Watcher intervenes in order to avoid any possible haters in the comments. 

Malinda’s ecstatic that Cho and Tacia decided to start on a family right away. She’s excited to be a grandmother, and knows the girls will be great mothers. 

“Cho was so adorable when she found out.” Tacia giggles. “She tried convincing her co-workers that knocking me up meant she was one of the boys so some of the boys tried to get her to try a smoke and it just made her sick. She got home all pouty and mad.”
Malinda raises an eyebrow. “She just left them alone after that? Sounds like she’s finally maturing.”
“Oh no. She sued them all for sexual harassment and got two promotions and a hefty pay check raise. Thats why we can afford such a big house even with my mom disowning me.”

Malinda pauses. “Do you think Cynthia will... leave us alone now? I mean, I won’t give her another chance. Not know that I know what she’s really like. But Cho-”
“I won’t ever let that bitch near Cho.” Tacia interrupts. “Cynthia may have given birth to me, but she was no mother. The only reason I never left earlier was because I was just too young. But I’m fully grown now, and I’m training Cho to use her own abilities. If Cynthia tries anything we’ll both be ready for her. I’ll keep Cho safe, I promise. Besides, at least for now I know Cynthia will have her own distractions to deal with.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean she’s pregnant.” Tacia beams. “I’m just hoping this means she’s given up on trying to get to Cho.”
Malinda isn’t so sure. But she’ll hold onto that hope.

Do not ask. About the hair. 

During the day, Jake and Malinda tend to be the only ones at home. Today, Malinda wishes that wasn’t the case. 

Her birth mother left her when she was just a toddler. She has no memories of her and even the stories her uncle told her sound more like fiction than reality. Jakelene was the closest thing to a mother that she ever had, and now she’s lost that too.

Samantha gets home as soon as she hears the news. Her sweet little heart is broken.

Her friend Andromeda came home with her today. Sam falls into her arms and just cries for a good hour. 

Nadi (again) grieves in her own special way.

“So I’m noticing a pattern here... we only hook up when one of your parents die. Any chance of there being a third parent out there that I should off to get you in bed again?”
“Marion that’s horrible...”
“In my defense you’re not giving me much to work with here, babe.”

It was a surprise for Nadi to learn that Marion is her age. Born on the same day, even. Her midlife crisis is still going strong, but he seems completely at ease with his new age. 
“Just... be you.” She smiles. “I like you the way you are.”

They’ve shared a couple kisses before, but all of them during or immediately prior to being intimate. This is the first kiss between them that had anything similar to a meaning. 

Marion breaks away first. “Hey so... you wanna go to the theatre?”
“Another movie?” Nadi asks.
Marion smiles at her. “Not exactly.”

Nadi finally gets a use for that broom closet key.

Yuki joined the music club at school but quickly quit after realizing the only instrument good enough for her virtuoso talent is the guitar. Plus there’s just something more bad ass about being out after curfew because you were playing your guitar as opposed to being out playing the bass or piano.

FYI: The Sabo house is the one of the right. I’m quite proud of it.

Unfortunately for Yuki, her mom is waiting for her once she finally decides to come home. 
“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Do you now know how DANGEROUS it is out there at night? You could have been kidnapped or... or killed!”

Holy crap, lady. Yuki can’t understand where her mom is coming from with this sudden freak out. Neverglade’s a pretty safe city. Nothing bad ever happens. 

“I just... I can’t lose you too. It’s too soon.” Nadi says, choking back a sob. Yuki finally gets it.

“Oh mommy I’m so sorry. I never meant to make you worry. I promise I’ll do better, and I am so SO sorry for making you worry. I love you.”
Nadi decides to let her off the hook... just this once.

Yuki has to hold back her laughter. What a goof. Her mom has got to be the easiest person on the planet to trick. Yuki has absolutely no intention to start behaving. She’ll just be more careful about who is home when there’s a chance of getting caught.


Lawl Yuki. <3 The bitch trait runs strong in this one. Also burglar and asian culture. But thats a different topic.

And can I just point out that in the fourth photo it looks like Bryce is looking down Sam's shirt. Am I right or do I really need to get my dirty mind under control?


  1. Lol Nadira and the cat. I don't know why my sim can't kick a puppy, if I as the player am allowed to starve my sim to death.

    Also Arjun had to befriend Snowberry before he could even pick up the cat. I'm like WTF man, it's a cat, just grab it.

    I think in that pose Bryce is supposed to be shyly looking at the ground, but you're not the only one to interpret it as staring at the girl's chest. ;) See: Allyson McDermott.

  2. I've always interpreted that look as looking down the chest. :P

    I love Nadira's adult hair.

  3. It's at the perfect angle! And just look at his FACE! Don't tell me its supposed to be "Shy", Becky xD.

    Lol Lin keeps randomly picking up kittens. She wants to adopt one but I'm holding out for a dog. Although the kitties at the current neighbourhood adoption are pretty adorable.

  4. Oh, he so looks like he's looking down her chest!

  5. I loved this chapter. I'm so happy about Tacia and Cho's baby (as you know, lol), and YAY! Nadira finally has a man!

    </3 Jakelene.

  6. Ha... I don't care if that's supposed to be his shy look; he's totally looking down her shirt. That sneaky, sneaky man.

    And goodbye Jake. :( You shall be missed.