Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2.15 - Teen Party

Yuki sometimes wakes up at 4 in the morning to practice her guitar. In her bedroom. Just to annoy Samantha.

Samantha’s boyfriend helps cheer her up.

Yuki is not amused when she finally connects the puzzle pieces.

“Friggin loser.”

Bryce senses trouble and decides to leave. Smart boy.

“You’re such a bore!” Yuki growls. “You don’t deserve Bryce. So I’m just going to take him from you.”
“But... but I called dibs!”
In the background, Nadi contemplates intervening before things get physical. 

Too late. 
“You stay away from him, you slut!

Shouldn’ta done that.

Yuki hasn’t been in any fights, but she’s top in her gym class, and took a couple karate lessons from grandma Jakelene. Sam didn’t stand a chance.

David takes it upon himself to discipline the girls.

Yuki rolls her eyes. “Psh. I don’t have to listen to you... bro.” 

To the corner she goes.

“It’s not MY fault my sister is an insane bitch!” Sam uses as her defense.

She gets put in the corner for swearing, not fighting.

Malinda finally meets her grandson. Ronnie Dawn-von Hagen. He has Tacia’s hair and Malinda’s bright blue eyes. 

When Malinda gets home she switches from happy grandmother to childish newly wed.

It’s like the time they spent apart never even happened. 

David claims the white butterfly Malinda caught as a child is watching them and moves it to the living room where it’ll stop giving him nightmares.

Yuki’s been moping around the house ever since her fight with Sam. Nadi decides to let them both off the hook.

Yuki is so thankful for her mother’s good heart. 

And promptly abuses it.


“I got my hair done.” Yuki explains. “I figured you should too.”

“I HATE you!”

“Oh noooo. I’m so scared! NOT.”

David is given an all expenses paid trip to the Sim Nation capital to pick up an award for all his hard work with the police. He takes Lin and Nadi along for the heck of it. Neither girl has ever been farther than the city limits so they’re excited. Unfortunately the twins have finals this week so they’re stuck staying at home. 
Nadi’s confident her girls will behave.

Yeah... right.
“Seirian? It’s Yuki. We’re throwing a party. Spread the word.”

For once the twins are actually getting along. Sam will never admit it, but she’s got her own rebellious streak and she was dying to throw a teen party. Yuki just beat her to the phone.

Bryce should be happy his girlfriend can’t read minds. Otherwise he’d be dead right now.

Yuki’s best friend at school is Seirian Roman... she didn’t realize until just now that Seirian was Bryce’s older sister. 

Bryce tries talking to Sam about taking their relationship to the next level but she just laughs him off. 

And goes dancing with Korey Porter (Seirian’s boyfriend).

So Bryce dances with Yuki to make Sam jealous.

Yuki has a better idea for making her sister jealous. When nobody’s looking they move things to the bedroom.

Sam gets a call from David. The awards banquet was cancelled so they’re on their way home. She breaks the party up before they get home.

... Wait a minute. Where’re Bryce and Yuki?”

Yuki has Bryce sneak out the back. Sam seems a bit suspicious but she’s more concerned with making sure all the balloons are popped and in the garbage before the adults get home. 

Yuki tries doing her homework but she’s distracted. She and Bryce went all the way, and neither felt guilty about it. But now that she thinks about it, Yuki isn’t sure that she’s ready for a relationship. Sam makes it look so easy, but Yuki just wants to strum on her guitar all day long. Having to make time in her busy day for someone else... not her thing.


I think this is the end for Gen 2... finally. Gen three will start next update.

But yeah. Third last photo = My fav.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Yuki is SO bad! Sleeping with her sister's boyfriend?! For shame. =)

    I love your photos this chapter, especially the ones with the "loser" pose. How did you get Sam and Yuki to do that? I mean, what is the interaction that makes them pose that way?

    My favorite picture though has to be the one with Sam freaking out and pointing to the door. I lol'ed. She would be the one to clean up after the party, instead of Yuki.

    David and Malinda are just adorable, and I'm glad David is sticking up to Yuki and disciplining the girls. It seems like they really need a strong parent figure, and I'm hoping he will provide that for them.

  2. It's either mean -> insult or mean -> Argue. I can't remember which but I'm leaning towards the first one... think it may just be a teen thing only. Yuki and Sam kept doing it autonomously to each other. xD

  3. Wow, those two really have a bad relationship going on!

  4. Yuki and Sam... I love it. Those two have a morbidly awesome (not the right word, but I'm going with it) rivalry going on. ; )

    And Yuki... sleeping with your sister's technical boyfriend?! 0.o

    Love this chapter. Can't wait to see the next generation!