Monday, November 7, 2011

2.2 - Filler with a bit of Plot

Lookit that face. It’s pure evil. (Click to enlarge and you’ll see what I mean). Funny cause I don’t ever remember giving her the evil trait...

Cho’s got this whole family wrapped around her pinky. They’d do anything for their precious widdle baby.

Even mom... especially mom. 

... And yes. Malinda’s room really is turning into a terrarium. (This is an old photo too. There are even more now.

... I don’t know how she managed to fit that into her back pocket. Seriously.

She’s top of her field, most wanted on every FBI list, and totally untouchable... is it any wonder Jake decides to buy out the warehouse? Her daughter’s walking in her footsteps. Who knows how many other descendants will as well. Her family may as well own the property. For... safety reasons.

... Maybe you shoulda invested some of that money in a new computer instead.

Cynthia calls Malinda over to visit and insists she bring along her daughter. Malinda doesn’t understand why until she notices the little vampire rugrat wandering around the house.

Yep. Cynthia had a little girl. Tacia von Hagen. 

“So uh... whose the father?” 
Cynthia narrows her eyes. “Does it really matter?”
“I’m just curious.” Malinda admits. 
There's a long uncomfortable pause before Cynthia speaks. “Marion Mason-Cage.”
“Oh! I didn’t realize you two were dating.”

“We’re not.” Cynthia corrects a bit too fast. “Think of him as a... sperm donor... who doesn’t know he’s a sperm donor.”

“It’s like it’s hurting him!” She insists before Malinda can start a lecture. “Besides. You have Cho and I was feeling left out. Just think of it this way, now our babies can grow up together and be best friends too!”

What was Tacia looking at in that last photo?


Nagina and Kennis married right away in an impromptu private ceremony at city hall. Nagina claims it was just because they were so in love. Jake does the math on her daughter’s pregnancy and then just smiles and keeps her real thoughts to herself. As long as her daughter is happy nothing else matters.

Now if only the same could be said for the other twin...
“... Can I help you, little Sabo?”

“First of all, stop calling me that. Secondly... Mr. Sapphire says I need to beat a vampire in a fight in order to be invited to the cool parties.”

“Beat a vampire in a... but I’m a pacifist!”

Not anymore, apparently.

Owned by a tiny redhead right out of high school. Shameful.

I’m definitely giving Cho the evil trait when she becomes a child. Just because she doesn’t even have the trait yet, and she already acts it <3. Gosh I love this kid. Why can’t she be my heir?

... Can she be my heir?


  1. Cynthia is scaring me, she's way too obsessed with Malinda to be healthy...

  2. HAHA! I laughed so hard at the pictures of Cho. She seriously has the best facial expressions ever. Lol.

    ...But no. She cannot be your heir. =)

    Also, why did Nadi just beat up poor Arthur the pacifist? :(

  3. Ha. The fight between Nadira and Arthur was great. Nadira sure knows how to push buttons, doesn't she?

    Cho is adorable! And I LOVE her hair. Cynthia is creepin' me out majorly right now...