Monday, November 7, 2011

2.3 - Cute but Evil

Nagina and Kennis have a baby boy named Rex. Aarun gets to their place just as they’re arriving through the door. 
He loves babies. <3

Nadi and Traxius have become something not unlike friends. She even manages to convince him to come to his only grandchild’s birthday party.

Jake visits her grandson and feels old. Aarun makes her smile.

Cute but evil.

She balances out.

David was happy to see his daughter age up, but shocked to see his father at the party as well. Has he been having a hand in Cho’s upbringing at all? David’s only seen his daughter twice since she was born. Maybe he should be making more of an effort... 

Nadi’s near constant training around town hasn’t gone unnoticed by Traxius. He even offers her a promotion to thug for all her hard work. 
She accepts the job, mindful of Arthur Archer’s disapproving glare aimed at her back. He’s still got bruises in places he’ll never see.

Traxius claims to be very impressed with her skills thus far. Nadi... can’t see it. If this is Trax’s “very impressed” face then no wonder his children came out so messed up.

Cooking. Nadi figures someone in the family should take it up. Laugh and she will cut you.

Malinda has a habit of staying awake late to write so she can spend the majority of her day with her daughter. Cho tries to keep silent but still manages to wake her up.
“Good morning, Cho. Are you going out with David today?”
“Yes mom. He just called. He’s meeting me at the swimming pool.”
“Alright then. Have fun.”

Oh yeah. Hanging out with her weakling father. So much fun.

Ooh icecream.

(Am I the only one looking at this photo and expecting a pair of hands to pop through the window, grab Cho and drag her kicking and screaming into the abyss? Yes? Okay...)

“Fear me bunny or I will feast on thy ears.”

“Warned you.... nom....”

Her dad is weird... but he tries to be a good father to her.

She decides to play the good girl card today and pretends to be thrilled when he offers to play tag with her.

Idle hands are the devil’s playthings. And Jake’s hands are always idle these days... so she does the obvious thing and takes up karate.

Traxius surprises Nadira one afternoon by inviting her out for lunch at the bistro. She’s never actually been to the fancy diner before and is caught off guard by the invitation. Her confusion is made all the worse when Traxius tells her why he invited her. 
“My wife is becoming a complete and utter bitch and I need a break from it all. She cheats constantly and doesn’t care about hiding it. I figure making her jealous will at the very least make me feel better about this whole situation.”
Nadira thinks counselling would be a better use of his time but doesn’t dare say it aloud. Truth be told Traxius has been giving her far more attention at work than anyone else and she’s begun to... like it. She wouldn’t mind playing the roll of his mistress if he asked.


Traxius never has any kind of emotion on his face. It kills me xD. I'll get lots of photos of Nadira talking to him animatedly and his facial expression just reads "... Why are you making noise?"

My original plan was for Nadira to have only one child with a guy I've already picked, but he has some strong features so I tested them in CAS first to see what their kids would look like... and the fug level was off the meter. I mean... not as bad as some fugs I've seen, but still very very ugly. But I LOVE the story line I came up for them... so now I'm considering ditching the last part of Malinda's storyline (Which required her to have another child) and letting Nadi have a child with someone else to make the heir.


  1. No, you're not the only one expecting someone to drag her through that blank window - its quite creepy

  2. Traxius is handsome. I'd tap that.

  3. The fug reigns forever. Is it the nose? Because I've discovered I'm quite fond of quirky noses at this point after Glynnis and Nadi.

    Oh, strong features. Why are you the bane of our existence?

  4. Alma: Actually its the combination of Trax's smaller eyes (At least HE got the asian looking eyes) and Nadi's enormous nose. On a girl it's not a pretty combination. Lucky with a son it might not be so bad so I'm just hoping the baby comes out a boy (Still hasn't been born in game. Exams this week so I'm studying instead of playing).

  5. Traxius, eh? He may be emotionally blank, but I like him.

    The first picture with Aarun is so adorable. He's so cute with the grandchilluns'.

  6. Oh yes!! Little demon kids go into the icecream truc, there they get caught by the great big nothing if they stay on the frozen playground!

    (if only i could remember from which show it was.....)

  7. CHARMED! It was charmed i think.....