Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2.4 - Questionable Intent

Aarun distinctly remembers being in this exact same position with Cho’s father before she was born... the only difference is Aarun never lost a game to David.

All but two of Malinda’s books have been hits or bestsellers, and she’s written a lot. With the proceeds from her books sales she decides to buy a partnership at the bookstore. They’re making a lot of money from her books, so why shouldn’t she get more of a stake in that?

Traxius calls often and invites Nadira out to quite a few parties and dinners. She never realized how many rich people lived in Neverglade. 

Neverglade has some new residents.

Aarun’s just thrilled they have babies. Adorable babies!

I... I want to make a joke but I can’t think of anything. In all honesty though I left these two alone for an hour to go work on Nadi’s plot line and when I sent Aarun home he and Nick were friends. 

Jake just asks River how her trip was and welcomes the family to the city. 

River’s fascinated to learn Jake was raised by her great (times something) grand-uncle and has a lot of questions. 

Jake answers them to the best of her abilities and promises to keep in touch. River’s already got a job lined up in the newly opened film lot, and Nick goes into politics. Jake knows they’ll be alright.

Aarun... Aarun put the baby down. It’s time to go home.

Cho goes home with Christopher von Hagen one day. He’s aunt Cynthia’s younger brother and a human. Cho can’t help but wonder why their father took the cure. If it was for love as he claimed why didn’t he just turn Bea? Cho really can’t understand it. If she had the chance to become a vampire she’d go for it and never let that power go. 
((Interlude: SP really did name Bea and Ethan’s son Christopher. I was SO incredibly tempted to change it to Kristopher... but decided against it. They also have a fourth child, a girl named Erika.))

Nadira’s been Traxius’ “mistress” for a while now. They spend most of their time together but whenever she tries to start anything physically romantic he stops it or just leaves. Nadi’s getting pretty fed up. She doesn’t want a boyfriend or anything like that... but really, is it too much to ask for some woo-hoo once in a while? Maybe its time she took things into her own hands...

The chemistry table was acquired legally. The chemical compounds in her hands... not so much. 

Nadira and Traxius have the same days off. He hasn’t called her about a date but sends a limo anyway. She figures this has to be some sort of status leap for her. 

Flirting. She can initiate that without him getting awkward. Even when they’re in public. Although she’s not sure if this place even counts as public. A private little dive bar that caters strictly to criminals. 

Dancing. They both suck. At least no one’s around to notice. 

Traxius goes to the washroom. Nadi raids the bar.

What? Of course she isn’t putting anything “extra” into those drinks. What gives you that idea?

“Here’s your drink, Mr. Sapphire.” 
His face hints at a smile as he accepts the drink. Again: Progress?

He takes a small sip before pausing, face falling serious once again. “Taste like a roofie.” 
“Roofies have no taste.”
“Been reading up on them, have we?”

He orders her to drink the rest of it herself so she does. This night has been embarrassing enough as is and she doesn’t care to remember the rest of it, no matter what happens next.

... Maybe she should have switched the cup or something. Because Traxius is quite huggy when he’s been drugged.

“I take it you’ve been feeling neglected?”
“I’m a mistress, not a girlfriend, Mr. Sapphire. I have no right to feel any sort of obligation for your time or attention...”

“But would it kill you to at least give me some sugar sometime? You may be an old fart but I’m still young and I do have some needs.”
“You’re free to see other men.”
“I don’t want to see other men.”

Seedy old motel room. Not exactly where Nadi pictured her first time.

But she’ll take it.

No one even notices when Nadi doesn’t come home. Cho asks Malinda for a bedtime story and her mother obliges. It’s actually fascinating to have an author for a mother. 

D’aaaw. Sweet dreams little princess. 

And sweet dreams to you too, Nadi... whenever you finally get to sleep that is.

Guys seriously. 
Trax is ooooold. He ages up the very next day, two of his children are older than Nadi, and one is about to become a YA in only a handful of days. I am quite honestly terrified about what the heir will look like so I’m currently scanning the town for eligible bachelors to father the third child.
Lol watch her get twins. 


Spoiler: She gets twins.


  1. Tut tut Nadira, you bad girl...

  2. I still say Trax is hot and I would tap that.

  3. xD Melissa I love your comments <3

  4. Haha. Date rape. I shouldn't find this so amusing, lol.

    I'm glad you got River and Nick to work! They're so cute. Also, I laughed so hard when I saw the name of Bea and Ethan's only son. HAHA, I love it. And wow, four kids?! Holy cow, they were busy. =)