Friday, November 11, 2011

2.5 - Second Chance

Nadira has no idea HOW she got home last night or at what time. She’s just happy to see she made it home at all.
Now if her stomach could just stop doing flip flops that would be great.

Even puking doesn’t make the sick feeling stop. Joy.

She also just feels really fat today. Could it all mean something?

... Apparently.

Traxius aged up sometime in between their last date and now. She’s worried the news will give him a heart attack but hey... he deserves to know.

To her surprise he actually shows a facial expression! A positive one!

“I’ll be gone before our child is of age to really know me.” He laments. “But I am still glad something positive can come of what we did.”
He also tells her that he isn’t going to leave his wife, but he will include the baby in his will. Nadi is glad on both accounts. She may be happy whenever Traxius is around but she’s quite certain the feeling would disappear instantly if they ever moved in together. She's happy to be with him... as long as the back door is always open for her to get out if the need arises.

Then she goes out and buys the ugliest clothes she can find. Just to spite the people who have to look at her. 
“You know I have some old maternity wear in my closet, Nadi-”
“It’s fine.”
An awkward pause while Nadira turns the pages of the baby book she’s reading. “Oh so Mr. Sapphire mentioned that David’s been a bit depressed lately. You should go see him.”
Malinda hasn’t actually spoken to her old fiancee in a long time. Not since Cho’s birthday. Perhaps a visit is a good idea.

“I am so SO sorry for what my dad did to your cousin.” He begins as soon as she’s through the front door. “I don’t know what got into him but if its any condolence to her he does seem to be excited about the baby.”
“It’s Nadi’s own fault.” Malinda mutters. “It’s not exactly like he raped her. If anything she started it by trying to drug him.” 
“She tried to drug him? How do you know?”
“Cynthia’s dad works in the science labs. Where do you think Nadi got the compounds and know-how?”

David’s face sets into a slight frown at the mention of Cynthia’s name and Malinda points it out. “You don’t like me talking about her, do you.”
“I really really don’t. I know she’s your friend, Linda, but I just can’t trust her. When I cheated with her I don’t know what came over me. And then you just forgave her so easily... I don’t think its jealousy that I’m feeling, but I do wish you’d give me the same chance you gave her.”

She tries to say no, but it’s getting harder every day to deny him a second chance. She knows she’s still in love, no matter how often she tells herself otherwise. 
“Maybe just... one more chance.” 

He takes her hands in his before she can protest. “I swear you won’t regret it, Linda. I love you.” 

At least for now, Malinda isn’t regretting anything. 

Cho meanwhile is at her friend’s house. A friend her father most definitely wouldn’t approve of. 
Also: Puppies <3

Tacia aged up and she and Cho became best friends, just as their mother’s wished. Cho’s father taught her some old melodies he learned from his father. Now she teaches them to her friend. 

Immediately followed by as much horrible gossip as Cho can think up. Tacia has a habit of not being able to keep secrets. Cho uses this to her advantage whenever a class mate annoys her. 

Jake and Aarun become elders today. Jake is far less excited for it than her husband is. 

“You ready to blow out your candles and become a big girl?” Aarun teases. 
Jake contemplates kicking him but thinks better of it. “Let’s just get this over and done with.”

Seriously. She’s not looking forward to this.

She’s not impressed.

Aarun is very impressed with himself. He managed to age gracefully and did well for himself. Now if his daughters would just hurry up and give him those five grandkids he’s been wishing for.

Nadira decides to go into labour right smack in the middle of the party. Her father and baby-daddy are being SO helpful right now.

... Oh you have got to be kidding me.

Nadi calls her dad from the hospital. Looks like some of the room will need to be switched as there won’t be enough room for Nadi and the babies in her room. 
Aarun: “... Babies? As in more than one?”

Yeeeep. Twins. Both girls. Watcher really hates this game sometimes.

The twins are named Yuki and Samantha. Both were born Vituoso and Genius because at the time I hadn't picked an heir yet. 

Better pictures of Tacia are in the next chapter. I cheated and aged her up a day early >_>. She's friggin HOT as a teen. (Or you can cheat and go check out the outtakes to see her teen version)


  1. Yay, Malinda's giving David a second chance :)

    I hope Cynthia doesn't spoil it for them this time, but I'm horribly afraid she's going to at least try

  2. Jakelene the elder is still pretty. All your sims in this legacy are pretty. <3

    OMG Nadira cracks me up! Riding a motorcycle to the hospital when you're in labor... Hilarious!

    Also, I cheated and checked out teen Tacia. All I have to say is good job Cynthia. You sure make pretty babies. <3 I can't wait to see how her relationship with Cho unfolds.