Friday, November 11, 2011

2.6 - Blossoming

Cho’s birthday follows the day after the twins come home, another small party is thrown.

David can’t believe his baby girl is already a teenager.

Everyone takes turns with the twins. 

Jake blames the Watcher for making the daughter she lives with give birth to twins. 

Aarun finds two dolls in the mailbox. Along with a letter that reads “Best of luck with the new additions. I’ll be around. - M” 
He knows he should be worried but what harm can two little dolls bring? So he just throws the note out and deposits the dolls into the twin’s cribs.

“Daddy told me woo-hoo leads to radiation poisoning! Is that true?”
Nadi smirks to herself before answering. “Oh yes. Woo-hoo is very dangerous. So only do it with someone you really love.”
“So you love my grandpa? That’s gross. He’s so OLD.”

Bah. Stupid smart-aleck teenagers. Her babies won’t ever be that annoying.

The twins age up. Samantha inherits her mother’s red hair and brown eyes.

Yuki inherits her father’s hair and her mother’s brown eyes. Watcher decides to make Yuki the heir. 

Cho goes to visit her best friend. Tacia is waiting for her and pauses while Cho just stares at her. 
Eventually: “Okay seriously, what? Do I have something on my nose?”

Cho shakes her head. 
“Okay, then what?”
“Nothing. You’re just... hot.”
Tacia almost smiles before remembering who she’s talking to. “And you’re full of it.”

“I know I am.” Cho whispers into her friend’s ear. “But I’m not joking this time. We’re like the hottest chicks in school.”

Before Tacia can react, Cho’s pulled her into a close embrace. “We should totally date.”
“But... I thought... um... boys?” 
Cho can’t help but giggle. “Yeah I like boys, so? Let’s just start some shit. It’ll be fun!”

Tacia isn’t convinced but one doesn’t say no to Cho Dawn. She learned that the hard way back when they were still kids. And honestly... Tacia can’t say she doesn’t enjoy the feel of Cho’s arms around her. Even if she insists its just pretend.

The kiss Cho gives her just reinforces the feeling.

Admit it: They’re beautiful together.

Nadira loves her daughters... but she can’t wait to get back to work. These two are quite a handful. 

Somebody got her daddy’s eyes. <3

Aaaand one final filler shot. Just to round the chapter out. 
Cho doesn’t have her license yet. But that certainly isn’t stopping her from faking it.


Tacia/Cho is officially the best looking couple I've ever had in a game. Let's just hope one of them decides to make it real, shall we?


  1. So, does Cho actually like Tacia or is she just trying to cause trouble?

  2. I think you substituted Malindas name for Chos... just to let you know.

    Also I love Chos hair! Where did you get it? She and Tacia would make beautiful babies <3

  3. Eek! Tacia! <3 She and Cho make a beautiful couple. I agree with Maddie; their babies would be gorgeous. (Hint, hint. Wink, wink.)

    I'm glad you chose Yuki as the heir. I always like to see different hair colors. :)

  4. AliH: For now? She's just trying to start shit. Later on? Only the Watcher knows. ^^

    Maddie: Yeah I noticed. Fixed now. I keep doing that but normally I catch it BEFORE posting xD. Gosh I must've called Malinda by her mother's name like... a million times back when she was a teen. Cho's hair is an edited version of the blonde Wainwright hair Becky's legacy has. You can have it once I upload Cho as a YA in a couple chapters.

    Buckley: Their babies WOULD be gorgeous, eh? >: D And I just hope I don't end up regretting my choice for heir. But Sam looks a lot like her mom, minus the nose so she'd be a boring heir.