Saturday, November 12, 2011

2.7 - I Know You

With the toddlers aging so fast, Jakelene and Malinda host a coup and buy a new house for the family, without telling anyone else. Nadira and Aarun are NOT impressed.

Cho’s just sad that they’ve moved so far away from Tacia. 

The twins are quite happy with the new house. They get their own nursery! And new toys!

Cho also finally gets her own room. She’s quite happy with it, especially for the mirror. She’s started to have a growing interest in politics and looks forward to practicing her speeches early on. 

Oh and Malinda’s room:

Someone’s getting oooold. 

Everyone in the family has at least a bit of skill in cooking... yet Nadira’s the only one whose cooking doesn’t spoil immediately. 

So she gets home from work at around 4 or 4:30 am, and then proceeds to cook breakfast until she can’t keep her eyes open anymore. 

When Aarun isn’t playing with his granddaughters he’s playing with the chemistry table Nadira bought. He capped his logic skill only days earlier and its nice to actually be able to do something with the skill.

 Watcher is so disappointed that none of Jake’s kids or grandkids inherited her green eyes. 

Anyway, its birthday time for the twins.

Yuki goes first.

Crap. Fire.

I swear these two are the only ones who jumped in to put the fire out. And Aarun and Jake are the ones with the brave trait. 

Child Yuki gains the Party Animal trait and also a crippling fear of fire.

Samantha the red head goes next.

She gains the athletic trait.

And just in case it wasn’t obvious... 
Good twin:

Bad twin:

Jake isn’t sure what possesses her to go to the graveyard on the far side of town, but she heeds the call and goes.

To her right, sitting beneath a hanging lantern is a young vampire she’s never seen before. A ways away stands another vampire playing a melody on his guitar, back to the both of them.

“Is this seat taken?” Jakelene finds herself asking, although she had no intention of speaking with the vampire.

She receives no response but sits down anyway. Knowing its the right thing to do. 
Behind them the man continues to play on.

“I’m uh... I'm 86 now.” Jake finds herself telling the strange woman. “Married, two daughters, so far three grandchildren with another on the way.”
The woman smiles, and then speaks for the first time. “So I heard. I trust the twins received my gifts?”

“The dolls?”
A nod. “The dolls.” 
Jake knows who she is speaking to, although something in her mind stops her from reacting the way she wants to. “How... have you been?”
“Good.” The vampire says with a smile. “Freedom is a new experience, but I will adjust. My only regret is taking so long to come back to you, and for making our meeting so short.”

She stands to leave and Jake follows after her. “Is that it?”
The Vampire pauses. “What more would you like?”
“I think... an apology. Or an explanation.”

Marie stops, looking at the girl she left behind all those years ago. “I have no explanation. And any apology I give is meaningless. I do not regret leaving you here with Arthur. It’s what was best for you.”

The music stops and within a second the man appears next to them. “Marie, we need to leave. Freddrick’s waiting.”

Jake pulls her into a hug before she can protest or disappear. “I can’t forgive you, but I can understand. Thank you for everything.”

Marie steps back to dry her tears and the man steps forward to say his goodbyes. “You don’t know me, but-”
“I do know you.” Jake clarifies. “Every time I look in the mirror.”
Vampirism has brightened his eyes, but there’s no mistaking the deep green she herself inherited.

Angel almost smiles. “I just wanted... I mean...” He sighs. “You did good. I have no right to say this, but you made me proud.”
Jake smiles and motions for him to join his wife who is waiting by the graveyard gate. “Thank you, and good luck on your travelrs.”
He smiles back at her. “We're not going far kiddo, but thank you. We’ll be watching.”   


Marie breaks my heart < / 3. Also I pretty much spoiled all of Trouble in Bridgeport. I'm actually writing it in novel format (No photos) so I dunno. If you guys still want to read it I can probably find somewhere to post it. If not... eh. *Shrug* I still like it. It's friggin emo-licious. 

I don't think Marie and Angel will be showing up in the legacy again in person, but their influence might linger for a while to come.


  1. It really took me a WHILE to realize who they were XD It was nice to see them again, I'm surprised Jake didn't blow up on them or something!

  2. I can see why that scene made you cry. I'm not going to lie; I got a bit sad myself. It was nice to see Marie again. And YAY! Angel! I'm so happy they are together again.

    ...But if I were Jake I would have been more angry than that. Especially at Marie. In essence, she abandoned her daughter to go fight for her husband. As the daughter, I'd be pissed. Nevertheless, I'm glad it all worked out.

    And now I'm curious about those dolls. What do you have in store for us next Cece? I can't wait! : )

  3. The twins are adorable!
    I like Angel's new look.

  4. Awwww... that was bittersweet. I'm glad Marie was able to get Angel back, but I am sad it was at the expense of getting to know her daughter.
    At least Jake gets some sort of resolution before she dies. Poor 'gal.