Monday, November 14, 2011

2.8 - Getting Closer

Jake says nothing about the events of last night to her family. Just decides to visit Nagina and make sure she knows just how much she loves her.

Nagina gave birth to a son earlier that morning. Garland Sabo-Enmity. (Who inherits Jake's red hair)

Today is Malinda and David’s shared birthday. He asks her out on a date.

Goodness she's missed him.

“You wanna... head back to my place?” She offers.

Normally they’d go to his house for this since he lives alone and she lives with, well, everyone. But her house is much closer.

“I can’t believe you never took that photo down.” He smiles.
She shrugs. “I never felt the need to.”

“I love you.”
“I love you more.”
She hasn’t spoken to Cynthia since she and David got back together. He’s thankful for that. And honestly... so is she.

Cho on the other hand has been spending enough time in the von hagen house for the both of them.

“I can’t believe we made the entire track team wipe out yesterday.”
Tacia smiles, although its from the lingering feel of Cho’s lips on hers rather than the memory of the pile up she and Cho caused after being caught making out half nude under the bleachers. 

They kiss a lot. Both clothed and nude. But its only the kisses they do in private that make Tacia wonder about her friend’s true intentions. 

“Do I scare you?” Cho sometimes asks, usually right before they go under the sheets. 
“No.” Tacia always answers the same. They both know she’s lying. And that’s what really gets Cho off.

Samantha doesn’t like it when her sister is out of her direct line of sight. Yuki on the other hand would prefer her own space.

They visit their dad sometimes. His wife knows about the twins, but she still pretends they don’t exist. Sometimes they have to wait outside on the cold stone platform for hours until their dad finally notices them from his room on the far side of the house.

He always apologizes, and they always forgive him. Yuki sometimes wonders why her dad always looks so sad. He doesn’t seem to get along with his wife, and her mom and aunt Malinda always seem so happy to be on their own. Is marriage really this evil monster that drains happiness from your very soul?

Cho heads to the library sometimes to check out (She’d do it at home but she’s fairly certain the government has a tracker on her personal laptop) or to study up on her charisma... she calls it “How to trick your minions into following you without question.”
Also: Sybil may be old, but she’s still got some stalker left in her. I’ll miss her when she's gone.

The library is also a great place to meet random people. Such as Pia Luz-Cagley and her only son, Tam. (Son of Morand Cagley)

Cho thinks he’s one of the cuter boys in school, and tells him as much.

“But... I thought you were dating Tacia von Hagen.”
Cho almost rolls her eyes. “What’s your point? I mean... are you going to tell her?”

They make out for a while and then Tam asks her out to prom. She refuses. He asks her to watch the stars with him, and she decides there’s no harm in that. Besides, she likes the way his arm feels around her back. 


I really really love Cho. <3 Even though she's a cheating hoe-bag.


  1. I can't help thinking Tacia's going to get her heart broken here

  2. What the hell are you doing Cho?! Please don't break Tacia's heart. Or mine. </3

    *cue the whining* Cece, I wanted to see their beautiful babies! They just seemed so perfect together, and then Cho's gotta go mess it up... =(

  3. Give Tacia some credit, people! xD She's Cynthia's daughter for goodness sake. Doesn't that mean anything?

  4. Whew. Finally caught up with this legacy. My brain was having a case of the not-there, so I had to go back and read the entire thing. >.>

    Lots of great moments.

    David reminds me a lot of Noam. o.o Maybe it's just the hairstyle.

  5. I'm glad Malinda ditched Cynthia and got back with David.

  6. Lol. Sybil doesn't change with age.

    Cho, wut u doin'?! Poor Tacia; I know she is Cynthia's daughter and all, but still. :'( But, this does make me excited for what you have planned.