Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2.9 - Power of Words

Yuki can’t understand what the big deal is about being in a relationship. What’s the point of being attached to someone else at the hip? 

Sam has the sneaking suspicion that it has something to do with “woo-hoo”. She hears their grandparents whispering about it a lot, but at to what exactly it is... neither twin has the faintest idea.

Anyway, Traxius buys the twins a new tree house and insists Nadira places it on the property immediately. The girls decide to try it out.

It’s awesome.

Jake and Aarun decide to break the treehouse in as well... with an activity that can only be done once the twins are fast asleep.

Traxius isn’t getting any younger and when Nadira visits her new boss the familiar cravings for some sugar hits. Sure Sheridan is married, but who can say no to her?

“Oh I’d LOVE to have some fun with you, beautiful... but first we’d have to kill my wife. I swear she’s got the nose of a bloodhound. I made out with Traxius’ wife one night a few years back and Louna just about skinned me alive. There’s no cheating on that woman...”
Nadira... decides she can wait a bit until she can find a better suitor to share her bed. Honestly, Sheridan scares her.

Its 7 am and Malinda is never awake this early... but a call from the school counsellor late last night has her worried about her daughter. 
“So uh... Ms. Hardy called...”
“Oh? How come?”
“Care to tell me what happened beneath the bleachers during soccer practice last week?”
A shrug. “Not really.”
“Just... don’t come home in a police car okay?”
A nod.
“Or pregnant.”
“... I make no promises.”

Malinda’s out with David, Nadira is... somewhere, and Aarun and Jake are out on a date. Cho should be babysitting... instead she’s invited Dewey over for some help with science.

Yuki really feels like she’s crashing a private party whenever she gets home to find her cousin “entertaining” a friend.

Her bedroom doesn’t have a double bed, and she’s sworn off shower woo-hoo ever since an unfortunate incident at Tacia’s house (Luckily Tacia was on the receiving end of that scar, but it still terrified Cho). So whenever Cho’s entertaining she borrows her aunt’s bed. 

To keep up the pretense Cho and Dewey do actually do their homework together. 

“So what were you and Cho doing in mama’s room?”
“Uuuh... biology... homework...”
“Uh huh... I know what woo-hoo is, y’know.”

“Liar.” Cho spits out before Dewey can have a heart attack. “And if you tell mom or aunt Nadi about this I will personally rip out your throat.”
“...You’re the worst babysitter in the world.”

Still, even with all of Cho’s lovers on the side, her nights belong to Tacia. 
Tacia knows all about Cho’s... study sessions with other people, and she won’t lie and say it doesn’t hurt. But she’s Cynthia von Hagen’s daughter and Cho Dawn’s childhood friend. She knows how much damage a little rumour can do.

“So I hear Dewey and one of the Quill-Archer girls had a pregnancy scare. Rumour has it he’s insane and pokes holes in his condoms before screwing someone. All the girls in school think he’s a freak.”

Cho laughs it off but Tacia knows the damage is done. Sure now Dewey will forever be known as a wacko in school but its not like she cares. Tacia silently ticks his name off her mental checklist. Thats one down... roughly 10 other classmates left to destroy.
If Cho’s noticed the fact that all her study partners have been the subject of cruel and vicious rumours she hasn’t let it show. Tacia wonders if maybe she just doesn't care.


  1. Alternate chapter title "You can't spell 'Cho' without 'Ho'."
    Just sayin'

    And Nadira is what, a reverse cougar, hitting on all the old guys? I guess she just appreciates a man with experience. And I don't blame her, Trax is hot. Sheridan is hot. Even old.

  2. I'd call Nadira a gold digger... but she's already rich so I don't really know xD.

    In all honesty though, SHE picks her own guys! Sheridan really is her new boss now that Trax retired so I sent her to go visit him. He invited her in and instantly she rolled a wish to kiss him for the first time. Oh Nadi <3. A girl after my own heart.

  3. Wow, Tacia's matching Cho for evilness there

  4. Lol Melissa. Cho definitely gets around. Still though, I hope thinks work out between her and Tacia. One word: BABIES!!! (Cece, if Tacia and Cho do have kids, you must upload one of them. Please, please, please?! I'm dying to see their offspring!)

    Nadi rocks. I would totally hit on elder Sheridan too. <3 Is she ever going to find a man though? I hope so, but it would have to be one kick ass dude to hold her attention for long.

  5. All the teen pregnancies and teen pregnancy scares in your legacy weird me out Cece. xD

    I agree with an earlier comment, that Nadira is one of the best looking heirs you've had.

  6. I blame my ease over the teen pregnancy issue on the fact that i live in a big city. It's just not a big deal to me.

    And thank you about Nadi <3 I really do love her.

    FINE BUCKLEY I'LL MAKE THEM HAVE A BABY. (But no promises that their ending will be happy)

  7. Lol. Nadi certainly has good taste in men; even if they are much older.

    I love Cho; just sayin'. Maybe it's because she is a "free spirit" (if you know what I mean). And I love that Tacia is slowly sabotaging all of Cho's "lovers."