Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3.1 - Good Riddance

Still in love. Still making Watcher swoon.

Nadi is almost at the pinnacle of her career path. The stakes have never been higher and the jobs have never been so dangerous. She understands now why her mother took up Karate. It helps.

It also helps with refraining from smacking these two with a rolled up newspaper. Yeah, we get it, you’re newly weds. Keep it in the bedroom. Marion’s away this week in another town on business. Nadi’s never missed someone so much before.

Yuki visits her vampiric relatives a lot. She considers Cho more of a sister than her actual twin. Cho isn’t home today, but Tacia is, and she needs to ask Yuki for a favour.

“Hi there cutie pie! Tacia says you need a new home, how’d you like to come home with me?”

Apparently the dog Tacia and Cho bought came with a litter of puppies and they’ve been having trouble managing the lot. Yuki doesn’t mind adopting one. She names him Barkubus the terrible. She loves him.

Then again, pretty sure its impossible not to love something this adorable.

Today’s the big day. The twins become young women, while Lin and David go grey. Malinda thought she’d be way more freaked out about it than she actually is.

Elder Malinda:

Elder David: 

“I always knew we’d grow old together.” David whispers with a smile. 
“I’m just happy I was able to open my eyes in time to marry you.” She answers.

The twins didn’t actually want a party for their birthday, but they still invite Bryce over. He aged up the night before and both girls are excited to see how he came out.
He doesn’t disappoint <3.

Sam goes first. 

Despite gaining the family oriented trait she grows up with some very sombre thoughts in her mind. She wants kids, at least two. And she doesn’t want to raise them anywhere near her family. They’re poisonous. Especially her sister.

Speaking of Yuki...

She ages physically, but not mentally. The genius trait was sort of wasted on this one.

That said, she doesn’t need to be a genius to understand the look her sister is giving her.

“Take me away from here.” Samantha orders once she and Bryce are alone.
“I want us to leave together. Marry me and lets just go. I don’t want to be here anymore.”

He’s silent for a moment. “Sam I really like you... but this is a big decision. I need time to think about it. Can I stay the night?”
She nods. “I have to go out anyway for a job interview. You have until morning. But if you don't want to continue with this commitment... well, then consider us through.”

Its getting dark when Bryce finally heads out to talk to Yuki, cornering her on the swings before she can avoid him.
“Can we talk?”
She thinks about it for a moment before shrugging and motioning to the seat next to her.

“Your sister wants me to marry her.” He confesses. “And I don’t know if I should.” 

Yuki laughs, attempting to hide the sudden pain in her gut. “Oh please. Marriage straight out of highschool? She really is desperate isn’t she? I’m never getting married.”

He waits for her to stop laughing before speaking again. “Well, why not? I mean... I’d marry you in a heartbeat.”

She stops swinging. “... Then why don’t you just marry my sister? We’re twins. It’s practically the same thing.”

She gets up to leave in a huff but he stops her. 
“You may be twins, Yuki, but its not the same thing at all.”

He takes her hands and she doesn’t pull away. “She can’t make music like you do, she can’t make my heart race like you do, and she doesn’t have hair that looks like spun moonlight. Yuki please, won’t you marry me?”

She pulls away slightly. “Bryce?” 
He smiles with hope. “Yes?”
“Go marry my sister. I don’t want you.”

“Samantha, will you marry me?”

“I do have one request though.” He tells her. 

His request is that they marry and move out that very night. Samantha couldn’t be happier.

Yuki’s happy to see them go. Good riddance to the both of them.


CAN I JUST SAY I LOVE YUKI'S SHIRT? YEAH? OKAY. I LOVE IT. My best friend actually got me a journal with the title "Stay Calm and Carry On" and as soon as I saw the shirts up for download by Adelia Sims I just knew I had to have them.

Oh and yeah, this isn't the last we've seen of Bryce. Or his genes. I mean jeans. 

<3 Lin is such a cute old lady.

Anyway, rolls for Gen 3: 
- Single Parent
- 3 kids
- Primary Career: Music (Rockstar)
- Gen Goal: Expantionist -> Joker -> Hobby, or Obsession
- Misc Fun: Tattoo Addict

In regards to my Gen goal, I totally forgot about it when building the Sabo house and when I looked I couldn't find any room for an expansion. Unless I went underground... and thats a plan for another day. So I used my Joker and got "Hobby, or Obsession" instead. Obviously its going to be music. Although I'm going a different route with it and not just limiting it to her guitar because she's already at level 8 at the time she aged up. I'm going to be including dancing, listening to the radio, and other learning other instruments for her obsession. 


  1. David and Malinda are still cute, even as elders. I'm glad they got together in the end.
    And Barkubus, yay! He's adorable.
    I'm not even using Expansionist as a goal anymore. I work too hard on my houses to go screwing them up with random expansions, lol.

  2. Poor Sam, her husband only married her when her sister turned him down :( and she's so pretty too...

  3. NO!!! Dangit Bryce, why'd you have to go and marry Sam like that?! You are so sweet to Yuki, but then you just go and piss me off. If the twins hated each other before, I'm guessing they're going to absolutely loathe each other by the end of this generation. I hope Bryce doesn't turn out to be as big jerk as he seems.

    Lol at Yuki's shirt. I can definitely see her wearing a shirt like that.

  4. Yang: I'm keep expansionist on my rolls. Originally I had moved the Sabos into their old house for the purpose of completing the expansionist goal, but then Nadi's unexpected twins screwed things over for me. And when they moved I just forgot all about Gen three's roll.

    AliH: Sam really did come out quite nice, eh? I was surprised.

    Buckley: As I said before. I WANT THAT SHIRT.

    Becky: xD Your comments never fail to make me laugh.

  5. Bryce!! You nard. Well *hopefully* they have some semblance of a happy life. :/ I see that decision biting them both in the ass later though.

  6. Am wondering if Yuki will want Bryce later in life and him, always pining secretly, will leave Sam and babbehs for her. Suppose I will have to read ahead know, you're way ahead of me.