Thursday, November 24, 2011

3.2 - Audition

“I do not have empty nest syndrome... I do not have empty nest syndrome... I do not- fuck it, this doesn’t work.”

Graduation Day!

Mom, David and Malinda are all in attendance.

Also in attendance Seirian and Ryanne.

Not in attendance: Seirian’s brother Bryce, or his new wife Samantha.

Also not in attendance: Barkubus. He doesn’t mind. He LOVES the backyard!

Yuki doesn’t win valedictorian but she is voted most likely to take over the world. Some parody videos describe rock and roll as being the only force in the world powerful enough to take over the world... so she figures that’ll probably come true.

OH MY GOSH WUSSAT? - Oh. Just his tail.

Yuki takes over the room previously used to sleep guests. It’s larger than the room she and Samantha used to share. She makes quick work of making it her own.

Nadi finally reaches Nirvana. 

Yuki prefers to reach peace through her music. She has an audition at the local theatre and comes early, figuring some extra practice will do no harm.

“Oh crap you’re auditioning too? Well I guess I’ve got no chance in heck.”
She puts her guitar down and turns to look at Bryce, trying to keep her face neutral. “I won’t lie. I’ve got this gig in the bag. You may as well just go home to Sam.”
He laughs. “Hey I’m not going to give up just because you’re better than me. Besides, I’m a lot more of a people-person than you’ll ever be.”

He’s got her there. “Yeah well... I’m a way better singer than you.”
“Oh yeah? Prove it.”

She does. Bryce recognizes the song as something Sam hums, but he’s never heard his wife sing. He’s quite confident Yuki will kick his ass at the audition.

So he plays his trump card. “I’ve got a confession to make. The owner of the theatre, Martin Sapphire, he’s dating my sister Ryanne. I’m pretty sure he’ll give me the job just to get into her pants.”
Yuki smiles. “I’ve got a confession too. Martin’s my half brother. I recently got back in touch with him and he’s the one who told me about this audition. The. Job. Is. Mine.”

Bryce smirks. "Oh its on."

Martin gives them both the job. He can’t pick between them.

Yuki takes a seat on the cold stone floor, unsurprised when Bryce plops down next to her. 
She decides to take the bait. “Alright, what’s going on?”

“I uh...” He pauses, flustered before changing his approach. “Your audition was beautiful. You’ve got a real gift.”
She smiles. “Yeah. I know. But that’s not whats bugging you. What did Sam do this time?”

“Nothing!” He exclaims. “I just... I don’t want to go home yet.” 
“... Neither do I.” Yuki admits. She’ll never say it out loud, but there was something about his audition today that sparked her old curiosity in him. There was just something almost... magical about it.

They don’t get to their respective homes until early morning.


I was thinking of changing Yuki's outfit every couple in game days but I just REALLY like that shirt... 

Man, that Bryce just doesn't give up, eh?


  1. It's cute, though I would never put it my game. It's simlish or nothing for me XD
    I like how unique Yuki and Nadi are, it's nice to see some genetic variety :D

  2. Yuki is really pretty. I don't think I said that before, but I meant to.

    ...BRYCE?! You really do need to give up and go home to your WIFE! Gosh, what does he think he's doing?! I see this going nowhere pretty.

    Also: Yuki, it might help if you thought about someone other than yourself for once. Just sayin'.

  3. Ha... Nadira. Love it.

    Can I just say I'm diggin' Yuki's whole outfit (hair included)? It definitely looks like something she would wear.

    And Bryce... what are you doing? Srsly.