Friday, November 25, 2011

3.3 - Siren's Song

Some new neighbors moved into the house next door and since Yuki has the morning off she investigates. With only one glimpse of the family she knows she has to learn more and instantly bombards the adult male with questions. 
Not of him, of course, he’s awfully plain and boring.

No. The questions are all about his blue children.

“My wife is a sprite.” He tries to explain. “Very beautiful, very tall... very blue. She came here when the portals re-opened. We met, fell in love, and she chose to stay.”
Yuki wonders if he’s just pulling her leg but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Still, she makes plans to return soon to try and speak with this sprite herself. She was under the assumption that fairies and the like were just old myths.

While Yuki is at work, Nadi goes to visit the other daughter. And finds her very... pregnant.

“Oh goodness.” Nadira laughs. “When did this happen?”
“Graduation day.” Sam answers. “Bryce was getting some guitar practice in before the ceremony and, well, I can’t control myself when he plays. It’s so magical.”

 “I’ve missed you mom.” She smiles, hugging Nadira close. “I wish you’d move in with me and Bryce. We have more than enough room and I don’t like the idea of you being with Yuki.”

“I can’t leave Yuki.” Nadira tries to explain. “She’s so... well you know how she is. She pretends to be tough but if I just leave there’s no telling what sort of real trouble she’ll get herself into.”
“So what if she ends up pregnant?” Sam asks. “It’ll be a wake up call.”
“... That’s not the kind of trouble I’m worried about. I just can’t watch her get hurt.”

Barkubus has his birthday.

Oh my gosh why is his face so cute?

David’s opinion of his youngest half sister really isn’t good if this portrait is anything to go by.

Of course Yuki finds it beautiful.


Ah music <3. Is there anything more lovely in the world?

“Hey Yuki, thanks for meeting me. I really needed an excuse to get out of the house for a while. Sam’s being a bit... hormonal today.”

“How come?” 
Bryce shrugs. “Lets not talk about her. Come on, I need a drink. Wanna head to the old saloon?”
Yuki knows she shouldn’t buuuut “Yeah, sure.”

While Yuki orders their drinks Bryce starts dancing to the music, singing the same song he’d done for his audition. Yuki just rolls her eyes. What a dork.

Is he singing in french? 
Yuki only knows simlish, and the few words in the asian songs her father and David taught her. Taking a drink from her cup she can’t help but smile a bit. Bryce’s song is beautiful. No wonder Martin couldn’t cut him from the job, even with the large bribe Yuki tried to give him.

Soon the drinks are gone and its just the two of them dancing together. 
“What song is that?” She asks, unable to hide her curiosity anymore. “I’ve never heard it before.”
Bryce shrugs. “I don’t know what its called. My mother used to sing it all the time. It would drive my father crazy sometimes. He used to call it her siren’s song.”

Yuki smiles and steps closer to him, wrapping her arms around. “I think I can understand what he meant...”

Even as teens, their kisses weren’t like this. Back then it was all about being naughty and the danger of being caught. Now its just them.

Yuki isn’t quite sure how they got into the side room or where their clothes went, but it isn’t until they’re on the bed that some of her senses return. “Bryce we shouldn’t. You’re married!”

“So?” He whispers, kissing her again before she can answer.

She lets him push her down again but sighs. “Bryce-”
“Ask me to leave her.” He whispers. “Just say the words, and I’ll be yours. I promise.”
“Bryce I don’t want that.”
“Then what do you want?”

She doesn’t answer but she does kiss him. He takes that as all the answer he needs.


<3 David's picture. He joined the family with a pretty decent painting skill so I've had him retire and just draw so I can add some paintings to the house for decoration. The picture of "Yuki" was his first brilliant picture. 

I'm finally starting to introduce more magical elements into this legacy (which is why I wanted the Romans in the first place). The Irvings (blue people) will have a large role later on if they behave and do what I want, which so far they have been doing very well. 

Unlike Marion. Who refuses to do what I want him to do. Which is why you haven't heard from him in a while. He's still in a time out. (He'll probably return sooner or later. Nadi's constantly rolling wishes to hang out with him or flirt/kiss so... yeah.)

I should probably say something about Yuki and/or Bryce buuuuut nah. : ) I'll let you guys take your judgement out on them yourselves. 


  1. I don't know who to blame here. Yuki should know better, but Bryce is seducing her with his music...

    Honestly, I just feel bad for poor Sam. She seems like the only innocent party in this whole mess.

    Also: I LOVE that picture of Yuki! It's so cool! How'd you get it to look like that? =)

  2. I didn't! David drew it autonomously and since he and Yuki had a screaming match earlier that morning I figured I'd just use some artistic license on who the picture looked like.

  3. Barkubus is just adorable!
    And I still love Nadira. I hope Marion comes around again soon.

  4. Poor Sam, Bryce is such a bad husband!

  5. All caught up! Seriously, Cece, this legacy is so great! I love how vibrant and alive your characters are. I'm really looking forward to seeing how all this progresses!!

  6. Oh, I so called it! What a bastard.
    *sharpens castrating knife