Saturday, November 26, 2011

3.4 - Fantasy

Stupid fleas.

“I mean its not even my dog!” David whines. 
Malinda just whispers something sweet into his ear, and he forgets all about that dumb dog. 

Yuki loves her dumb dog <3.

“How was Twinbrook?” Nadi asks, now that Marion is finally home from his trip into the interior. 
“Grey. Cold. Ugly.”
“The city or the people?”
He smiles. “Both. I was hoping for at least one girl like you but nothing.”
“Like me, how? Attractive... or easy?”

With any other girl that line would get him slapped. With Nadi it just gets him some sugar. 
Ambrosine does NOT approve of their PDA. She’d report them to the anti-PDA squad if one existed. But since it doesn’t she’ll just sit there and stare at them... disapprovingly. 

“So my birthday is tomorrow...” Nadi begins. 
“I know.” Marion answers with a shrug. “So is mine. Did you want to meet up or something?”
“You still talk like a teenager.”
“It’s part of my rebel charm.”

“I want you to spend the night with me.” She deadpans, deciding to just get to the point. “At my house.”
“... You never invite me to your house.”
“There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

He decides she's right.

Cho and Tacia are expecting their second child. Malinda visits for positive reinforcement. Cho’s disappointed that city hall is forcing her to take time off to have the baby, but she’s looking forward to having another baby in the house. After all, Ronnie’s already a teenager.

Hm? What is it Yuki?

Oh snap. Looks like Cho’s new baby will have a playmate.

Yuki figures her mom should be the first to know about the baby.

“I can’t believe it!” Nadi exclaims honestly, and with a smile. “I didn’t even know you were seeing anyone!  Are you thinking of a wedding? Oh ignore that last question, I don’t care if you get married. I’m just so happy! Whose the father?”
“Uh... Bryce.”


Yuki steps back in fear. “He- He’s unhappy with her. He told me so, and that he loves me! He said he’d leave her and marry me if I asked.”
“He just said that to get into your pants you moron! He’s not about to leave Samantha! You’re always in your own stupid little world! He and Samantha have a son whose already a toddler. You really think he’ll just leave her for you?” 

Yuki falls silent, holding back both her humiliation and anger. Her mom’s mistaken. There’s no way Bryce has another child. He would have told her. Someone would have told her. 

Marion tries to sneak out of the house but David ambushes him with photos of Ronnie, and to go on and on about his future grandchild.

Marion holds back a groan and just listens to the old man talk. He never found the right girl to have kids with, and now he and Nadi are too old to really consider starting a family. He almost wishes at least one of his one-night-stands had resulted in a child.

Something about grandchildren and Marion’s sad expression almost remind Malinda of a passing comment from an old friend... but she’s getting old, and it was such a long time ago. Oh well. If it were important she’d have remembered it by now.

Lol Matthew. Does someone need a diaper change?

Yuki finally gets to meet Matthew’s wife. Mist Irving... how many women in this town are pregnant right now? Holy crap, SP.

“Nice to finally meet you, Mrs. Irving.”
“A pleasure to meet you as well, Sabo.” With a smile Mist motions towards Yuki’s belly. “Matthew never told me you were married to one of my own kind. It’s been so long since I have spoken to a dragon myself. It would be an honour to meet with him if he is ever available. I’m afraid I’ve failed to sense him in my present condition.”

Okay now Yuki is SURE these people are pulling her leg. “What are you talking about? I mean, it’s hard enough to believe you and your kids are different and you’re friggin blue. But Bryce is totally normal.”
“Oh he may be a half breed then.” Mist counters. “Or perhaps he is more diluted than that, which could explain my failure to sense him, although the scent of your child’s blood is quite strong.”
“You’re not listening to me.” Yuki almost groans. “Bryce can’t be a dragon. He’s got no wings, no tail, nothing.”
“My kind only took those forms in the old days. Before it made more sense for us to appear as you mortals do. In the fae realm I am a mere foot tall, and made from the sea’s tears. Here I take the form of a maiden to appeal to my sweet husband, and to fit in. I imagine your husband does the same.”

“Bryce isn’t my husband.” Yuki clarifies before Mist can confuse her further. “And I’m sorry but this is a bit... much. I should go.”
Mist offers her apologies, but does not stop Yuki from leaving. Yuki almost wishes she’d put up some sort of fight. The blue lady’s stories are fascinating. They remind her so much of Malinda’s early stories. You know... the fantasy ones.


I'm pretty sure I'll be editing Mist's future children into their father's skin tone because I don't want my town over taken by blue people and that couple seems to spend most of their day in bed together. 

No there's nothing special about Yuki's baby. S/he's perfectly "normal". But we'll talk about that again in a later chapter. : )


  1. YAY! Marion's back! I'm glad Nadira's learning to let him into her life a bit more.

    My favorite part though was Malinda's line about the passing comment of an old friend. Lol, I wonder if Marion will ever realize that Tacia is his daughter.

  2. Great chapter, Cece. I read your newest one before this so I was confused as to the pregnancy/Bryce part. *faceslap*

    And goodness; you certainly do have a lot of preggo's crowding your town don't you? ; )