Sunday, November 27, 2011

3.5 - Jolene, Don't Take My Man

Marion headed home for his own birthday before returning to see how Nadira would age. What he sees leaves him almost breathless.
“Nadira? You look... beautiful.”

Marion aged a lot less gracefully than Nadi did, but there’s still a spark between them that she just can’t explain. 

She asks him to spend the night again, and tomorrow’s as well. He agrees.

Yuki visits her sister for the first time. Samantha seems a bit wary at her appearance but doesn’t ask her to leave. She just gives a raised eyebrow towards Yuki’s belly and asks the dreaded question. 
“So who’s the father?”

“A uh... a coworker. He doesn’t know yet. It was a stupid mistake we did one night and now I dunno if I should tell him or not. You were always the smart one, Sam, what should I do?”
“He deserves to know.” Sam answers. “Even you guys decide that you won’t work in a relationship, your baby deserves to know his father. I mean, look at us. I’m happy we got at least a few memories of dad before he passed on.” 

A baby’s laughter echoes from inside and Yuki feels her heart drop. “Who-”
“Just a minute.” Sam cuts her off before disappearing inside and returning a minute later with a dark haired baby boy in her arms. Yuki takes the baby from her sister with trembling hands. “This is your nephew, Reynaldo. I didn’t really want you to meet him but, I mean, you’re still my sister. I guess we all deserve a second chance, right?”
Yuki wants to tell her that she’s already taken up any second chance Sam could offer, but doesn’t speak. Reynaldo looks like a clone of his father, and just looking at him makes Yuki’s skin crawl. Maybe her mom was right. Maybe Bryce really was just using her. 

A little while later its time for Reynaldo’s nap, and Yuki is about to head home. She makes it as far as the stairs before Bryce just appears in front of her. 
She stops before she can bump into him. “When did you get here?”
“Just a moment ago.” His eyes go over her figure with a smile. “You look beautiful.” 
She feels an uncomfortable chill go up her back. “Bryce we need to talk.”

“Of course.” He whispers. “Tonight, at the saloon. I’ll rent out the side room again and we can talk there, about the baby.”

Yuki feels her heart beginning to race in the bad way. The way that used to make her want to lash out at Samantha when they were teens. “Why not here? I thought you said you’d leave Samantha if I asked you, so why does it matter if she knows about us?”
Bryce steps back warily. “Yuki come on, don't be dumb. If I want to leave Sam it’s going to take time. She can’t know about us just yet. I’d need a clean divorce or she’ll get everything I own, Reynaldo included!”

“I'm not stupid!" Yuki yells. "And speaking of Reynaldo, when the hell were you going to tell me that you had a CHILD? Cheating on your wife is one thing, but breaking up a family? Bryce how could you force me into a situation like this?” 
He throws his hands into the air. “I’m not forcing anything onto you! We can make this work out somehow, I promise. I just need some time!”
“Time? For what? Forget it, Bryce. I’m not going to be the other woman for you any longer, and I’m not going to marry you either. You’re just not worth the heartache.”
He seems almost at his wits end. “What has gotten into you lately? I thought you were happy with things as they were. Besides, I thought you hated your sister. What’s the deal with you lately? You’re so... grouchy.”
“Grouchy?” She laughs. “I dunno. Maybe a dragon's anger is contagious.” 

He stops cold and gives her a long and cold stare. “I'm not... our child... we're NOT one of those monsters. And don’t you dare ever even mention those creatures again. Who even told you about that?”
“Mist did.” Yuki answers, trembling slightly from Bryce’s glare. “I didn’t understand everything she said, but I know you’re not normal.” 
He opens his mouth to speak but then pauses. “Maybe it would be best for you to go now, Yuki. And don’t come back.”

Yuki wants cookies, so Nadi makes some to try and make it up to her baby girl. Malinda’s totally cool with being the mediator to this argument as long as she gets a serving. 

Yuki and Nadi make up and Nadi snaps a photo of her baby’s first pregnancy for memory’s sake.

Not a moment too soon cause here comes the baby!

Okay I get that the hospital is close... but why does she feel the need to walk?

Despite his earlier words Bryce has connections in the hospital. And as soon as Yuki gets there he’s on his way to be next to her. And to take a closer look at their child himself.

But once the baby is out, Bryce has to run off to get back home before Sam can get suspicious. He checks their son carefully, looking pleased with whatever he managed to learn, but he doesn’t stay for the naming (although once he finds out what Yuki named their kid he certainly wishes he’d stayed).
Welcome to the family, Fabio.

David does love Barkubus... in his own special way.
“Dumb dog... at least let me keep you clean or you’ll get fleas again.”

Yuki gets home from the stylist and takes her seat for breakfast. 

Nadi can’t believe her eyes. “Sweetie, what happened to your clothes?”
“Martin said that I need to give myself a more mature look now that I’m a mother. And he said my old shirt would give my baby a complex and make him act out.”
Nadira thinks about that for a minute. “Yuki I don’t believe babies can read-”
Malinda silences her with a kick under the table. “I think you look beautiful, Yuki. So grown up.”

In truth, Martin never spoke to Yuki about her look. Cho did. She caught Bryce talking to a lawyer about possibly suing Yuki for custody. Cho’s certain he won’t do it... but just in case he does she figures Yuki should present herself around town looking like a mature and responsible young mother. 

Fabio is her baby, and Yuki’s not about to let anyone take him away. 

Male bonding!

Ass kicking!

Days pass and Fabio becomes a toddler. So far, no trouble from his birth father. 


Title: Jolene by Dolly Parton. I listened to it like non stop while planning on the Sam/Bryce/Yuki arc. It's really pretty. I don't usually like Dolly Parton but this song is just... nice. <3 And really fits the story (from Sam's POV). 

I had to change Yuki's hair. The clipping was killing me! But yeah, the change in style just worked with the story so yay!

The Gen Four heir will be Yuki's third child so s/he hasn't been born yet. But as always, here are the rolls. And I am super excited for this next generation! 

Gen Four:
- Couple
- Four kids (Heir is fourth)
- Primary Career: Job Hopper
- Secondary Career: Collector
- Gen goal: AWESOME! (Mother f-er)
- Misc Fun: Half-siblings

See why I can't wait? : D

Making a character mature in front of an audience is friggin hard.


  1. Bryce is such a toe rag, I hope Sam realises what he is and dumps him (and takes everything he has in the process)

  2. Lol. Fabio. Are you going to give him long, flowing hair when he's YA? He'll grace the cover of romance novels.

    Bryce... whadda grade-a asshat. I agree with Ali: I hope Sam comes to her senses and leaves him.

  3. FABIO!!!! <3 OMG, thank you for naming him that! I love him already. And yes, I think long, flowing hair would suit him nicely. (Seriously though, I could not stop laughing when I saw what you named him. LOL!)

    Bryce, you're a horrible person. Okay now that that's over with, I can talk about Yuki. Her makeover looks awesome! Also, I like how her character is really growing up and maturing as the story progresses. Great job, Cece!

    Oh, and Nadira! <3 I still love her. She looks fabulous as an elder.

  4. Fabio WILL have long flowing hair when he's older. I've been scouring CC sites for male long hair all day. Found some cute ones for him.

  5. Haha, Fabio. Haha!

    Perhaps Yuki and Sam can put aside their differences and join forces in the one thing they have in common, hating Bryce! (Well, once Sam finds out.). The. She can take him for everything he has!!