Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3.7 - Dragon's Blood

Morning of Fabio’s birthday and Yuki’s feeling queazy.

She prays it isn’t what she thinks it is... but she’s never been that lucky.

Fortunately luck smiles on her just a bit today. After all, Bryce is only just coming up the stairs when he gets called in to work early so he has to leave.

Birthday time. 

His hair is flowy, but not long. That will come later.

Yuki has to go to work and hanging out with old people isn’t on Fabio’s to-do list. So he goes next door to make friends. He figures Spring Irving will do. Her hair is sort of awesome, so he figures she counts as cool... even though she’s a girl.

“You’re like me!” She almost squeals after he introduces himself. “Well, sorta. I mean, you’re not a sprite, obviously, but you’re fae, aren’t you?”
Okay so maybe describing her as “cool” was a bit premature. “Clinically insane” seems to be a bit more spot on. “I... uh... I think I hear my mom calling me. I should go home.”

Fortunately that short trip next door was long enough for Fabio to miss this happening.

She’d believed death would feel far more surreal than this. Death is actually quite a let down. It’s so boring.

Hey Jr., sup?

Oh this is a tad bit depressing. 

David devotes himself to his painting full time now that Malinda’s passed on. Originally he’d planned to give these plants a blue haze, but instead draws them in a cream. Malinda always did love these soft colors. Maybe the painting will make her smile when her ghost comes to visit.

Now I’m not saying that Yuki isn’t touched by Malinda’s death... but she has her own problems to deal with right now. 

Two pregnancies by her twin sister’s husband. What kind of a person is she?

“Momma, why are you crying?”
“Its uh... I’m just sad about auntie Malinda. I’ve known her all my life, you know. Now um... how would you feel about having a little baby brother or sister soon?”

Fabio loves the idea. 

Life proceeds as normal. 
Marion starts a garden. He doesn’t know if someone will take it over after his death, but he has hopes.

Fabio’s been showing quite an interest in arts so David’s been tutoring him in technique and theory. It’s clear Fabio’s got a gift, but also the patience of a child and never stays to finish a painting.

It’s Sunday so Fabio’s supposed to go visit his dad today. He decides to wear one of the costumes from his toy box just for the heck of it.

Bryce is not amused. 

Bryce tries to talk about sports or other boy things but Fabio will have none of it. 
“So I’m trying to make friends with Spring but she’s so weird. She keeps saying that I’m a fae or something. I don’t get what she means so I asked mom but she doesn’t either. So I guess maybe you might?”

“Um... how exactly does Spring know about the fae?”
Fabio shrugs. “She’s a sprite, but she says I’m not.”
“What does she say you are?”
“She says I have dragon blood, but I’m not a dragon.”
Bryce nods. “Thats true.”
“How do I have dragon blood? I thought dragons died out a bajillion years ago.”

“Not all of them.” Bryce answers. “My father was a dragon, as was my older sister Tearney. My other sisters and I weren’t born with the power of my father, but we still have the blood and we pass it down to our children, wether or not we want to.”
“How come mom doesn’t know about dragons?”
“My father... he wasn’t a bad person. But he did things I cannot agree with, as did my sister. Her anger forced her into a situation I cannot tell you about, and I haven’t seen her since. When my mother became pregnant again my father sensed that they would have another dragon and he took my mother with him to the fae world to raise their child, leaving my sister Ryanne to take care of Sierian and me. I know my parents think they did the right thing, but I can’t forgive either of them for just abandoning us.” He stops for a moment. “Fabio, I’m not ashamed of my blood, but I’m not proud of it either. The necklace I wear was a gift from a cousin with fae blood. It stops the other fae from sensing me or what I am. I want to live a life as a human, not as a half-dragon. That’s why your mother doesn’t know what I am. Do you understand?”
Fabio lies and says he does.


I realize now that I never did mean to make Bryce into such a bad guy. I dunno how I can change that (Or if I even want to) buuuuut I might have some ideas for at least making him a bit more likeable.


  1. Well...he can still be a good parent, right? I mean, despite the fact that he's been cheating on his wife with her sister and whatnot. :/ That's redeeming; it has been for Yuki IMO.

    Can't wait for Fabio's flowing locks of awesome in the future. :D

  2. Does he know the effect his playing has on Yuki?

    Fabio's really cute btw, I love his hair and I love Yuki's new hairdo too

  3. AliH: Now THAT'S the question, isn't it :). (You're about a chapter early dangit)

  4. Fabio is super cute! Honestly though, I'm a bit surprised Sam doesn't know about her husband's affair and his (soon to be) two kids.

    I'm loving this story and looking forward to seeing what happens next! =)

  5. Lol Cece - glad life is getting more interesting.

  6. I'm surprised that Fabio is even allowed over to his father's house. Though, I guess to Sam it just seems like a nephew hanging out with his uncle, huh? But, still - how long can this secret REALLY be kept, with Fabio calling Bryce "dad"? =)

  7. Am I glad I am up to date with the Roman legacy and know what your talking about :D

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  9. First off, I am so sad to see Malinda go. She has been my favorite so far.

    I suppose this means I need to catch up with the Roman legacy. Ahhh, so many stories to read!