Saturday, December 3, 2011

3.10 - Aquarius

Mist calls Yuki with a very strange request. 
“It’ll just be for a few days.” She pleads. "This’ll be my brother’s first and last time to the human realm and I just want him to have a good time. Please please please, Yuki. I swear your kids will love him and he’s super sweet.”
“Mist this really isn’t a good time... I mean my mom just passed away and there’s the court-”
“As your band manager I believe getting out of the house and living a little is EXACTLY what you need right now. You need to cheer up and fast before next week’s concert schedule starts. Party Bopper is NOT a sad song.” 

Yuki eventually agrees to let Mist’s brother stay at her house for a few days. He’ll be over soon, but first there’s one more birthday to get through.

Happy Birthday, Glimmer.

D’aaaaw. Fine. She’s... okay.

“WHAT? What do you mean I’m just OKAY? I’m friggin adorable!”

Meet Aquarius. 

Yuki introduces herself and her kids before dancing around the question thats been bugging her ever since he stepped out of the cab. “So uh... your complexion... its very interesting. So unlike your sister’s.” 

“Oh! Uh... well, Mist said I needed to look human if I wanted to come to this realm. So I got a human form but it was blue and I know Mist went through some troubles when she first came here so I... changed it. And Mist said mortals are kinder to sims with similar skin tones and features so I thought it would make you happy.”
Yuki thinks he’s a bit quirky, but he seems to mean well. So she shows him around town like Mist asked.

Glimmer does not approve of her mother’s guest.

So she booby traps the shower he’ll be using.

Aquarius wonders what sort of magic this is. Water doesn’t change appearances in his world unless its charmed. How fascinating!

Yuki sends the kids off to school and holds back a laugh while Aquarius washes the dye out of his hair. 
“My daughter... she means no harm. She’s just a little fun loving, I suppose.”
“It’s not a problem.” Aquarius says with a laugh. “Mist was much the same in our youth. It was no surprise to me that she ventured here on her own so soon after the portals opened.” 

She takes him to one of Neverglade’s more isolated parks for a private picnic. 
“Your butt is ringing.” He points out.
“It’s just my ex.” Yuki responds with a shrug. “Ignore it and maybe he’ll think I’m busy with band practice or something.”

She doesn’t answer the phone or mention it, but he can tell its bothering her, so he decides to bring it up. 
“He just...” She stops and sighs. “Has Mist told you anything about me?”
“She said not to mention your love life.”
She shoots him a look. “My ex is married to my sister, and has been since we all graduated. Yet he fathered both of my children and now he’s trying to take them from me.”

She holds back a sob. “I try to act like its not hard but I’m so scared that one day I’ll wake up and he’ll be at my door to take them away. So I don’t go out anymore, I don’t throw any parties, and I do everything I can to get that next promotion. I know Mist meant well by telling me to show you around town but I just can’t concentrate on being any fun.”
He picks his words carefully. “I think you’re lots of fun.”

“I’m not.” She insists. “I can’t concentrate on anything but my court case.” 
“You just need to smile, and the happiness will follow.”
“I need a reason before I can smile.”

He gives her one.
“White has always been my favourite colour.” He tells her. “It reminds me of the wings of the fairies who once were so plentiful. Of innocence and caring.”

“You’re very sweet.” She smiles.
He shrugs. “I have my moments.”

She can’t help herself. “Join me for dinner?”

Dinner goes well.

... A little too well.

Cho wonders what the hell her cousin is doing. She’s never even seen this strange blue haired man before.

“I’ve had an amazing time.” He tells her. “I’m so happy I was able to meet you before beginning my studies at the Academy.” 
She smiles almost sheepishly. “Our night doesn’t have to end just yet...”

She takes him to her cousin Tacia’s newest film premier (What did you think she was hinting at? Minds out of the gutter people).

Once home for the night they settle down on the grass to watch the stars. 
Aquarius considers his next move very carefully.

And decides to go for it.
Yuki just giggles to herself softly. 

“So Mist is your sister?”
Aquarius nods. “My twin, you could say. Sprites are born two at a time. A male during a storm, and his sister during the calm that follows. She is my other half.”
Yuki’s heard many people refer to their twin in that way, but she’d never think of Samantha as her other half. Ever.

“Mist said this is your last chance to visit the mortal realm... why?”
He looks up at the sky, away from her. “I was picked to study magic at the Academy. It’s not an opportunity one says no to, and once you begin as a student you can’t just leave unless it is of utmost importance. Once I begin as a student, I’ll never be allowed to leave.”
Yuki feels as if something sharp just hit her heart, but tries to ignore it. Instead she moves closer to him. 

“You know... there’s one last human activity I haven’t shown you yet.”

 He’s been sleeping in Nadira’s old room on the bottom floor. Both Yuki’s children sleep on the second floor. She decides to join him in his room so as to not disturb them. 

She can’t help but laugh at the look he’s giving her. “What?”
“I wish I could take you to the fae realm with me.” He answers honestly. “I feel something for you. A connection, if you will. I don’t want to say goodbye.”

“Goodbye is so final.” She admits, leaning back and pulling him onto her. “But I don’t want to say it either. I wish you’d stay.”

“I can’t stay. The Academy... its been my dream forever. It’s what I want.” 
She remembers Bryce’s words suddenly, always asking her what she wanted. She never had an answer for him until now. And she can’t bring herself to say it aloud.

Instead: “Make love to me, Aquarius.”
He obliges.


<3 Friggin Aquarius. He was originally going to be blue but then I decided I did not want a blue heir so I changed him. I don't feel guilty.

So the Spirte lore comes mostly from this story of old trickster river spirits that my grandmother would tell me as a kid. Each sprite had a twin, one good and one evil (I took that part out of my lore) and they represented two parts of one creature. When one was ill, so was the other. And when one died... well, yeah.

Glimmer grew up looking cute but I foresee problems in the future with her nose and mouth. Her nose is too witch-like and her mouth won't work with it. I gave her the evil trait. It may or may not be important to future plot. 

... Yes I tend to make my evil sims look adorable. So? 


  1. I love Aquarius' hair color. I feel you on not wanting a blue-skinned heir, though.

  2. What do you mean, get my mind out of the gutter? She still screwed the guy AFTER the film.

  3. I <3 Aquarius' hair. Its different from Mist's hair but I like his better.

    Oh shush, Becky. : P I'm going for a Disney romance here. It had to be fast, they only had two days together after all.

  4. Lol, Becky. Good call. :P

    Aquarius is so purdy! That hair style suits him nicely. I kind of wish he would stick around for a while though, so I could see him and Bryce fight it out over Yuki. (Honestly, I just really want somebody to punch Bryce right in the nose. Ah, well. Here's to hoping.) =D

  5. This won't be the LAST we've seen of Aquarius. : )

  6. Oh wow. This made me feel a bit better Cece. Xx

  7. Aw... cute! I like how quirky Aquarius is and he brings out the best in Yuki. ; )

    And Glimmer made me laugh. I'm glad that Aquarius can take a joke.