Monday, December 5, 2011

3.11 - Why

Only on Gen three and the ghosts are already taking over.

When morning comes Aquarius is already gone, but judging by the familiar sickness Yuki wonders if maybe he left her something to remember him by.

 \(Fairy tattoo)

Later that day Yuki gets the confirmation she’d feared. She’s pregnant. Mist promises to get word to her brother as soon as possible, but she doesn’t know when or even if he’ll manage to come see her.

Lately, Fabio’s been spending more time at the Irving’s house then his own. The recent age up of their daughter has absolutely nothing to do with it.

She has however been helping him tune his natural fae abilities. 
“Its just so WEIRD.” He says. “I mean, everytime mom walks past I imagine the smell of the sea, like that salty one, y’know? I know you’ve said its cause her baby is part sprite but you don’t smell like that.”
“Its cause she’s having a boy. Boys smell like the ocean, while my sister and I are more like the morning dew.”
“... And now I feel dumb. I always thought you guys just had a bunch of floor hygeniators around your house.”

“We do, actually! Mom needs to stay by water a lot so she’s got hygeniators rigged all over the house.” 
“Again, that explains a lot.” 
Nautica just wishes these two would kiss already. Everyone knows that unrelated boys and girls can’t be friends unless its romantic.

They’re just heading inside for dinner when Fabio finally musters up the courage to go for it.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”
She smiles at him. “I was wondering when you were going to finally kiss me...”

Fabio gets home and finds Malinda on the computer trying to edit one of her old stories. 
“Lin... that book’s been published since before I was born. You can’t change it now.”
“But I was wrong!” She insists. “There was so much about your grandfather that I didn’t know when I wrote his biography!”
Fabio wonders if insanity is a writer trait or if it runs in the family.

“So how come I can’t play video games?”
“You’re too little, squirt. You’d just be sad cause I’d win every time.”
“Oh really?”

She kicks his ass.

While the kids head to school Yuki goes to the library for some light reading. 
Someone sees her enter and decides to tag along.

“Yuki? We need to talk.” Yuki takes one look at her twin and bolts for the door. It doesn’t take much effort for Sam to block her way. “Oh come on, it’s not like I’m not going to bite you!”
Yuki still takes a step back. “Promise?”
“I promise!”

“I know about your affair with my husband.”
Yuki sighs. “I know. Bryce told me.”
Sam pauses for a moment but decides against saying anything further along that line of thought. “We’re going to marriage councelling. I don’t want a divorce, and neither does he. At least, not now that you turned him down.” Yuki nods her understanding and Sam continues. “We’re going to get through this, I know that. But there’s still one thing I need... From you.”
“And what’s that?”
“Just... why. Why did you do it?”

This was the question Yuki’d always feared, but for the first time she thinks she may have an answer. 
“Promise you won’t hit me?”
Sam gives her word. 
“I... I slept with him because I knew it would hurt you. And I really wanted to hurt you.” 
She waits for a slap but it doesn’t come. 

Instead: “Why do you hate me so much?”
“I don’t! I was just jealous of you. Ever since we were teens you’ve always known exactly what you wanted and how to get it. I didn’t. I still don’t! And when I met Bryce I really liked him. When I found out you two were already dating... I just got so mad.” 
“That’s immature.”
“I know.” Yuki agrees. “And I can’t believe I continued it on when we were adults, but I just couldn’t stop. I convinced myself that it was his fault, that he had some sort of hold over me... but he didn’t. And then I realized that I had to face the music and break things off. I’m just sorry it took so long for me to grow up.”

“It’s better than not at all.” Samantha finally decides. 
“Can... can you ever forgive me?”
“I can think about it.”

Samantha’s always been family oriented, so it was a surprise when she and Bryce only had one child. Note a surprise: that Samantha fixated on her sister’s belly. 
“So who-”
“The father is my band manager’s brother. He stayed at my house when he came to visit because Mist had to be out of town and he couldn’t reschedule his trip. We sort of connected.”
“So I see. Does he know?”
“I’m under the impression that he does, yes.”
“... Do you think he’ll come back and be with you?”
Yuki knows why her sister is really asking. “Even if he doesn’t, what happened between Bryce and I is over. I won’t go back to him, I promise you.”
Samantha smiles, but Yuki can’t tell if its real or forced. 


Well thats one plot line down. 

... I have got some REALLY attractive sims this time around, eh? <3 Wait'll you see the heir. Friggin gorgeous. (At least so far)


  1. I love the fairy tattoo.
    It's nice that Yuki and Sam are talking.

  2. Poor Sam; but I'm glad they at least began building their relationship again.

    Did I say already that I love Fabio's hair, because I'm going to say it again. I love that boy's hair!

  3. I love the fairy tattoo as well, where is it from? I love CC tattoos :D
    Agreed with Melissa and Giga, poor Sam, but I'm happy that they're talking!

  4. I can't wait to see this heir! Spring is really beautiful, and Fabio's hair is amazing. Great update Cece!

  5. Aw Sam. =( She should just cut Bryce's unmentionables off and be done with it.

    Though for some reason I'm fine with her making up with Yuki. Lol.

    What's wrong with me?

  6. Sam is so stupid for even bothering.... like seriosly girls like that are cerial bf stealers.

    Even though I love Yuki lol

  7. Poor Sam. She must have no self worth at all to stay with Bryce.

    I'm glad that Sam and Yuki are talking again, though, because they're sisters, and twins to boot. I hope Sam goes the "forgive, but never forget" route.

  8. I normally don't post when catching up, but given I'm still a few generations away it'd be weird to say this at the end: Bryce is still a jerk. Yuki might have made it all her fault here, but it's really not. I'm still more inclined to blame Bryce too - he was married, and he made the move on Yuki more than she on him.