Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3.12 - When it Rains

In the night, Yuki gives birth to twin boys. She names them Raindrop and Tempest, a nod to their father’s heritage.

Fabio thinks babies are adorable. He wants a whole bunch when he grows up and gets married. And marry he will...he doesn’t know how his mom manages being a single parent. He doesn’t want to go through that himself.

“So squirt, have you seen the newbies yet?”
“Nuh-uh. Not until they’ve got faces. Babies creep me out.”

Originally Glimmer was planning on setting fire to the new baby’s crib, confident he’d get all of HER mom’s attention. But then it turned out to be twin boys and she’s decided she’s cool with it. She’s the only girl in the family. No one can take away mom’s attention now. 

Spring loves the outdoors. So Fabio makes sure to always meet her at the park for their dates. It guarantees she’ll be in a good mood.

“I want kids.” He tells her.
She laughs lightly. “Fab, I love you but we are WAY too young for kids.”
“I know. But when we’re married...”
“Oh so are you proposing now?”
He smiles at her. “I could be. What do you think?”

She matches his smile. “I think you’re the weirdest guy I’ve ever met... and I’m so happy you’re all mine.”
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
“Hey hey hey!” She laughs again. “NOT until I get a ring.”
“Fine. Be that way.”

Glimmer was wrong about getting more attention. Fabio’s busy with his girlfriend, so Yuki’s new full time job is keeping the twins happy. This does not make Glimmer a happy child.

At least Barkubus is always available for cuddles. He’s getting old fast, but for now he’s here for Glimmer when she’s feeling lonely.

It takes a bit of crying and begging, but eventually Yuki is persuaded into moving Barkubus’ bed into Glimmer’s room.

Yuki isn’t sure if its just from the knowledge that she’s raising twins... but all of a sudden she’s feeling so much older. 

Also older: The twins. 
Tempest is  born Brave and Evil.

And his identical twin Raindrop, born Brave and Good.

Glimmer’ll deny this if you ask her... but she likes the twins. Specifically Tempest. There’s something... familiar about him. When she steals candy from Raindrop, Tempest laughs along with her. She likes him. 

Fabio is watching the toddlers, so Yuki is in the front yard practicing her guitar. At least until she feels a cold chill fill the air, shortly followed by someone’s presence behind her. 

She turns and gasps, hardly believing her eyes. 
“... Aquarius?”

He pulls her into his arms before she can protest, and she melts against him.

“You came.”
He nods. “I had to. As soon as I received Mist’s letter I arranged to return. I can’t stay forever, but we’ll have a few days. We’re just lucky my mentor has children of his own, otherwise I never would have been allowed to leave.” 

He steps away from her and smiles. For the first time she notices the deep lines in his face. The lines that weren’t there the last time she’d seen him. 
“Aquarius, you-”
“I know.” He says, cutting her off. “We’ll talk later. Can I see our son first?”

He picks up Tempest first, while Yuki readies Raindrop for bed. 
“Twins? You’re sure they’re both boys?”
“I’ve changed both their diapers. Trust me, they’re boys.”

“Maybe-” He stops, looking at Tempest curiously for a moment before shaking his head. “No... they’re halflings. I was mistaken. They’ll be alright. This one may take after your daughter in spirit, but there should be no real problems.”

Yuki wants to ask so many questions, but she bites her tongue and puts their boys to bed, and then meets Aquarius in the guest room. For now she doesn’t care about his half spoken worries or the lines in his face, she’s just happy that he’s here with her.


<3 Fabio may just be one of my favourite sims ever. He's constantly rolling wishes to snuggle one of the twins or play with them or just hold them. And he isn't even family oriented! He just really likes kids I guess. (Good boy with what I've got planned for you)

After literal HOURS of game play (Had to redo 5 days of lost progress when reverting back to my old save) I've determined that the twins are not in fact identical. Tempest has blue-green eyes while Raindrop has yellow-green.

Eee Aquarius! <3 Gosh I love him. 


  1. Ooh, I hope we get to find out why Aquarius was worried there (and why he's aged so)