Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3.13 - Fresh Cut Flowers

The twins are so similar. Yuki dresses them different, otherwise she’d never be able to tell them apart. (Raindrop -> Tempest)

Aquarius watches the twins while Yuki sleeps in. He can sense the opposing traits between the two, and knows it will be trouble, despite what he said to Yuki the night before. Surely there’s a way he can keep it from-

-Is that fresh cut flowers he smells?

“Air child? Is that you in this clear box? Fascinating! I haven’t seen a fairy since I was but a youth!”

“Oh so you've been watching over this family... why show yourself to me now? Well so what if Tempest is evil? He’s only a halfling, he can do no harm.”

“Yes... perhaps you are correct. My sons are powerless, but they are still fae and need protection. I am sorry to ask this of you, but I have another form in mind that can you get you closer to my sons.”

Raindrop LOVES the new doll papa gave him. Her name is Sky and her bobble lights up!

Aquarius is amazed by how well Fabio gets along with the twins. He never complains about babysitting, and seems to truly love his half brothers. 

“I will be leaving tonight, and I do not know when or if I will be able to return again.” He pauses, trying not to look at the doll in Raindrop’s crib. “Um... my sister says you have been practicing your abilities with my niece, is that true?”

Fabio nods slowly. “I’m pretty bad at naming the things I can sense, but Spring’s been teaching me. She’s also been trying to teach me to use the wind for messages, but I really suck at it.”
“Well keep practicing. If anything at all happens and your mother needs me here I’ll need you to send word to me. I’d prefer it if your mother did not know this... but I had to tell my mentor that we were married or I would not have been allowed to visit. So as my step-son a message from you will reach me faster than a message from my mortal sister.”
Fabio nods his understanding. “Alright, I’ll keep practicing then.”

When Yuki gets home from work Aquarius is waiting for her by the door. She knows what this means. 
“You’re leaving?”
He pulls her into an embrace. “I am. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. At least you managed this trip.”

“When do you think you’ll be able to visit again?”
His face falls, unable to look at her. “I don’t know. But hopefully soon.” He pauses. “Will... will you wait for me?”

She kisses him. “Until my dying day.” 

And then he’s gone. And Yuki is left to raise their sons alone.

Glimmer brings a friend home from school. His  name is Angelo something-Dennis. 

He makes it clear that Glimmer shouldn’t consider herself his girlfriend cause they’re hanging out this one time. Glimmer wonders if she should start calling him “lady face” in class until he relents.

Either way she has no more time to decide cause its her birthday!

Helloooo beautiful.

Glimmer dreams of one day becoming a mad scientist. So Yuki makes her take over the care of Marion’s garden, making it her own. Glimmer couldn't be happier.


So even with Glimmer's ugly face shape... I managed to make her look beautiful with just a hair change. My legacy characters are gorgeous <3.

Another example: Teenage Dahlia Dawn-Von Hagen

Anyway, Fabio's got about 5 days until he ages up, the twins have 2. So they'll be becoming children in my next update, and Fabio might be becoming a young adult... I may break the rules and keep him in the family for more than one day. But I won't put him in his career right away. I just need him (and possibly Spring) for a plot point. 

I can't for the life of me remember who Angelo's father is... or mother. I just know he's one of Hay-bear and Sybil's descendants. I think 4th generation.


  1. The face in the third image. Irl D: Love it.

  2. Aquarius always gives me the best facial expressions <3. And his neutral face is pouty so I love him so much!

  3. You know, I can't come to your blog anymore without getting that song stuck in my head. Aquarius, I mean

    So, yeah, thanks for waking my inner hippie.

  4. I hate making a shallow comment like this, but Aquarius IS really pretty to look at.

    There are some sims I just like looking at. Not even in a "I think they're hot!" way. Because I've never been attracted to a sim. O.o

    I guess it's kind of a "ah, I want to squeeze that stuffed animal" sort of feeling.

  5. The age of Aquarius! ^^Ha. I was thinking exactly the same, Melissa. :D

    Glimmer is so pretty! She's certainly got a unique look to her.