Thursday, December 8, 2011

3.14 - Love in Loss

When no one’s looking, Temp steals his brother’s doll for cuddles. When he hugs her, he imagines he can hear a soft female voice in his head.

“Homework. SUCKS.”
“And that’s why I’m becoming an artist, lil sis.”

Tempest gets excited when Yuki talks about fire. She wonders if this should be considered a bad sign.

Ah well. No more time to worry about it. The twins birthday has arrived.


And Raindrop. Both gain the “Loves the Outdoors” trait.

The Sabo Family: Where discussing the latest underground news is just considered polite dinner conversation.

As is custom, twins have to share a room. But instead of making them share one of the small rooms (like she and Sam did), Yuki re-furnishes the main floor guest room for her boys.

Sometimes dogs make everything better. 

Barkubus has been Yuki’s oldest friend. He’s always available for cuddles and kisses, and he doesn’t judge. 

It makes his passing all the harder for everyone involved.

Jr’s always wanted a dog. He promises to take good care of their sweet family member.
RIP Barkubus the Terrible.

Glimmer’s goanna miss that dumb dog.

Angelo isn’t so sure how he feels about having Glimmer cry on his shoulder. His family isn’t exactly the most normal example in Neverglade (Both his parents are family oriented yet refuse to marry despite having four children together). He wishes Glimmer would just stop talking to him and pretend he was invisible, like the other girls in school do.

But then again she does look so adorable when she’s sad. Is that an inappropriate thing to think?

Look at their goofy smiles. They’re practically meant for each other (... plus I promised Giga a Dennis-Sabo marriage).

Sometimes Glimmer wishes her stupid baby brother (Tempest) wouldn’t play with the sprinklers while she’s gardening.

But he looks like he’s having fun so she decides to join him.

Tempest is evil, just like her. He’s also quiet and self sufficient. Glimmer can respect him. Heck, she’s even starting to think of him as a friend. It’s nice to finally have someone she can mastermind plots with.

Raindrop doesn’t mind his twin spending time with their half-sister. He’s got his own friend. He doesn’t even mind that no one else can see her. It just makes him all the more special.


This chapter was supposed to be a lot longer and have way more in it. But then my comp started spazzing out on me so I'll leave Fabio's age up for next time. 

Glimmer + Temp = Best Friends for now. Goatta love the evil trait.


  1. Bye bye Barkubus

    Like the way your evil children are best friends!

  2. Hooray for a Dennis/Sabo marriage! Angelo and Glimmer are both adorable; so I hope they have pretty babies. Also, the plan/plot is still on (the one we discussed) in my legacy, so... :D

    Glimmer and Tempest are so cute together. Is that right to say about two evil sims joining ranks?? Meh.

    And Barkubus. :( Goodbye little fella'.

  3. I had to change Angelo's age a bit so he and Glimmer could date without it being creepy (He was originally 6 days younger than her) but it WORKS dangit. Also: yay!

    ... I miss that dumb dog already. I don't want to sell his pet stuff yet. I hate how attached I get to these bundles of pixels...

  4. Jr and Barkubus. So sad, but so cute.
    I'm sorry, but i have to say this. Angelo is such a little twerp! <3 I love it! Really, he's just adorable.
    ...Polite dinner conversation. LOL.