Friday, December 9, 2011

3.15 - Sky's Failure

Fabio’s finally due to become a young adult. 

He has only one wish, and this time its for his own future.

Glimmer’s already planning on turning Fabio’s bedroom into a science lab. The twins are planning on “appropriating” his easels for their own use.

I apologize but... really, this hair suits him the best. Its flowy, dammit. 

Spring’s birthday just passed and she’s become a young adult so Fabio invites her over.

“You look beautiful.” 
He gives her purple flowers, her favourite colour.

His attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed by her. 

“How did I get so lucky as to land a boy like you?”

He brings her in for an embrace. “I’m the lucky one, Spring.”
She matches his smile. “I’ll agree with that.”

“Will you agree to make me even luckier?”

He hesitates once the box is open. “This uh... this is big enough, right?”

“Stupid!” She breathes once he slips the ring on. “I was only teasing about the ring! It’s you I want.”
Girls. Bah. They make no sense... not that he’s complaining. She still said yes, after all.

Spring wants an outdoor wedding, but Fabio wants an indoor setting for the guests to sit  and eat during the reception. So they make do with the local pool. It has an updoor area for the wedding, and a large pool and park for Spring’s family.

The boys decide to skip the wedding and just play in and around the pool.

Spring’s parents are both in attendance, as well as her siblings and Fabio’s birth father. Yuki wants to talk to Bryce, but it seems like the wrong time. His lawyer has cut off communication with hers, and she has no idea whats going on anymore.

So the wedding between Spring Irving and Fabio Sabo goes off without a hitch.

... Watcher may or may not be in love with this venue now.

Mist is a vegetarian and never allowed any meat into the house. Spring looks like she’s considering eating the turkey all by herself.

Fabio meanwhile makes sure to at least try and get on his father-in-law’s good side. Not a hard thing to do, really. Matthew’s a painter as well, so they have at least that in common.

Sky leaves for ONE MINUTE to check out something shiny on the hillside and when she gets back the twins are nowhere to be found.

Okay she’s found one. Now where’s Temp?

Oh... OH.

While everyone gathers around his brother, Raindrop slinks to the back of the crowd. He doesn’t want to deal with this.

Temp tries to appeal to jr’s good nature, but there is no escape from death. Even at his young age.

And then Grim and Temp are gone, and Sky realizes a moment too late that she is visible to the adults.

“Wh-what happened here? Who are you?”

The child’s white eyes send a shiver of discomfort through Yuki, worsening the feeling that hit when she realized her son had died.
“I am Sky.” The young girl answers after a moment. “I am a fairy. The sprite who stayed with you asked me to watch over his sons. I apologize... I failed my task.”


< / 3

In my defence, I've been hinting at Temp's death for a while. (His friggin nickname is TEMP)

*Point at Kayla* SHE MADE ME DO IT. (Okay not really, but she put the idea into my head)

More on Sky later... once she's pretty. I can't talk about her when she's like this. All I'm saying is that her hair was SUPPOSED to resemble the zebra  butterfly she's based off of, but it looks bad with most of my CC hairs so I may just change it later.


  1. D'=

    I love the venue, but I mean... now that a kid died there, I can't anymore. :'(

    So is this a break of challenge objectives, or did the twins put you one over your rolled number of children to raise? I don't remember.

  2. I'd rolled for only 3 kids, but the twins gave me 4. And I'd been planning of offing one without telling anyone... but I wasn't sure how Aquarius' genes would mix with Yuki's so I let them both grow up and then since they had such an opposing trait (Raindrop was good, Tempest was evil) I'd pull that into the story and have Tempest die.

    Not saying it was an accidental death, at all.

  3. Sky is cute, but poor Tempest *cries for him*

  4. Yeah, I think Sky is really well done.

  5. Yeah, that does kind of mar the venue for life. It's officially that place where that kid drowned, now.

  6. WTF! I did not see that! I missed the hints 0_o

  7. I think this is the first time a kid has ever died in a legacy that I've seen. </3 I can't wait to see Sky grown up though :)

  8. Poor Temp!

    The wedding was beautiful and Fabio's hair is definitely flowy. ; )

  9. I missed all the signs as well and was SHOCKED!! Wow!

    I'm somewhat suspicious about the cause of death...

  10. I would say poor Temp, but yeah. I always liked Raindrop better, and if one of them had to go I'm glad it was him. Still... </3 I don't like it when children drown.

    Pretty wedding though!

  11. DO NOT BLAME ME!!!!

    Nice wedding though, and Sky is gorgous.

  12. So.....when will this nightmare end?