Saturday, December 10, 2011

3.16 - Unspoken

Fabio doesn’t want to leave his mother’s side, but Spring simply can’t stay in a house with ghosts. She claims their presence hurts her. Fabio just blames her coward trait. Still, Yuki claims she’ll be alright so Fabio and Spring move out that same night.

Sky sees no point in morphing back into the doll she once masqueraded as, and so keeps the form of a human child. Glimmer shows her to Fabio’s old room and the little girl gets some sleep. 

Yuki lied. She’s not okay at all. She needs someone’s arms around her right now, and she’d really prefer it if the arms didn’t belong to Aquarius. Fabio’s already contacted him - although he won’t explain to his mother how - and he claims the Sprite is making arrangements to visit, but no one knows how long that will take.
Yuki doesn’t know if she’s hurt or happy that Aquarius isn’t here right now. He’ll be in pain too and she doesn’t want to be helping anyone else heal right now. She just wants her own pain to stop. 

What a shock. 
“I’m glad you finally wanted to meet with me.” He tells her.
She takes a shaky breath. “I had to. I just... I need a friendly face right now. And you’re the only one who can really help.”

She falls into his arms before he can protest, not that he would.

“Its... Its all my fault.” She sobs. “I’m so stupid! Thinking I could raise them all on my own... oh Watcher, Aquarius will never speak to me again! And... and Raindrop. What am I supposed to do with him now? He’s so quiet. He won’t even talk to me anymore!”
Bryce feels his heart breaking for her all over again. 

“You’re not a bad mother.” He tells her at last. 
“Yes I am.” She insists. “Isn’t that why you tried taking Glimmer and Fabio away before the twins were born?”
“I tried taking them away because I was mad at you. If you were a bad mother the city would have taken them away long before I could have even considered it. You’re a great mother, but sometimes accidents happen. I was there, Yuki, I saw his ghost. Tempest drowned, no one could have seen that coming.” 

She stops crying, instead studying his face. “Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?”
Because I love you. But of course he doesn’t say that. “Because you need a friend right now, not an ex boyfriend.”
She hesitates. “And Glimmer’s custody case?”

He smiles. “Dropped. Last week.” 
She falls into his arms again, this time with a hug. “Thank you.”

He grabs her ass one last time for old time’s sake and she just laughs.. (Seriously. Look at where his hand is.)

Glimmer meanwhile is at Angelo’s house. He lives in a one bedroom slum with his mother and three siblings. The entire house is about the size of the room Glimmer’s baby brother sleeps in. 

He’s slowly getting used to having her near him. He just wishes it wouldn’t just be when she needed a shoulder to cry on. 

Glimmer may be untrained, but she can still sense emotions. Even if only faintly. 
“People at school think we’re dating.” She whispers into his ear. 

He hides a grimace. “People at school are stupid. You’re way out of my league.”

She kisses him.

“How about you let me decide whether or not I’m in your league?”
He smiles. “Yeah... sounds good.”

Sky waits for Raindrop to get home from school before hugging him goodbye. She failed her task and no longer wishes to stay. The portals to her home have finally been reopened and she plans to return and try to find more of her own kind. She’s been alone in the mortal realm for far too long. 

Raindrop holds his hands to his heart. “So first dad leaves me, then my brother and now you? Don’t you have a heart at all, Sky?”

Sky isn’t sure what to make of his words. “If you want me to stay I will... but only if your mother allows it. She scares me.” 

“I don’t give a damn what you do.” Yuki growls. “Just make sure you make yourself useful around the house.” 
And stay away from me. That part isn’t said aloud, but Sky can sense Yuki’s thoughts.

Its those same thoughts that make her even more terrified of Yuki than before.

Yuki blames the little fairy for Tempest’s death. Sky wasn’t even there, she didn’t see what happened, or how a halfling could die from his own element. The unspoken accusation hurts. 

One soul can stop the accusations, but he doesn’t feel like speaking to anyone tonight.


Poor Sky : (. 

I'm not saying anyone is to blame for Temp's death... I'm not saying anyone isn't.

Go look at that first photo. I don't know why Spring looks like I threw her through the pencil art filter on photoshop. 


  1. LOL "He grabs her ass one last time for old time’s sake and she just laughs.. (Seriously. Look at where his hand is.)"

    Now that's funny! LOL

  2. Angelo and Glimmer!

    And I agree with Melissa. Yuki is pretty scary when she's angry. Poor Sky. :(

  3. Becky: It was not Bryce : )

    Jag: <3

    Yang: Yuki's just never going to warm up to her, unfortunately.

    Giga: Angelo turned out to be quite the looker, eh?

  4. I think it was Raindrop that did it. His name seems awfully suspicious to me right now...

    LOL, Becky.

  5. "she scares me" hilarious, but seriously though, I'd be more scared of the watcher right now! She didn't "watch" closely enough!

    storywise, I'd say raindrop did it! He was the first to flee the scene, cece if you need Dr Freud for some counselling for raindrop let me know :p