Sunday, December 11, 2011

3.17 - Confessions

Glimmer doesn’t even need to look at his face to know who he is. She knows of only one man who can walk quietly enough to sneak up on her. 

“Mom’s inside.” Glimmer mutters, focused on her plants. “She’s a bit... off, so be good to her, okay? Otherwise I’ll bite your head off.”
One of Aquarius’ friends was killed by a dragon years ago. He doesn’t find her sense of humour funny at all.

Yuki almost has a heart attack when she sees him, even though he tried to make noise when he entered. 
“Y-you’re here!”

He nods. “I am.” 
She hesitates, her voice breaking. “Tempest is dead... drowned during Fabio’s wedding reception. I don’t know how it happened. I’m so sorry.” 
“Do not apologize for something that was out of your control. I sensed the death of one of our sons when I first met them... I should have stayed to protect them myself. It was a mistake on my part to leave them in the care of the fairy. She can only protect one, and she picked the wrong one.”

Sky sighs loudly, calling attention to herself. “I’m standing right here, y’know.”
Yuki fidgets uncomfortably and excuses herself, leaving the two fae alone. 

“So.” He begins. “You picked Raindrop to be your bond-mate. Why?”
She shrugs. “I sensed he would be the survivor and decided to play it safe.”
“I can understand your reasoning behind your bond-mate... but why did you not save Tempest?”

Sky hesitates. “I can say nothing.”
“I belong to Raindrop, and I cannot let harm come to him.”
Aquarius closes his eyes in pain. “So you're telling me Raindrop had something to do with Tempest's death.”
She doesn’t speak, but he gets his answer anyway.

This is the first time Aquarius has seen the inside of Yuki’s room. He decides he can become adjusted to sleeping here full time if the opportunity ever arises. 

As Yuki settles onto the bed she decides to start questioning her boyfriend. “How long will Sky be staying here?”
“As long as Raindrop wants her to. They’re bonded now.”
“Bonded? What does that mean?”
Aquarius pauses to sort his thoughts. “Fairies... they are eternal children. They never age, no matter what realm they are in, and they can shape shift into any form. However in order to have any real power they must bond their life force with that of another. If Raindrop dies, so does she unless the bond is broken before hand.”
“So what you’re saying is that she’ll be around for a while.”
He nods. “Yes. I hope that is alright with you.”

She smiles and moves into his arms. “I’ll make do however I can.” A pause. “Oh and... Aquarius?”
“You’re going to tell me why you look so much older, right?”
He sighs and holds her a bit closer. “Tomorrow.”

Random Aquarius photo spam:

The kids are all at school (Sky included, much to her annoyance) so Yuki corners Aquarius for his promised answers. 
“I didn’t want to tell you the first time because you would worry.” He answers slowly. “I suppose you could call it a poison. The air in the mortal realm, it causes fae to age prematurely. Brings us closer to death with each breath of your polluted air.”
“But this is only your third visit!”
He nods. “But my sister has been here ever since the portals first opened.”

“When Mist travelled here and decided to stay, she was the first of our kind to do so. No one knew the poison would affect me as well.” He pauses. “For a while at least, it didn’t. But when I travelled her to see the world our connection was re-established, and I have been aging the same as her ever since. No matter which world I am in.” 

Yuki feels her heart aching. “So you’re just going to die? Can’t your mentor, or anyone at your school stop it?”
He hesitates. “They believe staying in the fae realm will eventually cut the bond again, and my aging will stop.” 
“So your visits to me and the children are killing you?”

He smiles, holding a hand to his heart. “I know your thoughts, my love. I have lived a good and long life, but never before have I felt such joy than in the few days I can spend with you. Do not ask me to give that up.”

“Having you here makes me happy as well.” She admits. “But knowing I’m causing your death... I can’t stand it. I don’t want you visiting anymore if it’s killing you.”
He smiles. “Whether or not I visit is not a decision for you to make. It is mine. And I choose to spend my time here when I can. If you don’t open your door to me I’ll just stay at Mist’ until you miss me too much to stay away.”

She smiles as he wraps his arm around her. “You’re horrible.”
“I’m in love, there’s a difference.”

When the kids get home from school, its time for Raindrop’s birthday.

He gains the hot-headed trait.

Sky looks at Raindrop’s new look for a moment before going into the nursery and returning a moment later. This is what normal teen girls look like, right?

Later that night Raindrop catches Sky out on the deck.
“So uh... I saw you and dad talking earlier. What did he want to know?”
“He’s leaving tonight so he wanted to make sure I’d keep a close eye on you.”

He puts his hand on hers. “Did you tell him about... y’know.”

She smiles at him. “I did not. Your secret is safe with me. I promise.” 
He nods. “Thank you, Sky.”

 She leaves out the fact that despite her not spelling anything out, his father already already knows who caused Tempest's death. 


Ugh his FACE. *Eye twitch* I swear if I get another sim with a fat face I'm CAS-ing him (or her) into a more normal face shape. 

Sky gained the childish trait. And now she's pretty so I can finally talk about her. Her life really isn't going to be a happy one. I sort of feel sorry for her... okay not really.

What? I introduced a murder plot? What are you talking about... >_> I did no such thing. Raindrop has the "good" trait silly people.


  1. It's unfair how adorably expressive Aquarius' face is. Too much pretty. D:

  2. He's hotheaded and good? That's an interesting combination.

    Aquarius' situation makes me sad. =(

  3. What is going on?!

    And I'm pre-gaming your legacy again. You say Sky isn't going to have a happy life? I'm ready for it! 0_0

  4. I feel sad already.... your so mean to us Cece.