Thursday, December 15, 2011

3.18 - Fly Free

What Sky misses most about her butterfly form is the ability to fly free into the great blue... well... sky. She can’t remember who named her, or really much about her life before becoming trapped in the mortal realm. Maybe one day she’ll go back to the place where she was born, but only once Raindrop no longer needs her.

Raindrop hates ghosts. They make him want to be... bad.

So he skips school.

... Or at least tries to.

Mom grounds him, but he doesn’t learn anything from his punishment. Everything just feels like a joke to him lately. A really bad joke. 

Sometimes he imagines he sees Tempest in the mirror instead of Raindrop. But thats impossible. A makeover makes the similarities even worse, but it makes him feel better. After all, it makes his mother cry.

Yuki goes to Sky when she can finally take no more. “Please tell me this is just a phase. I don’t know whats wrong with him and it hurts like you can’t believe. I used to act out because I believed Sam was most loved by our mother, but I give Raindrop as much attention as I can.”

“It’s... just a phase.” Sky lies. “It’s nothing you did, Miss Sabo. I will try and talk to him, calm him down as much as I can.” 
In truth she knows she’ll never be able to calm Raindrop down. He’s changing more quickly than she’d imagined was possible, and already she doesn’t know if it’ll even be possible to talk sense into the young halfling. There’s a darkness in his heart that wasn’t there before, and she doesn’t know how to fix it.

Glimmer invites her boyfriend over to her house. As soon as Angelo shows up at the door, she’s in his arms.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.
She doesn’t let go of him. “My brother’s been acting out a lot. And not in the acceptable way like I do. He’s... I dunno. He’s even making me worry.”
He smiles at her. “Please don’t worry, Glimmer. Your family’s got a lot of protectors, he’ll be alright, and he’s not your problem.”

Raindrop might not be her problem, but he’s still her brother. Still, its her birthday and its too late for any regrets or hurt thoughts. 

Helloooooooo Glimmer. 

Angelo visits a few days later, once his own birthday has come. 
“I’m uh... I’m skipping town. Tonight.”
Glimmer must have heard him wrong. “... what?”

“I’m moving.” He repeats. “To a town not too far from here, only about half a day’s drive. But its a lot more affordable, and I honestly can’t stay in this town anymore. The class division is really bad, and if I ever have a family I don’t want them to be embarrassed about the house we live in.”

“... Would you mind if I went with you?” 
Angelo’s face breaks out in a smile. “I wanted to ask you to, but you’ve got a good thing going here. Your family practically owns the town. I don’t want you to go with me and then regret it.” 
“Well if I do end up regretting it, I’ll just move home. No big deal, right?”

“So you really wanna come with me?"
She smiles and moves into his arms. “Nothing would make me happier.”
They leave that same night. 

Turning around and having him just... be there is something Yuki will never get used to. But she doesn’t complain. 
“I didn’t call for you this time.”
“I know.”
“But you’re going to die.”

“That’s my choice, is it not?”
She tries to smile but fails. “I’m surprised your mentor is allowing you to spend so much time with me.”
Aquarius smile. “He’s not.”

“... What?”
“I left the Academy.” He admits sheepishly. “They refused to allow me to return for Raindrop’s birthday so I just... left. Will you allow me to spend the rest of my remaining time with you?”
Yuki smiles. “Nothing would make me happier.”


Yeah yeah. Abrupt ending. But I wanted to cut my chapter into two so I'd have two updates. I'm trying to get back onto my one a day schedule so I need tomorrow's free day to get Meadow Glenn set up and in working order for Raindrop. 

Glimmer came out beautiful! I was amazed. She's on the legacy exchange if anyone wants her. Big thanks to Calisims/Melissa for making Glimmer's father, Bryce. Without his genetics she never would have been possible. (And I love her sooooo much)


  1. I was going to apologize for inflicting the giant chin on your legacy, lol.
    That thing is unstoppable.

  2. I quite like the giant chin. I think it's adorable.

    ...Oh, man. Raindrop! You're supposed to have the good trait!!

  3. Becky: Keep that theorizing for the next chapter. Much more information in that one.

    Melissa: xD Well actually Raindrop's chin is the most massive in the family and he isn't related to Bryce at all! Ah well, Glimmer and Fabio came out beautiful in the end so big chins don't bug me.

    Buckley: <3 Raindrop's goanna get even worse.

  4. Glimmer is gorgeous

    I'm on tenterhooks waiting to find out what's going on with Raindrop

  5. I was assuming last chapter that it was Raindrop who drowned and Tempest (after killing him for whatever reason) was taking the identity of his twin... guess I was wrong. Oh well; not the first time. ; )

    LOVE Glimmer. She's so puuurrdddyyy.

  6. LOL! Giga I won't lie. I was thinking about that when I was finalizing my heir's plan, but then I realized Aquarius would have been able to sense with son it was.