Thursday, December 1, 2011

3.8 - Glimmer of Hope

David paints his first masterpiece. He doesn’t quite know what sparked it, but he hopes maybe one day someone else will see what he feels.

Yuki hasn’t gone out a lot since she started showing, but the allure of the crowd is too much for her to resist so she heads to the bistro to play for the ever present crowd.

At least until she drops her guitar and grabs her stomach in pain. The baby’s coming!

... There are two doctors in arms distance. Neither try to help. Sammi screams and waves her arms in panic while cousin Rex just stands there and checks out the Bistro’s menu.

Somehow she makes it to the hospital and gives birth to a healthy baby girl. Welcome to the family, Glimmer.

Bryce follows them home. Again, he isn’t too impressed with the name but what Yuki wants, Yuki gets. She’s willing to let him spend the night, but as soon as she mentions the guest room he decides to just head home instead. 

Yuki goes for another makeover. She’s been promoted to talent scout, and since Lydia whats-her-face is retiring soon, Yuki’s being trained to take her place with the band. 

Watcher thinks she may be using too much CC this generation.

One day Yuki might let you see the giant fairy she has tattoo’d onto her back... but not today.

Glimmer becomes a toddler. She has her father’s hair, and her mother’s eyes. As well as some very... unique features. (Please don’t come out ugly)

Walking : It’s harder than it looks.

Glimmer photo spam.

Now that Fabio knows Spring isn’t crazy he’s been hanging out with her a lot more. 

Their moms have also been hanging out a lot more. 

Yuki picks her words carefully when Mist agress to speak with her. There’s been a lot on her mind ever since Fabio told her about Bryce’s confession and she needs to see if her assumption is correct. “I’ve been reading up on the fae, trying to find the fact from the fiction and its hard. But there’s one part that I need to understand. My books mention that the fae have a sort of allure about them, and it makes humans just throw themselves at the fae... could that be why I can’t say no to Bryce? Is his allure in his music?”

“I have listened to Bryce play.” Mist begins. “But the allure you describe is not in his music. There’s more magic in your music than in his. If you were truly a victim to his gifts then you wouldn’t have been able to say no to him so many times already.”
Yuki can only look down at her feet in shame. “So all this really is my fault then, isn’t it.”
Mist nods. “Perhaps, Yuki, it would be best to distance yourself from him as soon as possible.”

Glimmer loves her xylophone. Like mother like daughter, eh?

Oh there goes number two.

Fabio doesn’t find death fabulous at all. He is not a happy camper right now.

Barkubus misses him human. Yuki may have been the one to adopt him, but David was his only BFF. He’ll miss the old coot.

David is buried in the yard next to Malinda.

The next day Bryce arrives to visit his daughter for the first time. Yuki greets him outside. 

“I told Sam.”
Her heart almost breaks at his words. “You what?”
“I told her that I’ve been cheating with you. We don’t have to hide anymore, Yuki. I’ll get a divorce and then we can be together.”

“H-how could you, Bryce?”
He looks confused. “I’m doing this for us. I want to spend the rest of our lives together. Now we can.”
She shakes her head. “I’ve told you a hundred times before... I don’t want to be with you. I want nothing to do with you.”

She doesn’t need to read minds to know she’s breaking his heart. “Bryce we can’t see each other anymore. I’ve made too many mistakes for my sister to ever forgive me, but I can’t put my children through this anymore. I’d rather they grow up without knowing their father than have to put up with the whispers from classmates.”

Oh my.

“You don’t deserve to raise our kids.” He growls. “You’ll be hearing from me in court. You’re insane and I’ll prove you’re unfit to raise Fabio and Glimmer.”

Yuki can’t meet his eyes. “That’s not the first time I’ve been called crazy, and it won’t be the last. Goodbye Bryce.”

Glimmer wakes up from her nap right on time. No one else is home so Yuki wipes away her tears and fakes a smile for her baby girl.

She just holds her daughter close for a few minutes. She’ll do everything in her power to keep Bryce from taking her children away from her. Hopefully a lacking father figure won’t affect Glimmer too badly.


Sort of a depressing chapter I guess. Ah well. 

Yuki's got about 10 tattoos so far. Every couple days I add another but they didn't really get showcased through her last outfit so I gave her a makeover again. Her fairy tattoo is my favourite but I don't know if I'll ever get to showcase it. It really is quite pretty. 

Glimmer: Is she cute, or is she ugly. I REALLY can't tell. I mean when I first looked at her through stylist to change her hair I freaked out because she was ugly. But now the more I look at her the more I think she's adorable. I think CAS just makes sims look a lot uglier than they do in game.


  1. I think Glimmer is way cute. I also like what I've seen of Yuki's tattoos. ; )

    I'm glad that Yuki is coming to her senses with the whole Bryce conundrum (although it will be sad that her kids will be lacking a father figure; or so I assume).

    And I laughed at the Rex/doctor comment. They are serious noob-asaurus' for not helping a preggo lady. XD

  2. Glimmer is adorable. I like her big eyes. =)

    I'm glad that Sam finally knows the truth - but it's going to be interesting to see how the sisters react now - will Sam ever be able to forgive Yuki??

  3. You know whats funny.... well not really. But I know these sisters who steal eachothers boufriends and then get bored of them .... lol.

    Glimmer is CUTE... compared to Rue anyway lol

  4. I think Glimmer is cute

    I'm glad Yuki's finally broken things off with Bryce and I hope he doesn't succeed in taking the children away from her.

  5. R.I.P. David and Malinda. I'll miss you two.

    I don't know what you're talking about, Glimmer looks adorable. Glad Yuki broke the spell and dumped Bryce. What a jerk.