Friday, December 2, 2011

3.9 - The Guardian

Ronnie becomes a young adult and follows Tacia into a career in the Plumbob Backlots.

Dahlia becomes a child. (A while ago actually. Watcher just kept forgetting to grab photos.)

Marion is at home babysitting the children when it happens.

(Jr... Jr stop staring at me... its scary.) 
Marion leaves without fuss or complaint, completely ignoring the fact that his death is leaving two young children home alone. 

Fabio comes downstairs to see what the commotion is and almost starts crying when he realizes grandpa Marion just died. But then he hears Glimmer crying in her bedroom and decides he has to be the grown up. So he grabs a bottle from the fridge and heats it up for her.

He tries to put her in her crib as well but quickly realizes she’s too heavy for him. So he leaves her be and heads to bed himself.

When Yuki finally gets home from her shift she finds Glimmer bawling her eyes out, stinky, and dead tired.


Nadira claims Marion’s death hasn’t affected her at all, but Yuki notices the sudden silence that’s hit the house. No more video games, not more dancing until 3 in the morning. Just her quiet mother working in Marion’s garden. Making sure the plants don’t die from neglect.

That is until a call from Arthur Archer has her in the car to his house. They haven’t spoken since the time she attacked him in the gym (and won) so it must be important.
“Woah.” She breathes when she sees him. “You got OLD.”
“As did you.” He says with a soft chuckle. “I certainly won’t miss you when you’re gone, but my job as your family’s guardian won’t end with either of our deaths. So I’ve invited you over to introduce you to my replacement.”

Meet Chad Starr. He’s come all the way from Bridgeport on the eve of his young adult birthday to watch over the Sabo family. Does Nadi care? Not really.

“Starr? Why does that sound so familiar? Are you another of Arthur’s family?”

“Um... actually I’m your cousin.”
Nadi stares at him blankly so he decides to explain. 
“My dad, Bennett, he’s your mom’s older half-brother. My dad was already an adult and moved out by the time your mom was born so he never did get to meet her but he insists that you guys are family. And quite honestly I was more than happy to take over for Mister Archer when he contacted my father.”
“My uncle’s a vampire?”
Chad nods. “Yep! Leader of the Bridgeport vampires. Sort of a big deal. Not that I really ever got any of that action. I’m child number three. Of seven. I can’t thank you enough for getting me out of that house. If you or your family ever need ANYTHING I’ll be here.”

Bad choice of words, kid.
“See these? These are my two youngest grandkids. Their father is trying to sue my daughter for custody. I need you to get the case laughed out of court.”

“U-uh... if its a legal case I’d really rather not get involved... I’m sort of supposed to by laying low for the time being. I’m sure you’re daughter will be just fine.”

Nadi holds back a fake sob. “Oh... I guess if you can’t even keep my grandchildren safe I just can’t understand why you came at all. My poor baby... she’ll be heartbroken.”

Chad lasts a good five seconds before giving in. “Okay... I’ll see what I can do. I don’t know about getting the case laughed out of court, but I’ll do everything in my power to make sure your grandchildren stay with their mother.”
In the background Arthur just laughs to himself quietly. Chad is such a pushover. Nothing like his strong willed parents. He’s the perfect guardian for the Sabos. 

Speaking of grand babies... “Yay! Food!’”

A lone thief tries to attack the Sabo house. Nadira is not amused by the antics of such petty criminals.

The officer only won the brawl because Yuki’s scandalous night gown distracted the thief. 

Nadira doesn’t even get to call in a hit on the thief. She’s out weeding Marion’s garden when the feeling overtakes her. 

Yuki feels as if her entire world just got pulled out from under her. She was okay through Malinda’s death, and through David’s, and even Marion’s... but losing everyone so close to each other and finally being left alone... it’s terrifying. 

Nonetheless, the cake Nadi had bought for Fabio’s birthday is still sitting on the table, so Yuki marches her son inside after jr takes his leave. Both fake uneasy smiles, pretending to be excited. 

Fabio wants to wish for his grandmother back, but ends up wishing for his mom to be happy instead. 

Fabio hits puberty, and instantly the smiles are gone. Yuki remembers her own difficult teen years clearly. How’s she supposed to take care of a teen all on her own while being the sole breadwinner and fighting her children’s father in court all at the same time? 
Being a single mom SUCKS. Especially when you're actually alone.


Chad <3 He was just supposed to be a background character but oh my gosh. He's fabulous and I love him. He'll be showing up a lot. 

Teen Fabio is just... <3 Holy crap. WHY IS HE SO BEAUTIFUL? 

I love my sims <3. 


  1. Arthur! You had your ears bobbed! For shame!

    Heh, teen Fabio's hair is adorable.

  2. Yeah sorry about his ears, Becky. I had to get rid of my ear sliders because it was glitching on me and then his ears just popped back to normal. Broke my heart < / 3.

  3. I hate seeing Nadira go. she was my favorite.
    Chad is hilarious.

  4. Arthur got old?! :(

    Chad is funny though, and such a pushover!

  5. I am SO heartbroken over Nadira it isn't even funny, Melissa... I got so attached to her.

    <3 Chad.

  6. I see the hair is in beginning stages of "flow-age" for our young Fabio. +1 approval from me!

    Goodbye to Nadi! :,(