Thursday, December 22, 2011

4.10 - Retribution

Sky sends the children to their aunt Glimmer’s for the night. She hasn’t told Glimmer anything, just that she needs the kids out of the house for the night. Thankfully Glimmer didn’t ask any questions.

And the twins are too pre-occupied with their upcoming prom to really notice their mother’s strange behavior.

Raindrop gets home later that night with his daughter, Catherine.

Adalyn didn’t give up her daughter easily.

He doesn’t say a word to her, but Sky follows him up to the nursery, watching silently as he places the sleeping baby in her crib. When he finally turns she reaches out to touch the red splatters on his face. 
“Is that-”
He nods. “It is.”

She wants to cry but she can’t. “Adalyn?”
“She won’t be bothering us ever again. I took care of her.”
“Like you took care of Tempest?”

He doesn’t answer, and thats all the assurance he needs. “Oh Watcher... Raindrop how could you?”
“I just want things to go back to the way they were, Sky... pretend this never happened. That we never had that fight.”

The sick feeling in her stomach grows, but she hugs him anyway. “Okay. It never happened. I love you, Rainy.”
He can tell she’s lying. 

Chad is still the protector of the Sabo family, and quickly learns of Raindrop’s actions. He suggests Raindrop keep out of sight pending the police investigation into Adalyn’s disappearance. So for now at least, Raindrop is a stay at home dad.

Clark notices nothing out of the ordinary at home and is just happy to have daddy at home all the time.

The twins do finally notice that something is wrong, but they choose to keep quiet about it. Jacob deals by spending as much time away from home as possible, while Jessica watches over her little sister in hopes the baby can tell her whatever their parents are keeping so quiet about.

Sky has also been spending a lot of time outside of the house, but always on her own. She was supposed to meet up with local politician, Derrick McKinley but never showed up. He called the house so Raindrop calls her out on it. 
“Derrick is Ana’s husband.”
“I know who he is. He came to our wedding.”
“... I didn’t want to give you an excuse to hurt that family any more.”

“Sky you’re being stupid.”
“In your own words... every time you act out its my fault, and you’re right.”
“I wasn’t in my right mind that night, I didn't meant-”
“As soon as the twins are of age I’m leaving you.” She waits for her words to sink in before continuing. “I’ll have a few minutes lee-way before the bond-break takes hold and traps me in a form. I plan on returning to my butterfly form, its immortal, and perhaps one day I will find someone willing to set me free so I can return to my home.”

Raindrop doesn’t know what to say. 

He leaves her alone for the rest of the day, preoccupied instead by cleaning the house both inside and out.

He’s so preoccupied in his own thoughts that he doesn’t even hear the vampire coming up behind him until she speaks. 
“Hello... murderer.”

He spins around to face her, realizing for the first time how quickly dusk falls in Meadow Glenn. “Who are you?”
She smiles, familiar eyes glinting dangerously. “Look closer... I’m sure you’ll remember soon.”
A second later it clicks. “You’re... you’re Adalyn’s sister.”
The vampire smiles. “Correct. Quetzal Sperie... your daughter’s aunt. I’m here for the child. And I plan to kill whomever gets in my way.”

Four faces flash in front of his eyes. Its still early, even Clark is still up. Sky would be in the nursery with Catherine now, giving the little girl her first feeding of the night. If he let Quetzal pass, who knows who she’ll hurt. 
“You’re not touching my family, bitch.”
“Then I guess I’ll just start with you.”

She does what everyone’s wanted to do to Raindrop for a LONG time.

And then takes it a step further.

Sky hears the commotion and rushes outside. Raindrop yells for to get inside the house but for the first time she doesn’t listen, and the last thing he sees is her face with a very satisfied smirk. 


  1. 0-0

    I hope your inner sadist is satisfied! how can you do that to us cece!!!

    And that blood, awesome!!! :D it looked great :D

  2. I had a weird moment with it. "What's that, I've got something on my screen, I'd better rub it off....ohcrap. WHAT DID YOU DO NOW?"

    You have four kids, does that mean we can feed Raindrop to a dingo now?

    Or a vampire?

  3. Well the rules "imply" the need to raise all 4 children to adulthood first... but I break the rules AT LEAST once per generation so don't base predictions off the rules when it comes to my stuff xD.

  4. I'll be happy if Raindrop dies. He didn't have a single redeeming or sympathy-inducing quality. Not even a shred of concern over how his twins might feel over this nonsense.

    Sky... she's made her stupid and terrible mistakes, but at least I can feel bad for her.

    I'm not exactly convinced that you'll kill Raindrop off though. I guess I'll have to wait for the next update like everyone else. ^.^

  5. I honestly don't feel bad for Sky, either. She's too willing to cover for a murderer, twice. Her deliberate denial of what she knew about Rain kind of killed any possibility for me having any sympathy for her.

  6. At first I was inclined to feel that way, as well.

    Then I decided "eh, she was a scared kid".

    Though I guess that's not quite accurate? I don't know what she is. She's some kind of ageless butterfly? x.x Maybe she should know better?

    Still, to go and sleep with a guy like Raindrop...

  7. Yeah, if she were human, I might have had some sympathy for her. But she wasn't a human child, or a human woman. And she was supposed to be able to see into his soul, so I had a hard time with her denial over his cheating and her ability to stay with him knowing what he was.
    And since she can see into his soul, she had to know he was going to kill Adalyn. Hell, I knew that's what he was going to do. And she did nothing.

  8. I see your point Melissa. I never thought about it like that. I'm not sure if I feel sorry for Sky, or just sad. I wish Adalyn hadn't died, and I wish Raindrop's good trait would come back or reappear or whatever. I wish Sky would have stuck up to Rainy sooner, too.

    I still think there are some unanswered questions though, like why did Raindrop kill his brother even though he had the good trait? Why didn't Sky stop him? Why is Rainy's soul becoming corrupted? And why haven't Chad or Marie or Aquarius intervened? Perhaps there will be an epic twist next chapter that none of us see coming. =) Either way, this chapter really made me stop and think about the characters and the situation, which is always a good quality in a chapter. Nice job, Cece.

  9. Well some of Buckley's questions I thought I'd already answered but apparently they weren't obvious so now I'm a little worried. D : Guess I may have to clear some things up.

    Being bonded to Raindrop means Sky has to protect him. If he gets killed she dies too unless she severs their bond first, which would mean being stuck in whatever form she's currently in. She doesn't age at all, and her actual mental age will be shown in a later chapter.

    I have tried to make Raindrop as horrible as possible because I want to see if its POSSIBLE to redeem him. I don't actually know if I'll be successful, but thats part of the fun.

    I do promise an epic twist in the next chapter that none of you will see coming. ^^

  10. I'm sorry Cece. I didn't mean that you weren't clear or anything. I just meant that I felt like we haven't gotten the whole picture yet, and I tried to list a few examples. Thanks for the clarification though. I haven't read much fantasy so the explanation really helps. =)

  11. Wow, Raindrop just keeps getting worse and worse, I'm not sure whether to feel sympathy for Sky or not, whether I do in the end will probably depend on how much of an effect the bond has on her and how much Raindrop can use it to make her do what he wants

  12. Is Sky finally growing a pair and leaving?!

    I do feel bad for Sky in the sense that she is essentially stuck with Rainy, but Melissa brings up some valid points. Raindrop, on the other hand, has absolutely no sympathy from me. I'm excited to read your "redemption" for him, Cece. :D