Sunday, December 25, 2011

4.11 - Corruption

Raindrop realizes quite quickly that he didn’t die.

Or perhaps not as quickly as he’d imagined. It’s daylight now, and Marie Starr is sitting next to his bed. 
“Marie? How long as I out for?”
“Two days.”

Two days? Holy crap.
“And what of Quetzal?”

“She has been dealt with.” Marie answers simply.
“She’s number 238?” 
Marie shakes her head. “I only arrived here this morning when Chad refused to stay in the same house as your wife for a moment longer. It was not me who saved you, nor was it him.” 
Her words go in one ear and out the other. “Sky’s alright? Thank goodness. Where is she?”
Marie sighs, and then motions towards the nursery. “Watch yourself Raindrop, she’s... changed.”

Catherine grew into a toddler. She’s a born genius and does not appreciate Sky trying to teach her baby talk.

Raindrop isn’t sure what to think.

His physical wounds are still in pain, but what hurts the most is his heart. “Sky... did you... I mean you look so..." He'd made the connection between her actions and her appearance long ago. If her hair was so dark now then what exactly had she done? "What happened to you?”

She smiles at him. “Isn’t it beautiful? I mean, at first I was a little worried for my soul after I tore apart that red-headed bitch, but then I just told myself it was in self defense since I would’ve died if you had, and everything feels so perfect now. I don’t feel bad about letting you kill Temp, or for telling you about Adalyn, or even for waiting until you were all bloody before stepping in to save you. If anything I just feel so much... better. I’m starting to understand why you do the things you do. Hurting other people is really fun.”

He tries to talk some sense into her. “Sky this isn’t you. You’re supposed to be kind, helpful, loving-”

“That was the old me. And its not like it made you love me any, y’know. I guess you can say I’m like you now. Maybe thats what we need. Either way, its your turn to watch the brats. I’m going out. I think the other kids are in school right now or something, I haven’t really been paying attention.”

Raindrop catches Marie just before she can take her leave. 

“Is uh... is your offer to help me with my temper still open?”
She looks at him curiously. “Of course. Can I ask why you’re suddenly interested in my help?”
“Sky... she’s not herself anymore, and I know its because I influenced her into that. If you help me control my temper, maybe... maybe I can help influence her back to normal.” 

Marie gives him the softest of smiles. “At this moment, your guilt is stronger than your love, but your love still remains... I can work with that.” 


I originally had this chapter be a lot longer and include the twins perception of things, etc... but it was messy so I cut out the kids (Minus Catherine, because she's adorable). 

I was also originally going to go a really different route with Sky and Raindrop after Quetzal's death, but I figured Sky's hair needed a colour change after covering up for murder and deciding to leave Raindrop. I accidentally put her base hair colour all the way to black and LOVED the way she looked... so I left it like that and changed her good trait to evil. Plus giving Raindrop the role switch might just redeem him to some people. He's done some horrible things, so now its my turn to see if I can still make people like him as a character after all that. 

I like challenges.

Next chapter finally talks about the kids again. They're not as dumb as you think.


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  3. I'm loving this! I feel like me saying this is getting old but, ooh my watcher!

  4. Oh wow, didn't see that coming! Glad something's finally made Raindrop realise what he's been doing but didn't expect Sky to turn evil like that

  5. Wow, evil Sky is hot! And well...evil :P

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    Catherine is so, so cute. I'm glad you didn't cut her out. =)

  7. Whadda twist!

    I was going to comment on my prediction, but I'll save it. Great chapter, Cece.