Monday, December 26, 2011

4.12 - Family Matters

Marie gets him started on karate lessons immediately. According to her, it’ll help. Raindrop’s pretty sure she’s just trying to get him to hurt himself.

Marie also sets him up with an entry level position with the military, but he doesn’t start until the following monday, so for now he’s still Mr. mom.

If these kids weren’t already so well behaved he’d have been in trouble.

Sky no longer seems to care about the children, and when she is home she tends to parade around in whatever she has lying around and rarely bothers to help around the house. 

Raindrop never realized how much work it was to teach toddlers the life skills they’ll need. Sky was always so good at keeping their attention and talking to them in a way they understand. He misses her.

Prom is tonight but Mr. Mom still insists the twins get their homework done before they head out.

Jacob goes stag.

Jessica somehow managed to snag the youngest son of Meadow Glenn’s richest family - Layton Mossier - for a date.

Clark doesn’t find it fair that he doesn’t get to go out dancing like his older siblings, so he hangs out with his cousin Rochelle Sabo-Dennis. She inherited her granfather Aleksey’s strange teal coloured hair. 

And Raindrop plays with his youngest, waiting for his kids to get home in one piece. 

They all arrive home a few minutes after curfew but Raindrop lets it slide. He’s just happy to hear their stories from prom. Jacob got into a fight with Lee Xun after flirting with Valerie Vasquez. Jessica’s prom was much happier, with winning the crown of prom queen and answering yes when Layton asked her to go steady. 

Sky’s rarely home anymore, always out jogging around town, particularly the far side of town. 

The wild horses who are so plentiful in the parks can sense her darkness, but none of them fear her. There is a line too how far she can wander from her bond-mate, and as long as they stay on the far side on that line, they’re safe from whatever harm she could think to inflict.

Sometimes Sky wishes she could find the courage to harm Raindrop, or to break their bond. But she’s never been without her fairy magic. The idea of living as a normal human does is terrifying. So she’s stuck with him. 

And his strange new quirks.

Coming home after school to find Catherine crying on the living room floor is nothing new to the twins. Jessica picks her up for a cuddle while Jacob just sighs. 
“Jessie, don’t you think its strange that our so called adopted sister looks exactly like you?”

Jessica shrugs. “If mom and dad are lying to us they must have a good reason for it, don’t you think?”
Jacob wishes he could agree.

Today is Clark’s birthday but Jacob won’t even look at him. He’s starting to wonder if maybe the little ginger isn’t actually adopted either. 

Eh whatever. Clark isn’t going to let his stupid big brother ruin his birthday. 

Yeah he’s yummy. 

After the party, the twins head down to the beach to get some night fishing done before bed. 
“Do you think we should talk to dad?” Jessica asks abruptly. Breaking the silence. 
Jacob shrugs. “Do you really think he’d tell us anything?” 
Jessica smiles. “There’s only one way to find out, right?”


Woo. Finally characterizing the kids a bit. 

Clark came out yummy, didn't he. O_o I was shocked. 


  1. Oh he is yummy. I love ginga ninjas anyway weeee.

    I officially hate Sky..... why, I loved her soooooooo.

  2. I'm hoping that reversing Sky is even possible. 0_0 I guess I'll see.

    The kiddos are all adorable. I'm interested to read how the conversation between the twins and Rainy goes.

  3. The conversation between the twins and Raindrop should certainly be interesting

  4. Damn, damn, damn. All caught up and now wondering what is going to happen. I think both Sky and Raindrop need a swift kick in the pants and a timeout. Talk about being literally toxic to someone!

  5. Clark! <3

    I'm also very interested to read about this conversation.