Tuesday, December 27, 2011

4.13 - Is The Truth Worth it?

Raindrop decides to talk to his son before either twin can make up their mind to approach their parents. 

They head into the small office where no one will hear them talk. 

“Sky was always supposed to be the one to tell you and Jessica about our family history when you were old enough but I’m sure you’ve noticed she isn’t exactly... the same. You and Jessica are going to be young adults soon, and I can’t put this off anymore, but first I want to know what you’ve put together yourself."

Jacob’s a bit taken aback by his father’s words, but decides to answer truthfully. “I know that Clark and Catherine aren’t adopted, I know mom’s like a completely different person now, and I think I know that you and mom aren’t... normal. At least not like the other adults in town.”

“You’re right about Sky and me not being exactly normal.” Raindrop begins, choosing to start with the easiest answer first. “I’m a halfling: half fae, half human. When my twin brother and I were born, our father saw that one of us would fall to harm, and as the weaker son he assumed it would be me and asked Sky to watch over me. She’s a fairy, an immortal and until recently she’d been doing a great job... then I went and pushed her too far and now its my turn to try and help her.”
“So Jess and I are magic or something?”
Raindrop shakes his head. “Sky’s body is human, so you and Jessica are both too diluted to get any of the advantages. Heck, even I can’t breathe underwater and I’m a halfling! At most you can sense other fae and attract aquatic creatures, which is why you and Jessie are both so good at fishing.”

Now for the harder answer. 
“You’re also right about Clark and Catherine... they’re both my biological children, from affairs I had when Sky and I had our... disagreements.”
“Why did their mom’s give them up?”
Raindrop hesitates. “Clark’s mother was married. She and her husband were going through some martial troubles that I worsened, but they’ve made it through and last time I spoke to either of them, they seemed happy together. She thought raising Clark would be a bad idea so I took him.”
“And Catherine’s mom?”
“Her mom is Adalyn Sperie.”
It takes Jacob a moment to recognize the name. “Isn’t she that singer who just disappeared?”
Raindrop’s face falls. “She didn’t just... disappear. She’s dead.”

“I'm guessing her death wasn't an accident?" Raindrop doesn't answer and Jacob freaks out. "Dad how the hell am I supposed to take that? How did mom let you get away with that?

“Well, she didn’t. Your mom was planning on leaving me when you and Jess grew up next week, even though that would have meant she’d be trapped in a mortal body and not be able to use her magic. But then I was attacked by one of Catherine’s aunts and Sky killed her to protect me. Fairies... they aren’t supposed to be capable of murder, even in self defense, and it corrupted her. Its horrible to say, but if your mom hadn’t been hurt like that I probably would have hurt someone else, maybe even one of you kids. I’m not saying you need to keep my secret, but please, at least wait until Catherine’s old enough to be on her own. If I was arrested, I don’t think Sky would stick around, and I don’t want you or Jess to have to raise your siblings.”

Jacob decides he’ll keep his father’s secret, at least for now. 
“I guess you’re going to go tell Jessica all this now?”
Raindrop nods. 
“I suggest leaving out the part about who Catherine’s mom is and what happened to her... Jess can’t keep a secret to save her life.”

Raindrop finally convinces Sky to give meditation a shot. 

It seems to help a little. This is the first time Sky’s picked up one of the kids in ages.

Maybe Raindrop’s hard work has actually been paying off.

... Or maybe Sky’s just becoming a better actress.

Angelo Sabo-Dennis throws a party and both Sky and Raindrop attend.

Aquarius is at the party, but leaves once Raindrop and his wife arrive. Yuki passed away the night prior, and Aquarius doesn’t want to go through another fight with his son.

Raindrop is determined to behave himself, and even makes small talk with the aging Derrick McKinley. 

Sky... isn’t so determined to behave herself.

Really not what you want to walk in on.

Raindrop holds his temper until they get home. 

“Don’t you ‘what the hell’ me! At least I only made out with her!”
Her words hurt all the more because its true, but he has a counter attack for it. "Oh please, you would've been all over her if I hadn't walked in on you!"

Knowing she's caught, her tone changes, sounding almost heartbroken instead of mad. “Rainy I just wish we could go back to the way things were. I’m sorry I kissed Adamaris, I don’t want you to be mad at me... do you still love me?” 

Her words are so similar to the words he said the night Catherine joined the family. He isn’t sure if he should believe they’re sincere.

Eventually though, he decides it doesn’t matter. He’s okay with faking it, he just wants to be able to touch her again without feeling guilt for what she’s become. 


I know Raindrop and Sky are horrible people... but I must admit, they're one of my favourite couples. I play them very truthfully to their characters in game (Sky autonomously kissed Adamaris right when I sent Raindrop in for them to talk about a different plot point that I dropped in favour of Sky kissing someone else). Raindrop also rolls wishes to yell at random guys and then flirt with their wives. But the second Sky and Rainy are in a room together they instantly roll wishes to be together. It makes me smile.

< / 3 Aquarius. We'll be seeing him one more time. 

Oh! Adamaris and Chad had a daughter named Angelita. I'll get photos when I can. She's adorable.


  1. Sky with that lolly!! It made me laugh! The way she looks at that thing :D

    and horrible are not, i agree with you, they are intriguing (how the hell do you write that word :S).

    Well done :D

  2. Aquarius got OLD. D: I don't know how I feel about this. Needs more blue hair.

    Haha, Raindrop, not what you want to walk in on, or *exactly* what you want to walk in on when you're feeling a little frisky?

  3. And Klevkin, that's exactly how you spell intriguing.

  4. Poor Jacob, having to decide whether to keep quiet about what his parents have done *hugs him*

  5. I agree with Ali. Poor Jacob. *more hugs*

  6. I got over pretending happy thoughts about these people now, I am just going to enjoy the ride. :D

  7. xD Oh Zoku... I think he would've enjoyed it more if the party hadn't ended immediately after that scene (Ergo: Why the yelling occurred at home).

    Jacob's goanna be getting a lot of sympathy hugs for the rest of his parents' story arc, but he's stronger than you think. Plus his future girlfriend is drop dead gorgeous so... yeah. (Although I doubt he'll say no to free hugs.)

  8. Poor Yuki. It makes me sad to think she passed away without any closure from her relationship with her son.

    I feel for all the children and wonder what their stories will become after such a strange upbringing.

  9. Lol. Ada-mar-mar! You sly girl. Can't wait to see her kiddos. ; )

    I'm glad Rainy had the conversation with the twins, but I'm also interested what Jacob will do with that information later.