Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4.14 - Just Give Up

Catherine’s birthday arrives. 

Sky is noticeably absent.

Catherine finds the whole “birthday cake” celebration to be childish and pointless. She just wants a quiet room full of books, thank you very much.

This house is getting a bit cramped.

Jessica takes her little sister out to the beach to teach her the art of fishing... Catherine just wishes her sister would put some pants on. Good gosh her family is humiliating.

Raindrop gains wrinkles.

Sky does not. She’s decided against matching her age to Raindrop’s any longer. If she’s going to appear human, she may as well continue being a hot one.

Raindrop finally decides to pay his aging father a visit.

“You’re not here for pleasantries.” Aquarius points out once they’re inside. “Ask your questions and I will try to answer them.”

Raindrop gets right to the point. 
“Corruption. Sky talked about it a lot, and I know you did too. But I know next to nothing about it. All I know is that its affecting Sky, and I need to know how to reverse its affect. The meditation techniques Marie’s been training me in have helped me, but they’ve done nothing for Sky. What do I have to do to help her?”

“Corruption is a... disease.” Aquarius begins, choosing his words carefully. “All fae are born with the seed, and the stronger your blood, the stronger the effect it will have on you. It doesn’t always take hold, but once you submit to it, you can’t rid yourself of its effect. Ever.”
“But I’ve been getting better, I know I have.”
“Thats because you’re half human.” The aged sprite tries to explain. “Humans are immune to corruption’s hold. Your mother’s blood is strong, and when you fight corruption’s hold, her blood gives you a fighting chance. But Sky’s soul is pure fae. I had assumed that her human body would make her immune to corruption, but I was mistaken. Fairies are never supposed to harm another creature, even if the creature is aiming to harm someone else. By killing Quetzal Sperie, Sky gave control of her soul to corruption. There’s nothing you can do to help her.”

Raindrop’s face falls and Aquarius wants nothing more than to hold him close. 

“Dad please, there has to be something-”
“I’m sorry Raindrop. I’ve seen the affect of corruption on one of my own kind before. There is nothing you can do for Sky. The only thing you can do is ask her to leave in order to keep your children safe from her, and pray your children’s blood is too diluted for corruption to begin creeping into their hearts.”

Raindrop’s heart is broken, but he’s determined to not give up. “If... if you think of anything that can help her, please tell me. Maybe call aunt Mist if you need to. I’m sure she-”
“Mist is dead.” Aquarius interrupts. “Died of old age earlier this morning. My own time will be up before the morning rises tomorrow. I will give you all my old spell books, but that is the most I can do for you. My time is up.”
Raindrop isn’t sure how he feels about that.

He jogs home in an attempt to clear his mind, and finds Sky arriving home at the same time. 

“You’re bothered.” She points out, white eyes gazing into him. “Something to do with your father.”
Raindrop nods. “He’s dying... and I don’t know how I feel about that.”
“I imagine you’d be happy. He was never a father to you, and you disliked him. I could see it clearly every time he visited.”
“I know.” Raindrop mutters. “But I just... he’s still my father. Shouldn’t I feel some grief?”

Sky considers his words momentarily before speaking again. “His death isn’t the only thing on your mind. I see something about me. What is it?”
He sees no reason to lie. “Aquarius wants me to get rid of you. To ask you to leave and never come back so I can keep the children safe.”
Sky’s face shows no reaction. “Casting me out would lock me into this form, and I would be forced to try and make my way on this earth as a weak human female does until I found another viable bond mate. Would you submit me to that fate?”
He shakes his head. “I couldn’t.”

They head to bed. 
“One day we will have to make a decision.” She tells him. “When your time is up. Will you set me free, or will you ask me to die with you?”

He promises to set her free, but she doesn’t believe him.


Gen 5 takes over next chapter.

Oh hey I forgot to complete my AWESOME goal.


I filled a new town with simmies and made a backstory and census website for it right here. That counts, right?


  1. Woot!! What a chapter! and you made it very clear now :) poor sky, she remains gorgeous though!

    As for gen 5 taking over, I think you meant next chapter???

    hmm i'd say that counts as awesome, but it would be more awesome if you kept it up to date gnagna!

  2. All its missing is two children! The Xun-Crist youngest, and the Sabo-Dennis youngest.

    Also the marriage between Diego Vasquez and Adamina Sperie... and his unfortunate death leaving Adamina with all his money.

  3. I think filling a new town with sims and making a backstory & census should count for awesome, unless awesome needs to be something your sims have done?

  4. *sigh* I think I actually feel sorry for poor rainy

  5. Gahhh stop making me attached to your sims only to have them die off when I'm not looking. Darnit, I'm brewing up a Young Again potion this *instant*.

  6. Awesome really should be about something your Sims have done during their generation, not about populating the town for them to move into or something you added to your blog. Sorry, Cece.

  7. I don't know how I feel about Raindrop anymore. He is the reason for Sky's corruption after all, and even though he's trying to save her I'm not sure it makes up for his past.

    Also, I don't really understand why Raindrop wouldn't set Sky free. I mean, what does he have to gain by asking to die with him?

  8. I knew it! I thought Sky's condition would be irreversible; but I'm not sticking with it quite yet. Perhaps there is a twist. ; )

    Buckley: My interpretation is, if Sky is permanently corrupted; Rainy may be saving a future bond-mate and/or person in general from her by asking her to die with him. If he sets her free in her current state; she could be a menace. /my 2 cents.