Saturday, December 17, 2011

4.2 - Welcome to Meadow Glenn

They drive all night and find themselves in a small town by the sea called Meadow Glenn. Neither’s ever heard of it before and Sky falls in love with a house just across the street from the beach. 
Raindrop stops the car so they can take a break and stretch their legs. 

“Rainey please, I don’t want to go any farther. This place is beautiful and I love it here. It feels so safe and clean... can we stay?” 
His face sets into a frown but he tries to smile, resulting in a grimace. “We haven’t been driving long enough yet, Sky. We’re still too close to Neverglade. We can’t stay here.”

She gives him her best puppy dog expression and sees a shred of light return to his heart. Go figure, guilt can do some good after all. 
“Please, Rainy? Doesn’t this place just feel like home?”
He gives in. “Okay. I’ll go call an agent. See how soon we can move in.”

Surprisingly, the house is available to be moved into immediately. Raindrop took enough money with them so they can afford the house easily, but future expenses may be a problem so they’ll need jobs. 

He never imagined himself as an officer of the law... but its worth a shot, right? Plus the pay is decent.

His patrol partner is Anastasia McKinley, another new resident. 

Apparently becoming a cop wasn’t Anastasia’s first choice in a career either, but her home town was practically run by the local gangs. They never touched her family - though she can’t understand why - but she still wanted to make a change. Eventually her father arranged for her to be transferred to a town where the criminals were small and meek, so she’d be safer. 
When she starts asking questions about his life, Raindrop makes up a sob story about 
his parents dying in a freak meteor shower. He ended up in Meadow Glenn with his girlfriend because they couldn’t stand to stay in their old town anymore. 

Sky meanwhile hasn’t had any luck at all in getting a job. Raindrop at least has a name and birth certificate, she has nothing. And she can’t honestly blame possible employers for giving her a funny look when she introduces herself as “Sky Breeze”. Still, she’s sure she’ll find something. Meadow Glenn is beautiful and she doesn’t want to give Raindrop a reason to call another move.

Instead Raindrop calls for Sky to meet him at the local Bistro. He knew she’d look good, but he hadn’t expected her to look THIS good.
“Okay I KNOW that dress was never in our house.”
She smiles. “Best part of being a changeling, Rainy, I can change more than just my physical looks. Do you like it?”

He reaches out, brushing back a lock of her hair. “I love it. You look amazing. I’m so lucky you’re all mine.”

They’ve kissed before, but it was always just the curious touch of lips. Raindrop trying to figure out what kissing was all about, and Sky satisfying a curiosity that had been plaguing her since she first began watching the humans. 
This is the first kiss that was brought on from physical need, not curiosity. Not quite romantic, but certainly not innocent.

Neither notices the vampire watching them from the shadows of the Bistro. It took her a few moments of studying, but she recognizes the blue haired boy from photos Chad sent her. Its pure lucky coincidence that she found him, especially after receiving a phone call from Chad earlier that morning on Raindrop’s disappearance. Now... to get involved, or not to get involved. That is the question.

They’ve been in Meadow Glenn for only a few days, but already Sky’s noticed a difference in both their souls. Raindrop truly seems happier here, he’s even smiled a few times and laughed at some of the jokes on the TV.
She figures one little gift may help push his soul back to the way it once was.

“Do you remember when we were children and you asked to see my wings?”
He smiles as she slips into his arms. “How could I forget? You told me you could only show them to me when there was less evil around. That they made you vulnerable.”
She nods. “Would you like to see them now? I... I believe I can trust you.”

He nods and she steps back, a mist covers his vision for a second before it clears, and then Sky is standing in front of him with a pair of glowing wings. 

His eyes fog over once again, but this time not from any kind of fae magic. “They are the most-” He pauses. “I mean you are the most beautiful creature I have seen in my life.”

“Do you truly mean that?”
He brushes her cheek with his hand. “I do.”

They move things upstairs. 
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you only showed me your wings in order to seduce me, Sky.”
She smiles innocently. “Seduce? What does that mean?”

He smiles and kisses her. “It means that I love you.”
Satisfied, she closes the distance between their lips, and shortly afterwards, the distance between their bodies.

I realize now that despite having a plan for explaining the corruption it’ll be in sim terms from one sim to another. And it won’t be a satisfying answer for you guys (Unless I manage to fix it... which I may not). So the one sentence explanation of corruption in my legacy: The strengthening of negative traits to the point of overpowering the positive. Sky’s trying her damn hardest to reverse the process, but wether or not that’s even possible is something yet to be seen.

Yeah about the wings... I needed a plot piece to really kick Raindrop/Sky into romantic and the boring old ways of them just falling in love was, well, boring. Then MissRoxor sent me a link to these CC wings on MTS and I sort of fell in love. They won't be in many chapters but I'm sure I'll find use for them at least once or twice more. And of course to explain why Sky doesn't like showing anyone her wings. 


  1. Just a quick comment on the founding families: I'm glad you moved Glimmer and Angelo over and Adamaris' makeover made me happy. She's always changing, that one.

    LOVE the new start Cece and I can't wait to read the plot you've planned for Raindrop/Sky.

  2. You did great! And I love the wings!

    Gonna check out the founding family.

  3. Oh so nice! I love what you did with boy in your town!

    And I agree with you on Chad :D

  4. I love the wings, they're gorgeous!

  5. ANA!!! <3 She looks pretty with that hairstyle.

    Raindrop and Sky! D'awwwww, they're so cute! (I have to say it now, cause I'm afraid I'm not going to have many more opportunities during this generation. =D)