Saturday, December 17, 2011

4.3 - Marriage

Illness makes everything worse... but Raindrop’s soul has a lightness she hasn’t seen in a while, so Sky considers the previous night a success.

She hasn’t had much luck in finding a job, but creatures such as insects and small creatures are drawn to her like flies to honey. 

If only there were a way to make money from these little creatures.

She met Adalyn Sperie at the park before getting an invitation to follow her home. Adalyn’s never regretted something so much. Sky is sweet, but all she does is talk about finding work.

“Listen, Sky sweetie, if you need money so bad just go talk to the nerds up in the science lab. They’re always looking for tiny creatures to test- I mean study and then release back into the wild. I’m sure they pay well too.”

Sky sells the insects she’s collected for a hefty profit before heading home... and receiving some interesting news.

Her hair has gone almost completely white now, with only the tips showing the slight corruption of her own soul now, from the secrets Raindrop made her keep. Telling Raindrop he’ll be a father may reverse all her hard work but he deserves to know.

Surprisingly, he takes the news very well. 
“R-really? We’re going to have a child?”

"Two, actually."

"Twins?" He pulls her close. “I guess there’s only one thing to do now, right?”

He drops down onto a knee and pulls out a sparkling new ring. The one he’d bought only that same morning with the intent to propose. “I know marriage is a rare thing in my family, but its not unheard of. You know what it is, right?”

She knows what marriage is.

They set the wedding date for tomorrow afternoon. After Raindrop’s shift at the police station ends so all (three) of their friends can attend.

Sky heads to the park they reserved (the one without a pool) to set up for the wedding and sees a very familiar face.

“I can’t believe you guys are actually here!” Angelo says with a smile. “I mean, Chad said someone had found you guys but Glimmer and I spent the last few days looking and came up with nothing! Then I come here just to relax and just bump into you? How weird is that!”

Sky makes up a lie about Raindrop wanting some freedom, and how they hadn’t meant to hurt anyone. And then she makes a decision. 
“Um... Raindrop and I are getting married. Here. In a couple hours. I think it might be a good idea for you and Glimmer to stop by and say hello. It would be nice to have some family present when we say our vows.”

He seems hesitant. “Well, Glimmer’s been overly emotional lately... but I’m sure at least one of us can make it."
“Why only one?”
The hint of a smile crosses Angelo’s face. “Well, someone needs to take care of our sweet baby boy.”

Angelo takes off and Sky is left to her own devices. When Watcher returns she’s on the swings. Those things are like crack to her apparently.

She also meets the guests as they arrive. Sielienna is Raindrop’s boss, and currently on maternity leave. She and Sky get along well.

Out of the five people in this photo, only Ana and Sie were invited.

Wedding crashers aside, the actual wedding goes well.


And then the real party begins. 

Raindrop also dances, but its less to do with having fun and more to do with work. 
Ana moves closer to him, whispering her observation. “Suspicious individual, standing by the arch. What do you think?”
He looks over and recognizes the individual immediately. 

Glimmer REALLY doesn’t want to be here right now.

She calls her mom quickly, telling her that Raindrop really is in town. And then she turns around and sees him standing right behind her. 

“You evil bitch!” He spits. “I was trying to get away from my parents, not have them follow me here. What’s your problem? When you left nobody even gave a crap! Why can’t I get that freedom too?”

His words sting. 
“Rainy please, when I left mom knew where I was going. You just... disappeared. We were worried.”
“I disappeared for a reason. Now get out, I don’t want you to ruin my wedding.”

She hesitates. “You haven’t changed at all, have you? I thought... I’d hoped that age would tame you like it did me.”
He just repeats his order for her to leave, and this time she obeys.

Raindrop’s in a bad mood up until their last guest arrives a couple hours late. 

Adalyn is very much her own person, but she’s good to her friends, and she’s very excited to touch Sky’s belly.

Sky was in the bathroom during Raindrop and Glimmer’s fight. She doesn’t know what happened. All she knows is that today has been the best day of her life.


All I did was give Adalyn a new hairstyle, and I never realized how gorgeous she was until she showed up at the wedding. Damn Lukas has some good genes. 

Sad Glimmer is so pretty <3. I keep forgetting what her son's name is so I haven't included it here xD. Woops! 

Some notes about the party:
- Both Angelo and Glimmer were invited but only Glimmer showed up (and late).
- Derrick starting flirting with some NPC girl IN FRONT of Anastasia. I was amazed Ana didn't run up to him and start fighting, but she was dancing with Raindrop so... y'know. Priorities.
- Boy is adorable <3.
- Adabella is pregnant with Wilfredo Quill-Archer's baby. She was a wedding crasher and all she did was sit there and read. I lol'd.
- Sielienna disappeared into a side room and started playing chess on her laptop during the rest of the party. I lol'd. 


  1. Oh man, Adalyn looks amazing with that hair! At that point in gen 2 I was just sick of all of the kids and just wanted them gone so I neglected to try anything with them. *insert more excuses here*

    I can't wait to see the twins :)

  2. It was a great wedding! Lol and if you want to change boy, just go with it cause the only way he has his hair like that and is dressed like that is because he was "born with it".

    Its funny to see him in a diff story Haha and apparently he is a party crasher Haha! Well he did roll social bunny hehe.

  3. Haha, Boy cracks me up in this. "Oh what's this? A private wedding? Don't mind if I do!"

  4. Lol I know what you mean, Maddie. I've gotten to that point a few times. The transfer point between generations is always the hardest.

    Klevkin: Oh I like Boy! D : I think Mar-mar would make him dress like a good boy anyway. Maybe when he's a YA I'll change him to give him a badass look (After all, Danya isn't exactly a timid girl).

    Zoku: I know eh? xD I love Boy so much. He just shows up everywhere. I'm surprised I don't have more photos of him actually.

  5. Drastic turn of events Cece, I love them very much.

  6. Uh oh, and things were going so well...