Sunday, December 18, 2011

4.4 - Anger

Raindrop isn’t sure he likes being a traffic cop. It’s scary.

Sielienna gave Raindrop some time off work after the wedding and to get adjusted to the new additions (when they come), so he’s got too much time on his hands. Unfortunately an invitation to visit a neighbour comes in the mail and Raindrop knows he can’t run from this one.
“Oh good.” Chad smiles, inviting Raindrop inside. “I’m happy you decided to come by. I was starting to think I’d have to go after you with a net.”

Raindrop follows Chad inside with an overexagerated sigh. “You said if Sky and I wanted to live here we had to meet some chick named Marie. So where the fuck is she so I can go home?”

Chad swallows nervously. “Okay first of all, you’re going to want to cut out the attitude. You don’t know Marie. She will crush you like a bug if you annoy her, family or no. Don’t lie to her because she WILL know, don’t ask her any questions about her past, and try to be polite. Please. I’ll have to clean up the blood if she kills you.”

Chad shows his younger cousin to a path hidden behind the main house that leads to a large park and behind that, hidden behind a wall of glamour Raindrop can only half sense... another house.
Maybe he should have stayed home and hidden under the bed.

Its been too long for Raindrop to hold any resemblance to his great great grandfather, but he still recognizes the man’s features from old family photos. 

Raindrop scours his memory for any stories of Angel, but nothing much comes up. Just that he grew up in Sunset Valley, a town that is only just now being rebuilt. 
“So uh... any particular reason Marie wants to meet me?”

“She hasn’t told me.” Angel answers. “Almost 500 years of marriage and she still keeps things from me, can you believe it?”

"Well uh..."

Angel half smiles. “I’m only teasing. You have no reason to fear her, child, I promise you that. She’s always been good at controlling her anger and I believe thats why she wants to see you. To help.”

“How could she possibly-”
Raindrop falls silent as a cold chill fills the room, followed by soft laughter coming from behind him. 
She smiles when he turns to see her, holding out a hand in greeting. “Marie Starr, pleasure to meet you.”

“I don’t have issues with my anger.” He tells her as soon as the pleasantries are done with. “Honestly, I’m fine and I really don’t need your help. I can handle everything myself.”

She falls serious. “237.”
“The number of people I have killed in my life time, be it on purpose or accidental... most of whom were my friends and my husband’s family.” She smiles at his awestruck expression. “I killed half the population of Sunset Valley in a moment of anger, when I could not control myself. You’ve killed only one, but there is intent left in your soul. If you don’t control it, it will overtake you, and you will hurt someone else.”

He can’t take his eyes off her. “How... how did you know about that?”
“I can read minds.” She answers. “At this moment, your love is stronger than your guilt, but your guilt still remains. Your jealousy is corrupting your soul, and it is hurting your wife. It will consume you if you don’t act against it.”
He feels the anger growing, and with it embarrassment. “I don’t need you.”
She nods and steps back. “When you are ready to accept my help, I will be here.”

Sky gives birth to twins later that same night. 
The heir, Jacob Sabo, born Loner and Loves the Outdoors.

And Jessica Sabo, born Dedicated and Loves the Outdoors.

They put the twins to bed and sit down for a late dinner. 
“Something is bothering you.” Sky points out. “I could sense it earlier but I was a bit... distracted.”
“You were giving birth, love, I can forgive you for being distracted. And its nothing, I promise you.”
Sky knows he’s lying, but she’s too worn out to do anything about it.

But then the meds wear off and Sky’s up all night looking at her children. She never even considered the idea of having children, especially not with a bond mate... but now that she has them, she’s never going to let anything happen to them.

Raindrop fells the same way, but his emotions are directed more to Sky than their children.

He’s not about to let her go. Ever, if he can help it.

Not to say he doesn’t love his children, because he does. Like you can’t imagine.

So for now at least, Sky and Raindrop have the perfect life. 

Close-up of the twins. 
Jacob is practically a male clone of Sky, with her dark-tipped hair and white eyes. I plan on abusing the CC hair glitch that makes white hair look dark grey. 

And Jessica, who inherited Raindrop/Aquarius’ hair and Yuki’s brown eyes (and shape). 

Crap basket, forgot Gen 5's rolls. 
- Couple
- 1 child
- Primary Career: Gardener
- Secondary Career: Law Enforcement (Super Spy) 
- Gen Goal: The Opportunist
- Misc Fun: No Strangers


  1. I had planned on going with a potential spousal abuse route with Sheridan, and have him stalk Chanda in a really creepy way. Which would have made Sheridan a lot less popular as a character than he was, I think.
    But Chanda becoming a cop gave me a less controversial reason for their relationship to go the way it did, and I dropped that.

    Anyway, I get the idea that that is where you had planned on taking this generation, and I don't blame you for backing away. It's a nasty subject. It's hard enough to deal with a character who is an asshole with anger management issues.

  2. Oh!!! The twins are gorgeous!! And i love Jacob!! He stole my heart right away :D

    (pretend i'm whispering the following)
    I love the twist you gave it! Instead of your old plans :D tbh, i was thinking you could do something like that :D *big hug for being just great!*

  3. MARIE! <3 I'm so happy to see her again.

    "237"... Lol.

    I feel like I'm missing something. What twist? *re-reads chapter* Actually, you know what, I think I'll just PM you Cece. Cause I'm hesitant to embarrass myself anymore than I already have.

    Anyway, great update! I loved Chad's comment about cleaning up blood. I chuckled. =)

  4. Yeah, I missed the twist too. But I have been sort of MIA lately. *shrug*

    Anywho... great chapter, Cece. I'm glad that Marie decided to take the initiative to meet/help Raindrop and I can't wait to see her in future chapters. : )

  5. Oh, too good to be true.... can't take my eyes off of you.... your like heaven to touch.... I want to hold you so much...