Monday, December 19, 2011

4.5 - Stupid Decisions

Rated R for Raindrop's language. (Okay maybe PG-14. Seriously though. This chapter is especially foul in terms of language. Just be warned)


Raindrop doesn’t sense his father until he’s standing on their doorstep. 
“Hello, son.”

Raindrop swallows his fear back. He considers running for the house but Aquarius would catch him in a heartbeat. Before he’d even have the chance to take a step.
“Dad... what brings you here?”

“Why did I come? Why do you think I came? You were acting so strange and then when we come downstairs the morning after your birthday we find that you and Sky have disappeared? Your mother and I have been worried sick! You and Sky need to come home.”

Raindrop shakes his head. “I’m not going back to Neverglade. It isn’t my home, Meadow Glenn is.” 
Aquarius narrows his eyes. “Son, I know whats best for you, and you will return to Neverglade with us.”

Raindrop puts on his sweetest smile. “What I don’t understand, dad, is how you think you can call me your son. You were never there for me, certainly not when I needed you. So what right do you have to boss me around?”
A woman sighs from behind him. “He doesn’t, but I do.”

Raindrop turns around, his heart falling into the pit of his stomach when he sees his mother’s sad face. “Mom, I-”
“Raindrop do you have any idea how scared I was? How worried you made me?” 

“I don’t give a fuck.” He answers honestly, the guilt quickly disappearing. He feels double-teamed now, and his anger is growing fast. “Listen, sorry you guys had to come all the way out here but I’m not going back to Neverglade. I may look like you guys, but I’m not your son. Now get off my property before I call the police.”

Once he’s sure they’re gone he heads inside, locking the front door behind him for the first time since he and Sky moved in. He sees her standing in the living room waiting for him and makes his way over. 
“Can you believe them, Sky? What’s left for us in Neverglade anyway? No way am I ever going back. Don’t you agree?”

She picks her words carefully. “I think, maybe, going back to Neverglade might be a good idea...”
“... What?”
She won’t meet his eyes. “You need to find closure, Rainy. If you ever want to control your anger you’ll need to earn your brother’s forgiveness, and that means facing what you did.” 

He scowls at her. “I don’t need Temp’s fucking forgiveness! And I don’t need your stupid advice.” 

He raises his hands and she puts her up in defense. “Rainy please, I didn’t mean-”
“You don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about, Sky! You’re such a moron sometimes! You don't know anything about the real world!”

Tears well up in her eyes and he steps back. For a moment, she thinks he’s going to apologize but then he just turns on his heel and heads for the door. “I’m going out, don’t wait up.”

Anastasia McKinley agrees to meet him at the local dance club to de-stress, but she just gave birth the day before so there’s only one thing she wants to talk about. 

“I just wish Derrick were here to help out with the baby.”
Raindrop starts paying attention. “Hm? Where is he?”
“Something about a sick grandmother. I mean, I thought both his grandma’s were dead but I guess I was wrong. He’s back in our home town for a couple days to take care of her.”

Sick grandmother? Really?
“Ana I don’t mean any disrespect but... you’re a moron.”
She raises an eyebrow. “What? Why?”
“There’s no grandmother. Trust me. He’s just cheating on you with some dumb broad, probably just outside of the city limits.” 

Her eyes brim over with tears and he changes tactics. “Hey don’t cry. It isn’t always obvious. I mean, no one knows we kissed last week in the back of the cruiser.” 
She smiles a bit. “It was just one kiss... I wanted to get back at Derrick for flirting with that girl at your wedding. But you pushed me off because you didn’t want to hurt Sky.”

He pulls her close. “Well that was my mistake.” 

She smiles as his lips brush against hers. 

... And when they do a bit more than just brush.

It costs barely anything to rent out on of the upstairs bedrooms, and the old bartender barely gives them a second glance. 
Ana hesitates once they’re on the bed. “Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean... I’m pissed at Derrick, doesn’t mean you have to ruin your marriage too.” 

“Sky’ll have to find out about it before it ruins my marriage... and she won’t leave me.”
“She loves me.” He leaves out the part of him being her mortal host. If she wants to leave him she’ll be trapped in her current form forever. No matter what he does, she’ll never leave him. This is the first time he’s even considered taking advantage of that little  quirk in their relationship.

Raindrop gets home in the wee hours of the morning, and to his surprise Sky is waiting for him. She kisses him as soon as he’s through the door.

He hides his sudden pang of guilt behind a smile. “What was that for?”

She steps back, letting her hands fall into his. “I just... you were right. I shouldn’t have sided with your parents. You didn’t run away from your problems, you just needed a new start and thats what we’ve done. It was wrong for me to try and push you back to Neverglade. Can you ever forgive me?”
He smiles at her. “Of course... now lets head to bed.”


*Sigh* Bad Raindrop.

So who else is excited to see this blow up on him? : D


  1. I am! Though I do go hope sky will be strong enough to forgive him

  2. So much for Raindrop being the "good" kid...

  3. Um. Um. Um.

    I know, I know. Poor Sky and all that. But, more importantly, I had no idea my sweet little Ana was such a hoe! Does it mean I'm a horrible person if I'm more excited to see Ana and Rainy's lovechild than I am to see Raindrop get busted? Actually, that's not true. I'm equally excited to see both! =)

    I seriously can't wait for your next update!!

  4. Poor Sky *is sad for her*

    Raindrop is bad, not only cheating on her but taking advantage of the fact she can't leave him.

  5. Ana and Raindrop's kid is friggin ADORABLE. I won't lie. I expected him to be a little off because Ana and Raindro are so different but nope. Raindrop makes good babies. (And in game Ana now has three kids)

    And yep. Raindrop's a baaaad boy. Time to go write about him getting his ass handed back to him! ^^

  6. I just want to hug sky and protect her forever.